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Post date: Jan 06, 2012 12:47:30 AM

Annual Memberships are due this month: Members who are now renewing their memberships by EFT must complete and sign a 2012 membership form and either email the form to treasurer@actvets.cc, mail or bring along to an event. The disclaimer on our membership form has been amended in accordance with advice from the AVCC and the insurer. A 2012 licence will not be issued to renewing club members until a 2012 membership form has been received by the club. Details of this change can be found at http://www.actvets.cc/membership

Eligibility to Race on 3 January, 2012: If you are unfinancial when racing resumes on 3/1/12, you will not be permitted to race without paying first. Committee members will have their lists on hand and will be checking each entrant's status at registration. If you are paying by EFT, you must attach a hard copy of the payment to your signed membership form.

2012 Calendar Adjustments: (a) 21 January, Old Federal Hwy event is cancelled for lack of road approvals; (b) 12 February, Bega event postponed. Substitute events may be inserted, probably at Stromlo Park.

Racing after a Serious Illness: Our AVCC Racing Rules contain the following clause: "11. A medical certificate is required when a member returns to competition after serious illness or injury."

Current Grade Changes: These are available via the rms but will also be listed in Bleats in 2012 as a reminder to those too busy to check before racing.

For Sale: Our fond old friend, the club trailer, is for sale. He/she has been retired in favour of our sprightly new van, but is still fit for heavy duties. If you would like to make an offer, send it to the stable master Graham Hendrie at web@actvets.cc

AVCC National Championships 2012: Hobart 9/10/11 November 2012. AVCC AGM 12/12/12.


Tuesday, 20 December: Stromlo Crits from 5:45pm

Where: Stromlo Forest Park Circuit.

Sign on: 15 mins before your grade's scheduled start time wearing your registered number. NO NUMBER; NO START!

When (approximate start and race times): G at 5:45pm for 15 min; CD at 6:00 for 30 mins; EF at 6:35pm for 25 mins; AB at 7:05pm for 35 mins.

Event Description: Stromlo Graded Criteriums

Race Director: Bruce Luckham

Contact: bruceluckham@gmail.com; tel. (02) 61613704

Help Needed: Bruce will need at least one volunteer to assist at the chute.


Peter McLennan Memorial Wheel Race, Stromlo Tuesday, 13 December.

In cool and breezy conditions 111 enthusiastic coursers, supported by family and other helpers, turned out to honour the memory of Peter McLennan and see Santa.

There was some hard charging, but also some strategic self-preservation on view in the heats, most obviously in A grade where the five qualifiers got away in a bunch. In D grade, the huge roll-out of 27 was able to resist all of the frequent but short-lived attacks (with the wind) up the back straight. Respective grade winners were Stuart Cathcart, Michael Fawke, Mark Vroomans. Lyndsey Vivian, Graham Tanton, Graham Hendrie and Mick Donaldson. Prominent among the lady qualifiers were Linda Banks, Sue Frost, Jing Huang, Pauline Thorn, Barbara Bayliss and Heather Sommariva. In C grade Janine Ridsdale might have easily won the 'most aggressive rider' award, had one been on offer.

The annual Peter McLennan Wheel Race is always thrilling, and this year's version never failed to deliver on excitement. It also produced many pain-embracing, courageous performances, two of which should endure in our memories for some years. Dispatched first, G grade scampered away into the breeze with no obvious plan of attack. F grade was an energetic trio working together, the E quintet was disciplined, D seemed stretched from the outset, and C looked cool and methodical. Casual but calculating, B waited for the rampaging A machine to arrive.

Gunnar Bursell, fresh from a year's lay off and to the delight of his very vocal admirers, was the first to establish a clear and dashing lead, powering into the wind after E grade had joined his F troop. At the same moment C caught D (they still seemed to be struggling) on lap 3, and while G grade persevered in its task Gunnar skipped away for his moment of glory. But he was soon eclipsed by a vigorous new challenger, Cath Kelleher (no novice, but racing with us for the first time). She then advanced her cause boldly, achieving an apparently unassailable position which she defended well into lap 5 and well clear of the inevitable A grade counter-attack.

Paul Connors and Ian Downing were by lap 4 in hot pursuit, but it was Ian who positioned himself for audacious (but apparently hopeless) last lap heroics. He did so spectacularly, with wind assistance, from Collarbone Corner, and I doubt that we have seen anyone change the complexion of a race so rapidly. There were loud cheers and warm support for both pursued and pursuer alike, but like any other missile Ian was suddenly there locking on to Kath's wheel. As they emerged from the top bend he found just a few seconds to draw breath and then executed the professional victory that made it look just a formality after all. But he'd had to dig deep to defeat such a determined challenger, and suffer as much as the defeated brigades - led home by Paul Connor, Michael Fawke and Paul Angelatos (results to be confirmed).

All were rewarded with a superbly organised BBQ cooked by the President and Jim Veal. And some collected medals won during the winter season points competition: Ian Downing, Graham Hendrie and Bruce Jones; Rosemary Robinson, Linda Stals and Pat Rooke. Graham Hendrie was also declared Club Volunteer of the Year.

Special thanks to Race Director Ian Morton (cunningly disguised) who was thoroughly supported by Henry Beaverstock and various Committee members cooking snags and monitoring registrations.

