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Timely Reminders:

DIRECTOR REQUIRED FOR SUNDAY (to replace Chris Daly). This event will be abandoned if we cannot find a volunteer Race Director before Wednesday at 8:00pm. See race details below. Contact: handicapper@actvets.cc ; vice.president@actvets.cc

ALLAN BONTJER has survived his op and is now happily at home. He sends his thanks to all well-wishers and those who visited while he was bed-bound in hospital.

Racing This Week:

Tuesday, 1 November: Stromlo Criteriums (Week 5) from 5:45pm

Where: Stromlo Forest Park Circuit.

When (approximate start and race times): G at 5:45 for 15min; AB at 6:00 for 35min CD at 6:40 for 30min; EF at 7:10 for 25min. Registration at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time, wearing your registered number. NO NUMBER; NO START!

Race Director: John Thorn

Contact: jpthorn@gmail.com, (02) 6226 8023

Help Needed: John will need at least one volunteer to assist at the chute.

Thursday, 3 October: Queanbeyan Track Racing

Where: Queanbeyan Park

When: Warm up from 5:30 pm; first race at 6:00 pm.

Scratch races, two lap handicap, derny races and Italian pursuits. Road and track bikes welcome.


Sunday, 6 November at 8:00 am: Uriarra Homestead/Mt McDonald Graded Scratch

Where: Uriarra Homestead at junction of Uriarra and Brindabella Rds.

Registration: From 7:15 to 7:45pm, wearing your registered number. No number - no start!

Course Description: Start > Condor Creek; U-turn back to start then to top of Uriarra Crossing U-turn; then to Uriarra/Brindabella junction and left onto Brindabella road to Mt. McDonald short turn; U-turn back to junction and left to Brindabella short turn; U-turn back to top of Uriarra Crossing again; U-turn back to finish at Homestead. As an option, G grade may choose to race the same course without the first leg - to Condor Creek and back

Race Distance: 48.2 km for all grades A to F; G grade option approx 36km.

Race Director: TBA

Recent Events:

Fair Weather Stromlo Crits Tuesday 25/10/11: Many thanks to Race Director Lee Hopson. Here is his forever optimistic account of the events of that memorable evening:

Well despite the rain and the threat of further thunderstorms the Crit track was rain free and raceable (is that a word?) by 5.30pm on Tuesday night.

G grade were first up and despite a drying track and no rain, a grand total of zero riders signed on and were ready to race at 5.45pm. No riders were waved away promptly and no ‘hot laps’ were in evidence throughout the race. No one crossed the finish line in first place after a gruelling attack in the final straight.

E and F grade were in evidence but after some speculation and deep deliberation only Andre Swenson signed on and rolled to the start line at 6.00pm. The rain had cleared and the track was drying nicely when Andre powered away from the start line. Andre then proceeded to launch attack after attack on himself in a combined E-F grade. He tried to out sprint himself when a Sprint Lap sign went up courtesy of an ever thoughtful Race Director. He couldn’t quite mange to pass himself on the outside on Collar Bone corner, and only managed to hold himself off on a final attack on himself in the last 2 laps of the race. Andre crossed the line in first position amid thunderous applause from absolutely none of the nonexistent spectators.

A combined A and B grade rolled away at 6.30 on a dry track with no wind and no rain. The peloton led by Nick Boylan (A grade) on his titanium masterpiece quickly put Chris Chant of B grade to the test. Chris managed to hang on despite lap after lap of a blistering pace set by A grade. The combined peloton of two riders worked smoothly together whilst the growing/grazing spectator base of 3 kangaroos and a duck watched on in awe. The sun glinting off Nick’s titanium frame shone through as he crossed by half a wheel length from a determined Chris who had led B grade for the entire race.

