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New Crit. Grades from the Handicapper: George Pongracz > E Grade; Brian McGlynn> C Grade

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Tuesday, 7 February: Stromlo Crits from 5:45pm.

Where: Stromlo Forest Park Circuit.

Sign on: 15 mins before your grade's scheduled start time wearing your registered number. NO NUMBER; NO START!

When (approximate start and race times): G at 5:45 for 15 min + 2; AB at 6:05 for 30 min + 2 ; CD at 6:40 for 25min + 2; EF at 7:10 for 20 min + 2. NOTE that race times will be reduced in the coming weeks as daylight fades earlier. If the weather is overcast, it is a good idea to time your arrival at the track a little earlier in case start times are brought slightly forward to allow for this.

Event Description: Stromlo Graded Criteriums

Race Director: Chris Nolan,

Contact: jenchris@netspeed.com.au, (02) 6287 5715

Thursday 9 February: Qbn Track Racing from 6:00pm

Where: Queanbeyan Park

When: Warm up from 5:30 pm; first race at 6:00 pm.

Scratch races, two lap handicap, derny races and Italian pursuits. Road and track bikes welcome.

Contact: track@actvets.cc

As always results can be found on the rms and more detail at http://www.actvets.cc/track/tracknews

Sunday, 12 February: Stromlo Individual Points Races from 8:00am

Where: Stromlo Forest Park - Criterium track

Sign-on: At least 15 minutes prior to your grade's scheduled start time. Numbers must be worn on the bottom left of your jersey.

When: EF at 8:00 for 30 mins + 2; AB at 8:40 for 50 mins + 2; CD at 9:40 for 40 mins +2; G 10:25 for 20 mins + 2.

Format: Several primes (called at the Director's discretion - but usually at intervals of between 2 and 4 laps) worth 2, and 1 points for first and second places in each; a final lap sprint worth 5,4,3,2, and 1 for placings 1st to 5th.The rider with the highest individual points tally wins the race.

Race Director: Philip Walker

Contact: walker@broadleaf.com.au; Tel: (02)62901428

Help Needed on Sunday: Philip will need two or three assistants to help with judging primes and points scoring. Please contact him early this week to make his job easier and more predictable. or offer your services before racing commences.


Stromlo Crits, 31 January 2012.

124 starters (54 in the C/D event alone) made for enthusiastic competition in spite of the cold and cloudy atmosphere and nasty gusts of wind. Angelika Mauch was determined to take Lance Armstrong's advice and ride hard into that wind from the beginning of lap 2. Her tactic left the rest of G grade in a turbulent wake and very much in arrears, but at about halfway her effort began to wane allowing a gang of 3 to usurp her throne. Ultimately, Alan Turney (a refugee from F grade) had a relaxed victory over Rowan Mason and David Gould.

In E grade, Dale Teddy attempted what Angelika intended and galloped contemptuously away from the rest. But there were bloodhounds in that pack, and they stretched their legs as his were failing on the top turn. Braham Hart was the hungriest and surged ahead of Michael Golding who relegated the brave Teddy to third. F grade again split into two groups with a few lost E graders in between (making the last few laps a trifle confusing). But the leading bunch of four achieved a consistently high pace, and delivered the most exciting final lap of the evening, with Belinda Chamberlain finally getting the better of Marianne Geoghegan in a thrilling sprint. The blokes, Daniel Partridge and Frank Lemmon, had to settle for the minor placings.

Every D grade place-getter owes a letter of sincere thanks to Elton Ivers for selflessly and heroically pushing the air for most of their race. He kept the pace high for his 26 devotees and facilitated a convenient last lap dash that favoured the faithful Paul Ledbrook over Nigel McGinty and Paul Ricketts. This week, the Peter Harding steam locomotive had to be happy with fourth. In C grade, Craig Pearsall looked a little too cavalier in dispensing with the fast finishing Vince Dunn and Chris Millman. Was it so easy? In the big field, Bianca Mauch and Terry Moore were well in the hunt, finishing 9 and 10th respectively.

By the time the A race came round in gloomy light, Paul Scherl had also decided that solo was best, and he set a spinnaker from the outset. The rest must have known that he could fulfil his plan and seemed reluctant to chase. At last, after 6 or 7 laps, in a rapid fishtailing attack, Michael Tolhurst abandoned this more or less static flotilla to join the escapee out front. Circulating with his quarry guaranteed second place for himself and an easier path to victory for Paul. Of the rest, only Mark Harris (3rd) and Scott Sparkman (4th) attempted to salvage something from the wreckage.

In B grade Peter Prammer and Charles Nicoll conspired to imitate A grade by circulating efficiently and well clear of a pack that could find no answers. Several, including John Thorn, Simon Junakovic and Paul Angelatos, took their turn to hurry things along but without the desired result. At the conclusion of this long procession, Charles had better legs than Peter, and John Thorn accounted for the rest.

