8.1 Aug 2 Bleat

Post date: Sep 20, 2011 6:44:12 AM

Timely Reminders:

More Race Directors needed for August/September and beyond: A crisis looms. We have no volunteers beyond this Saturday. Will the time trial be the last event of the season? See the list below to adopt an event.

Club Committee Meeting 7:30pm at Weston Club next Tuesday 9 August.

Racing this Saturday, 6 August: M & H Trophy Time Trial, Lookout Hill

The M & H Trophy which is a perpetual trophy donated by Henry and Marylin Beaverstock. The trophies (one for men and one for women) go to those who beat their age standard time by the greatest amount. This is not necessarily the fastest time, and in the history of the event the trophy has rarely been won by the quickest rider. To make the event more interesting and hopefully encourage more competitors, Henry and Marylin have now kindly donated a second pair of trophies (one for men and one for women) for the riders with the fastest times. As usual there will also be medals for the first three places against age standard. Henry will be present at the race to make the presentations.

When: Saturday, 6 August 1:30pm.

Where: Lookout Hill car park.

Race Schedule: Start in order of sign-on.

Sign-on: By 1:15 at latest, wearing your registered number with personal details on reverse.

Race Description: Age standard time trial.

Course: Start from Lookout Hill - Tharwa Short Turn - Pt Hut Turn - Finish at Lookout Hill. 19.5 km for all.

Race Director: Jan Koehler

Contact: jan.koehler@netspeed.com.au, (02) 6291 0079

Help needed on Saturday: Jan will need at least three road marshals and at east two others to help at the start/finish. Please offer assistance early in the week at jan.koehler@netspeed.com.au, or (02) 6291 0079

Recent Events: Stromlo Points Races

75 starters on a fine and sunny afternoon at Stromlo. Ian Downing won A grade easily, amassing 26 points to Scott Sparkman's 15 in the sprintfest. All others had to fight harder for their victories. Robert Langridge in B by only 2 points; Rohan Verco in C by 3 points; John Coleman in D by 4 points; Don Mankewich and Elton Ivers by 2 in the Tandem brigade; Steve Dean by 2 in E and Mike Spoljaric by 1 in G. It was in F grade that the racing was so closely competitive that Ray Hooper (1) and Rosemary Robinson(2) had to be separated in the results via a countback. Both finished the race with 9 points. Good to see Chis Short and John Coleman back in competition

Many thanks to Race director Patrick McNamara and Henry Beaverstock for making this this event safe and enjoyable.

Full results available via http://www.actvets.cc/ where you can click on rms.actvets.cc

And now for a little controversy ... Mia's mess

From Jeff Culnane - this response by Bridie O'Donnell to Mia Freeman's put-down of Cadel may be of interest to some club members:


Directing Next Month?: Please Confirm

Please check the list below and notify Richard (vice.president@actvets.cc) or Graham (webmaster@actvets.cc) if you are unable to meet your obligations or provide a substitute director in your absence. We need more volunteers to make racing possible in the coming weeks.

Jan Koehler (Lookout Hill M & H Club Time Trial - Sat 6 August)

*Director Required (Old Federal Highway Handicap – Sat 13 August)

*Director Required (Iron Mike – Sat 20 August).

*Director Required (Dog Trap Road – Sat 27 August).

*Director Required (Orroral Graded Scratch – Sat 3 September).

*Director Required (Tidbinbilla Graded Scratch – Sat 10 September).

*Director Required (Old Federal Hwy Graded Scratch – Sat 17 September).