* For technical reasons some competitors and the Wheel Race Final do not yet appear on the rms, but for otherwise complete results of all events go to the web site http://rms.actvets.cc/

Queanbeyan Track Racing, Thursday, 15 December: Christmas Wheel Races

Robert Langridge prevailed this week to defeat the indefatigable Reinhard Mauch and Paul Ledbrook in the Roadies' Wheel Race. Ray Gorrell found form again to triumph over Steve Jones and Jim Davey in the Trackies' race. Best placed ladies were Rosemary Robinson (road) and Pat Rooke (track). Our thanks again to Graeme O'Neill and Alan Bontjer for directing. Here's Allan's Story:

"Two people will have their names etched onto the ACT Veterans Cycling Club Trophy for the 2011-12 Season Christmas Handicap.The wheel race was run over 4 laps, instead of the normal 2 for season wheel races. Rob Landridge won the roadies race from a mark of 90 metres, which Reinhard Mauch second, having to make up the full 90 on Rob. Paul Ledbrook a new rider took out third, doing a lot of hard work off 60 metres. Ray Gorrell won the track version, sprinting powerfully out of a large bunch who were just holding off Steve Jones (scratch) and Jim Davey who rode well off a big mark of 220 metres."

Track will start up again in 2012 on the second Thursday of January, so put Thursday, 12 January in your diary

Full results of the night can be found at www.actvets.cc/track/tracknews/trackresultssummer2011-12

The season points score can be found on the RMS.

Stromlo Longer Graded Crits, Sunday 11 December.

Perfect conditions and the prospect of a long, hard workout at Stromlo induced 65 competitors to return to the scene of Tuesday's wild sprints for a more measured program of Sunday racing. A grade was noticeably larger this week and produced a titanic struggle of the fittest: Steve Jones, defeated Reinhard Mauch and Christophe Barberet. A consistent Brendan Byatt finished ahead of Aaron Sedgmen and the rapidly improving Richard Bourne in B grade, while C Grade seemed full of those who are finding or returning to their best form, including Ross Robinson and Steve Schwenke who took the major points. Amongst the chasers were Jonathon Chowns returning from a long absence, and two D grade heroes, Vince Dunn and Mike Hayes, bent on self-improvement.

D grade was again the largest group, all fighters, and produced a hotly contested race. Dark horse, Paul Ledbrook, confirmed his potential (see Thursday's track results) in defeating Paul Clare and Michael McGurgan. John Coleman made another rare but welcome guest appearance in the pack. Brian Chugg beat Ian Morton in E grade with Linda Stals not far off in 4th. Phill Coulton struck like lightning to defeat Ian Shaw and Graham Hendrie in F, achieving his best result in more than 2 years. David Gould prevailed over Bruce Jones again in G, while Angelika Mauch finished ahead of Jing Huang.

Many thanks to Race Director Gordon McMenemy and his assistants. For full results of all events go to http://rms.actvets.cc/

Capital Summer Festival 40 km Parkes Way Cycling Time Trial, Sunday 11 December.

(Triathlon ACT & Canberra Cycling Club)

Race Number /Name /Time (hr:min:secs) /Place

757 Webster, Kenneth 00:57:01 1

733 Drew, Brad 00:57:57 2

707 Conolly, Andrew 00:59:11 3

491 Heiner, Callum 00:59:43 4

756 Croonen, Mark 01:00:17 5

728 Whitfield, Sean 01:00:25 6

761 Graham, Jesse 01:00:51 7

498 Mauch, Reinhard 01:01:11 8

763 Slater, Michael 01:01:50 9

470 Medlock, David 01:03:11 10

769 Smyth, Ben 01:03:18 11

492 Knowler & O'Connor (Tandem) 01:03:49 12

489 Yates, Andy 01:04:24 13

718 MacPherson, Ross 01:04:48 14

723 Sheather, Lee 01:06:17 15

495 Walker, Phil 01:06:48 16

487 Burns, Tim 01:07:33 17

762 Parker, Gabriel 01:07:34 18

719 Fenech, Matthew 01:08:02 19

496 Frew, Peter 01:08:08 20

765 Elder, Anthony 01:08:09 21

759 Elferkh, Tegan 01:09:32 22

494 Whitcher, Skye 01:09:38 23

488 Molineaux, Kate 01:10:19 24

499 Campbell, Hayden 01:12:31 25

489 Brozinic, Denise 01:12:48 26

768 Milton, Michael 01:13:10 27

667 Lowe, Johnathon 01:13:20 28

755 Bruen, Tim 01:14:13 29

764 Perkins, Sarah 01:15:39 30

730 Wurzer, Anton 01:16:38 31

715 Hiron, Darryl 01:17:04 32

758 Holmes, Eleanora 01:17:55 33

497 Finch & O'Connor(Tandem) 01:19:21 34

490 Harlen, Linda 01:19:48 35

766 Houghton, Kim 01:20:58 36

716 Paffett, Natasha 01:24:43 37

760 Drew, Leonie 01:28:51 38

717 Huang, Jing DNF

720 O'Neill, David DNF

482 Angeles, Peter DNF

767 Sanders, Francesca DNF

701 Barr, Angela DNS

702 Bolter, Sharon DNS

705 Bushell, Mark DNS

711 Essam, Vanessa DNS

725 Tilley, Owain DNS

729 Wilson, Denise DNS

Directing This Month?

See website for list of future events and allocated race directors. http://rms.actvets.cc/

Please notify James Jordan (handicapper@actvets.cc) if you are unable to meet your obligations or provide a substitute director in your absence. If you are unable to direct for any reason please try to make alternative arrangements by swapping with other allocated Directors. If you cannot make a swap please give us at least a week's notice so we can call for a replacement in a timely fashion.

Current List to Jan 31:

Bruce Luckham (20/12/11)

Christmas/New Year: No scheduled races

Kim Malcolm (3/1/12)

Ross McPherson (7/1/12)

Steve Jones (10/1/12)

Kirsti McVay (17/1/12)

Alain Menager (24/1/12)

Francoise Mossard (31/1/12)