z10.3 Oct 24 Bleat

Post date: Jan 06, 2012 12:40:34 AM

Timely Reminders:

Scheduled Directors - Your Need to Respond: See notes from Race Committee below.

No Number - No Start!: You must wear your number at registration and while racing.

Lost at Stromlo last Tuesday (18 Oct.): a grey North Face polartech, left near the sign on desk. If any one picked it up can you please email Ally at Ally.Roche@awm.gov.au or call 0413 228 588.

Racing This Week:

Tuesday, 25 October: Stromlo Criteriums (Week 4) from 5:45pm

Where: Stromlo Forest Park Circuit.

When (approximate start and race times): G at 5:45 for 15 min; E/F at 6:00 for 25 min; A/B at 6:30 for 35 min; C/D at 7:10 for 30 min. Registration at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time, wearing your registered number. NO NUMBER; NO START!

Race Director: Lee Hopson

Contact: lee.hopson@deh.gov.au, (02) 6281 0119.

Help Needed: Lee will need at least one volunteer to assist at the chute.

Thursday, 27 October: Queanbeyan Track Racing

Where: Queanbeyan Park

When: Warm up from 5:30 pm; first race at 6:00 pm.

Scratch races, two lap handicap, derny races and Italian pursuits. Road and track bikes welcome.


Saturday, 29 October, from 1:30 pm: Stromlo Scratch Races (Longer Criteriums)

Where: Stromlo Forest Park Circuit

Registration: From 1:00 and at least 15 mins before your scheduled start time, wearing your registered number. No number - no start!

When: E/F/G grade at 1:30 for 30 mins; A/B at 2:05 for 55 mins; C/D at 3:05 for 45 mins.

Race Director: Patrick McNamara

Contact: Patrick.McNamara@ipaustralia.gov.au; tel. (02) 6295 6671

Help Needed on Saturday: Patrick will need at least one assistant to help out at the chute.

Recent Events:

Stromlo Crits Tuesday 11/10/11: Many thanks to Race Director Christophe Barberet and Henry Beaverstock for their expertise in managing a very popular program and its 115 competitors, notably in D grade which attracted 27. Clearly, everyone is coming out for Summer Crits, including many riders we have not seen on the circuit for a while, as well as some new faces in the ranks. Sadly missed was Allan Bontjer who was undergoing surgery on a badly broken leg at Canberra Hospital after an accident while commuting to work that morning. Allan was struck by a motorcyclist while riding in a clearly marked bicycle lane near Civic and is now at home for a long period of recuperation.

Baden Burke defeated 18 other A graders at only his second attempt (he was 3rd the previous week). Steve Duffy who began racing crits late last year in D grade, finished a competitive 4th. In B grade (also a field of 19) Chris Chant returned to his winning form and the legendary Jim Veal simply returned, after a three year absence from Vets racing) to finish a very creditable 7th in a hot field. Paul Angelatos, obviously on his way back to his best form of last season, celebrated a C grade victory to pair with his D grade win a month ago. Jack Hermes was in the hunt as usual, and in 6th place was John Backhouse who is beginning to find his C grade legs again. Newcomer Stephen Rayner, had his first victory in D grade at his third attempt, while David Gunter (E), Johan Coetzer (F) and Bruce Jones (G) were almost predictable winners of their respective grades, given their consistency.

The best placed ladies were Antonia Bolschelarski (2nd in G grade), Liz Lowe (2nd in E grade) and Ally Roche (a fighting 4th in that huge D grade pack).

Welcome back to Alex O'Shea who, after an extended holiday from racing this year, has begun his summer campaign in E grade.

See the full results at http://rms.actvets.cc/

From the Race Committee:

(1) Allocation of Race Director Positions.

As you may have noticed we have had a few problems with the allocation of Race Directors which has resulted in some late call ups. This has also led to a small number of members stepping up a number of times within the same year. This is an unfair situation as we have over 300 members and thus each of us only needs to undertake the role once every 2 years. On that note, you should also look to marshal once per year as well.

To alleviate this problem the committee has decided that the Race Director role will now be allocated in the future. It is each member’s responsibility to check the calendar for their name to see when they have been assigned a race. If you do not feel confident in taking on the role please contact the Race Committee who will provide assistance. If you are not able to meet your commitment on the assigned date it will be your responsibility to find a replacement. You can swap with another person directly or ask the Bleat editor to seek offers on your behalf. If you require assistance you can contact the Race Committee, but it is your responsibility to find a replacement and notify any changes to Graham at <web@actvets.cc>

Riders will still be allocated points for directing (20) and marshaling (10) as part of the season. Riders who fail to meet their commitment will still be allowed to race, but will not be eligible for season points. Once they have undertaken the role they will be allowed to earn points again.

(2) Refresh of Road Grades: Advice from James Jordan, Handicapper

Note that Criterium Grades are not subject to refresh.

As some of you may have noticed there have been some problems where the numbers of participants in a grade has been low. To alleviate this I have gone over the grading list and made a significant shuffle. One of the results of this is that quite a number of people will find themselves in a different grade, most likely a higher one, for the start of the Summer Road season. I realise that some of you will be displeased with your changed grade, but please understand that you are not the only one affected, and that it has been done in the best interests of racing for all. To allow the grades to settle, I will not accept any requests for a change until a rider has participated in at least two races in his/her new grade.

(3) Time Trial Series


Short Course: Lookout Hill normal course.

Hilly Course: Stromlo, left towards sister and turn around at last sister, return and once around the Criterium track.

Long Course: Uriarra Homestead, top of crossing, Mt McDonald turn, Uriarra Homestead, short turn, Uriarra Homestead, repeat.


All time trials are run as individual events, as well as part of an overall series.

To be considered eligible for the series title all races must be completed.

Riders who have a mechanical on a course will be considered to have raced, but will not earn any points.

Any bike, road or time trial, can be used for the course, but must be the same bike and wheel set for each course. Penalty for using different bike or wheel set is 60 points.

Although it is expected that each rider will honour the series and try as hard as they can for each race the Series Director can decided that a rider has ‘sandbagged’. This is where a rider has deliberately gone slowly on their first effort on a course to maximise points. Riders will be disqualified should this decision be made.


Points are earned by beating the previous time run on each course. Each second is worth one point.

(Example: John Smith first attempt on Short course in 34 min 15 seconds. The second attempt is 33 min 10 seconds. Difference in time is 1 min 5 seconds which equals 65 points.) Additional 5 points will be issued for each course raced for the fastest rider in each age bracket (35-39;40-44;45-49;50-54;55-59;60-64;65-70).

Questions or comments to - handicapper@actvets.cc

Directing This Month? Please Confirm

Please check the list below and notify Graham (webmaster@actvets.cc) if you are unable to meet your obligations or provide a substitute director in your absence.

Lee Hopson (Stromlo Tuesday 25 October)

Patrick McNamara (Stromlo Saturday 29 October at 1:30pm)

John Thorn (Stromlo Tuesday 1 November)

Chris Daly (Uriarra Homestead Sunday 6 November, at 8:00 am)