1.3 The RMS

Post date: Sep 20, 2011 4:38:59 AM

In June 2011 the club switched over to using the RMS for Events, Results and general rider management. Bugs and problems will be fixed over the next couple of months.

In addition the club website has been updated and e-mail addresses created for each role in the club for easier administration

    • The bug with future dates has been fixed, sorry can't tell you when you will direct a race or when you will next win

    • There were a few little problems with re-allocation of race numbers, sometimes two riders were allocated the same race number. A procedure to handle this has been implemented

    • It was just to hard to calculate past season points scores, with incomplete data and various allocations of points over the seasons

    • The pointscore from Winter Road 2011 will be calculated based on the criteria set out on the points allocation page

    • If you see bugs or problems with current data then e-mail administrator@actvets.cc or webmaster@actvets.cc

    • We have tried hard to collect accurate data before the current road season, but it cannot be guaranteed as it was either imported from the old rms or uploaded from excel/html files collated on race days