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Post date: Jan 06, 2012 12:39:30 AM

Timely Reminders:

It is compulsory to wear your registered number when racing. That number should have your emergency contact details on its reverse side, and be worn above your left hip. Directors are now asked to check that all competitors comply with this rule at the start line. NO NUMBER (and it must be your own or one allocated at the registration desk), NO START!

It is also required that when you renew your membership that you sign a disclaimer on the new 2012 form. Again, NO SIGNATURE - NO RACING! Desk officials and Race Directors should also be made aware of this fundamental requirement for trial riders and new members. For further explanation, see Mel Davies' notes below.

Crit Grades: If you do not have a nominated crit grade next to your name or number in the rms lists, you are expected to race crits in the grade you race road events.

Racing This Week:

Tuesday, 11 October - Stromlo Criteriums (Week 2) from 5:45pm

Where: Stromlo Forest Park Circuit.

Sign-on: Wearing your registered number with emergency contact details on reverse, at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time.

When (approximate start and race times): G at 5:45 for 15min; E/F at 6:00 for 15 min; A/B at 6:20 for 25 min; C/D at 6:45 for 20 min

Race Director: Bryan McGlynn

Contact: e: brianmcglynn36@yahoo.com.au m: 0409 003534

Help Needed: Bryan will need at least one volunteer to assist him.

Thursday, 13 October 6:00pm - Queanbeyan Track Racing

Where: Queanbeyan Park

When: Warm up from 5:30; first race at 6pm.

Scratch races, two lap handicap, derny races and Italian pursuits. Road and track bikes welcome.


There is a mailing list for track riders. If you would like to be added to this list please reply to track@actvets.cc

Track News: http://www.actvets.cc/track and a news page http://www.actvets.cc/track/tracknews

Saturday, 15 October - Old Federal Highway Hcp

Where: The 'Gravel Pit' on Old Federal Highway at its intersection with Shingle Hill Way (TL from Federal Highway approx 9km from Sutton overpass).

When: Sign on by 1:15 pm. G grade starts at 1:30 pm, followed by others at prescribed intervals.

Race Description: Handicap.

Course: Start Gravel Pit; TL onto Shingle Hill Way; U-Turn near Yass River Crossing; Tl on to Old Federal Hwy, heading north towards Lake George; U-turn back to finish zone near Shingle Hill Way junction; U-turn for a second lap to Lake George turn and back to finish.

Race Distance: Approx. 46 km

Race Director: Paul Angelatos

Contact: pangelatos@providenceconsulting.com.au; tel. 62811077

Help Needed: Paul will need at least 3 turn marshals, two drivers (lead and trailing cars) and at least two others to assist at the start and finish. Please contact him as soon as possible.

The Need to Sign a Disclaimer when Renewing your Membership -

A Note from Mel Davies, AVCC Secretary/Treasurer:

"Please note that membership forms have to be endorsed with the signature of the applicant. This is to protect ourselves should an applicant later plead ignorance regarding the points raised in the declaration form.

We have received instructions from our Broker, who has been in contact with QBE Insurance, that says we have to tighten up our procedures regarding risk management, as is the practice for all other sports covered by the company. As part of that tightening we have been instructed to come up with a common Declaration for membership forms that must be adopted by all clubs as from 1st October this year (meaning old declarations have to be scrapped). Please note that this is imperative. We cannot afford to alienate the insurers and any club that does not conform with this instruction may jeopardise our future relationships with QBE. As we have to soon negotiate the insurance fees, the necessity of abiding by their instruction should be obvious. As such forms may be called for should a serious accident occur than it is in the interests of all clubs to take this seriously.

The Declaration on membership forms must be as follows:

I the undersigned agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the . (name of state body), the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC) and affiliated clubs as they may be formulated from time to time. I further agree to observe and comply with all oral and written instructions issued by the appointed officials of the . (name of club), . (name of State body) and/or the AVCC. In consideration of my participation in the activities of the club I freely release the . (name of club), the. (name of State body) and the AVCC, and officials of the aforementioned bodies from any and all liability for any injury, loss and damage arising out of the activities, I accept the dangers that may be involved in competitive cycling and undertake to participate entirely at my own risk. I understand that my registration fee includes a level of accident insurance cover and that details can be viewed on the AVCC web page. I acknowledge that the insurance benefits provided are limited and that I should consider carrying personal insurance as well as ambulance and private health cover. I further declare that I have no health problems that make me incapable of competing safely in AVCC events and that I will inform the AVCC or affiliates should health concerns arise.

Cover for insurance is dated from 1st October 2011 or time of receipt of your form if after this date and lasts until 31st December 2012. For renewals after 1st January 2012, please note the insurance company does not allow days-of-grace. All racing members are covered by insurance for racing and training (including private training) and all officials and affiliates are covered for public liability: N.B. A rider who reaches the age of 80 years before 1st January 2012 must obtain a medical clearance and a letter from a club official attesting to his/her ability to compete, and clearance must be received by the AVCC Secretary from the insurer before the rider is allowed insurance cover and permitted to compete.

NB - (i) regarding ambulance cover, one member last year received a shock when he discovered that while QBE covered part of his ambulance bill , he was still $2,000 out of pocket - thus the specific mention of that in the declaration.

(ii) regarding the warning of the dangers of cycle racing as a sport, this arises out of a current case being brought by a rider against the WA CA, whereby a triathlon rider who rode on the track for the first time, and fell, has sued CA because she was not warned that cycling was a dangerous sport."

Directing Next Month?: Please Confirm

Please check the list below and notify Graham (webmaster@actvets.cc) if you are unable to meet your obligations or provide a substitute director in your absence.

Bryan McGlynn ( Stromlo Crits - Tues 11 October)

Paul Angelatos (Old Federal Hwy Hcp – Sat 15 October).

Christophe Barberet (Stromlo Crits - Tues 18 October)

Jan Koehler (Lookout Hill Time Trial – Sat 22 October).