C and D grades combined to put on a spectacular race, the like of which has been rarely seen in the post war era. George Pongracz, Paul Clare and Seymour Savell-Boss rolled confidently to the start line, all with D grade aspirations for a podium place. Brad Tuohy looked commanding in C grade from the outset and never failed to deliver. After some pre race banter the combined peloton surged away, only for Brad to have a flat and then take a lap out for a quick tyre change. He rejoined the combined peloton and put them to the test. On and on they raced on a now totally dry track, the kangaroo audience having long since left in company with the duck. George struggled briefly, but bravely continued on to give a good account of himself. Brad smashed the peloton with a long lead out in the final lap, comfortably winning C grade. In a blistering D Grade sprint finish Seymour managed to outpace a fast finishing Paul and then George.

The Director was ably assisted in this event by the omnipresent Barb Bayliss and the avuncular James Meredith. No names have been changed to protect the guilty.See the 'full' results at http://rms.actvets.cc/

Track Results Updated:

Track Results are now on the RMS you can also find detailed results at the Track Results page. The track points score for season 2011-12 can be found on the RMS. Select "Rider points report" from left column and then select "2011-12 Track Summer"

Hit the submit button and the current season points score will be calculated and displayed.

Sat 29 October: Stromlo Longer Crits.

44 starters 37 finishers. Many thanks to Race Director Patrick McNamara who stepped up to manage this event at short notice. There were fine wins for Scott Sparkman, Nick Boylan, Aaron Sedgmen, Vince Dunn, Braham Hart, Graham Hendrie and Bruce Jones. Best results amongst the ladies were achieved by Jin Huang, Barbara Bayliss and Rosemary Robinson. See full results at http://rms.actvets.cc/

Sat 22 October: Lookout Hill Age Standard Time Trial

46 time-triallers including a brace of tandems were expertly managed by Race Director Jan Koehler assisted by Bill Frost and James Meredith. There were many outsatnding performances. That man of iron, Reinhard Mauch, struck again by winning the men's category with a time almost 7 minutes under Age Standard! The two he left in his wake, Owain Tilley and Peter Klein, were hardly 'defeated' men, since they both posted times more than 3 minutes under AS. In the women's division, Lee Sheather was also more than three mins. under her AS, and almost 4 minutes on the scale to the better of Rosemary Robinson and Barbara Bayliss who followed her in the rankings. Don Mankewitch (with Robert Bleeker) was again successful in the tandems division with a time just 2 seconds above AS. Lindy Hou (with Elton Ivers) and John Barlow (with Cameron Emert) filled the minor placings. See full results at http://rms.actvets.cc/

FIT ABILITY - Call for pilots:

Many of you are aware of the FIT-Ability program where visually impaired riders cycle on tandem bike. In past years we have had as many as 8 tandems in the Tour de Femme. This year I have had to restrict numbers for the Tour de Femme as I do not have enough female pilots to allow all visually impaired women who may like to participate. We are also looking for new talent for tandem races in some Thursday night crits with Vikings and some vets weekend races. If you are interested in trying riding a tandem please call Rosemary Robinson on 0429811960 or rosemaryr2@iinet.net.au

Cycling ACT 2012 Calendar:

We are asking keen photographers in the Cycling community if they have any photos of any aspect of ACT Cycling or featuring ACT Cyclists taken in the last 12 months that they would like to see published in the ACT Calendar.

Photographs that people would like to submit for consideration to be included in the Calendar should be emailed to actcycling.photos@gmail.com

Photos need to be submitted by Friday 4th November 2011 to be considered for inclusion in the Calendar.

A $150 cash prize is available for the photo judged to be the best from those photos chosen for inclusion in the Calendar. Submission of photos grants permission to Cycling ACT to publish the image in the 2012 Cycling ACT calendar and to use the image in promotion and marketing of the Calendar and Cycling in the ACT.

Cheers – Lexie

Cycling ACT

Directing This Month? Please Confirm

Please check the list below and notify Graham (webmaster@actvets.cc) if you are unable to meet your obligations or provide a substitute director in your absence.

John Thorn (Stromlo Tuesday 1 November)

DIRECTOR REQUIRED! (Uriarra Homestead Sunday 6 November, at 8:00 am)

Steven Dean (Stromlo Tuesday 15 November)