THANKS: Richard Gorrell, Barbara Bayliss and Graham Hendrie combined forces again to manage this event. They received generous and welcome support from Ian Morton, Henry Beaverstock, Angeika Mauch and Bianca Mauch.

Race Director's Bleat:

In the densely populated C/D event, there were complaints about breaches of racing etiquette. While racing in a bunch and especially on a bend it often happens that a gap begins to open between the rider you are pursuing and the left hand road perimeter, enough to allow you to contemplate an advance. But it is well to remember that the competitor you are pursuing may not anticipate this and is entitled and expected to hold the line he/she chose on entering the corner. Good idea to simply notify your intentions eg. by calling 'on your inside', or 'can I pass on your left?'. You may find your opponent accommodating. If, on the other hand, you force the other rider off the cornering line that he/she had adopted, therein lies danger and perhaps the beginning of a pile up. No Vets' race victory is worth the cost of surgery and/or a busted bike. Play it cool, back off, be patient, and be prepared to adapt to each new situation. Criterium racing is the safer for some give and take.

From another perspective, people often say that they prefer racing with the Vets because of the friendly atmosphere that prevails and because competing at Stromlo does not become a matter of life and death. So when tense situations develop, it will be good if our more experienced Vets offer sagely advice and counsel cool heads and patience to help new chums adapt to the demands of the criterium.

The spirit, if not the exact wording, of these samples from the AVCC General Rules of Racing are worth remembering at Stromlo:

b) Dangerous riding ... will not be tolerated and the referee shall discipline any rider whom he/she deems to be guilty of this practice, or any other act that endangers other riders or road users.

c) At any time during a race that a sprint occurs the sprint rules shall apply whereby sprinting riders shall keep to a straight line. Anyone suddenly veering, pushing or pulling, or in any other way causing dangerous obstruction shall be penalized.

(f) Officials and riders are deemed to be always under control of the race referee from the time that he or she enters, and remains present, in the event precinct.

Lookout Hill Graded Scratch, Sunday 5 February, 2012.

89 competitors and 4 officials turned out in benign, sunny weather for a little racing vacation nowhere near Stromlo. The location was salubrious enough to attract the peripatetic Dom Rideaux back to Canberra. And what a difference a country road makes to some riders' performances. Off the track and out in the bush, Paul Angelatos outsprinted his C grade opponents; Jack Hermes did the same in D grade, and Lindsay Graham defeated Polly Templeton and David Gould to top G grade again. F grade provided an all-ladies podium, with Marianne Geoghegan slipping away from Barbara Bayliss and Belinda Wren. In E grade Braham Hart found something extra to show his bush form at least the equal of his city efforts and get the better of Linda Stals and Jim Cruden. David Rae exacted some sweet revenge for A grade's ignominious defeat at the hands of Paul Scherl at Stromlo, outsprinting his foes (including Paul) by a second or two over the line. In B grade Brendan Byatt kept to his winning ways and his lead in the Summer Season points competition with a narrow victory over Rohan Verco. The nomad from Bega was fourth.

THANKS: To Race Director Bianca Mauch (stepping up yet again) and her willing assistants, Angela Wren, Jan Jones and Russel Marston who pitched in on a day when so many wanted to race.

NOTE: Full results for all events are, as usual, available at http://rms.actvets.cc/

JJ's Bleat: Criterium Grade Size

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen the size of a number of grades grow to quite large number (28+). Although this has provided from a spectators view point and excellent race with lots of attacks and counter attacks.The problem that I see is that the grades start growing to the point where they become difficult to deal with as a rider. Larger groups by their nature are far more hectic in terms of riders trying to move up and to manage the pace. These create stress within the group and can create situations where incidents can happen with less than desirable results, or in more simple terms ‘crashes’. The race committee, as well as every other member of the club, are not keen to see our record of minimal incidents eroded by this situation. As such I am seeking feedback on how the riders feel about the bunch sizes. Please email me with your thoughts:

James Jordan > handicapper@actvets.cc

Directing This Month?

See our website for list of future events and allocated race directors. http://rms.actvets.cc/

Please notify James Jordan (handicapper@actvets.cc) if you are unable to meet your obligations or provide a substitute director in your absence. If you are unable to direct for any reason please try to make alternative arrangements by swapping with other allocated Directors. If you cannot make a swap please give us at least a week's notice so we can call for a replacement in a timely fashion.

Current List to March 1:

Chris Nolan (7/2/12)

Philip Walker (12/2/12)

Alex O'Shea (14/2/12)

TBA (19/2/12)

Ed Pellegrino (21/2/12)

Nick Boylan (25/2/12 Sat at 5:00pm)

George Pongracz (28/2/12)