2.3 Feb 20 Bleat

Post date: Feb 20, 2012 9:18:9 AM

Hello Vets, it’s been another busy week and there is plenty to cover in this week’s issue;

· Annual General Meeting, have you nominated for the committee yet? Details on the time and location for the AGM below.

· Discussion on Grading saw a healthy discussion on riders who drop down a grade. The Handicapper gives us his view on Club Etiquette in JJ’s Bleat.

· This week’s Member Profile we feature club stalwart, Jeff Culnane.

· Have you seen this bike? A white Cannondale Road Tandem 2 was stolen from the Disability Cycling Group providing cycling opportunities for disabled people. Details attached.

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Ian Morton.

Annual General Meeting

PO Box 870 Civic Square ACT 2608

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2012

Members are advised that the Annual General Meeting

of the ACT Veterans Cycling Club will be held on :

Wednesday 29 February 2012

The Weston Club

1 Liardet St Weston

Commencing at 7:30 pm

Items of Business should be advised to the Secretary 14 Days prior to the meeting to be considered at the meeting;

Apologies also to the Secretary

To be delivered to the Secretary or the Club Mail Box 7 days prior to the AGM, or e-mailed to info@actvets.cc


Tuesday, 21 February: Stromlo Crits from 5:45pm.

Where: Stromlo Forest Park Circuit.

Sign on: 15 mins before your grade's scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

When: (approximate start and race times): G at 5:45 for 15 min+2; CD at 6:05 for 25 min+2; EF at 6:35 for 20min+2; AB at 7:00 for 30 min+2. NOTE that race times will be reduced in the coming weeks as daylight fades earlier. If the weather is overcast, it is a good idea to time your arrival at the track a little earlier in case start times are brought slightly forward to allow for this.

Event: Stromlo Graded Criteriums

Race Director: Ed Pellegrino

Contact: Ed.Pellegrino@act.gov.au

Thursday 23 February: Qbn Track Racing from 6:00pm

Where: Queanbeyan Park

When: Warm up from 5:30 pm; first race at 6:00 pm.

Event: Scratch races, two lap handicap, derny races and Italian pursuits. Road and track bikes welcome.

Contact: track@actvets.cc

As always events can be found on the RMS and more detail at http://www.actvets.cc/track/tracknews

Saturday, 25 February: Dairy Flat Criterium

*** Note: This a Saturday afternoon event, part of the twilight series ***

Where: Dairy Flat Rd, Fyshwick

Time: AB at 5:00pm for 40 mins, CD at 5:40pm for 35 mins, EF at 6:15pm for 30 mins, G at 6:45pm for 25 mins

Sign-on: At least 15 minutes before scheduled race time. Numbers must be worn on the bottom left of your jersey.

Race Description: Points Criterium, Points 3,2,1 every second lap. 5,4,3,2,1 Final Lap

Course: Dairy Flat Road, Fyswick

Race Director: Nick Boylan

Contact:; paddlepower@grapevine.com.au Tel: (02) 6287 3032


Stromlo Crits, 14 February 2012.

"It was a dark and stormy night . . . " - so starts many a cheesy tale, but on Valentine's Day 2012, those Vets who did not have normal Valentine's evening assignations turned up to pursue their ongoing love affair of dancing on the smooth and seductive tarmac at our beloved Stromlo criterium track.

G grade started on time and on a dry track with field of 40% women, but as there were only five competitors, the two women choose to pair up with the two beaus of the ball (sorry Rad). Angelika Mauch teamed up with Bruce Jones to dance well away, with Angelika skipping in front of Bruce on the line for 1st [Ed: refer Handicappers notice below]. Bernie Crowe coming third followed by his partner for the event, Helen King.

E and F grade lined up next with the skies still holding dry. In E Grade, a two man breakaway went after 7 minutes which included visitor Grantley Butterfield, but they got shy of the attention and returned to the main dance group soon enough. Grantley again danced off by himself and convincingly demonstrated that he was mis-graded in his first event, by almost lapping the dance-floor. He continued away until the line. A big finish saw Meng Ngai (2nd) skip ahead Brian Chugg (3rd) over the rest. The F grade race saw a few more riders prepared to take a chance with fancy steps off the front of the conga line, but in the gathering gloom perhaps there were more riders strategically conga-ing off the back. Jason Kerr stepped out five minutes to go, returned soon after, but recovered from his shyness to take the lead to the line, closely followed by James Cruden - 2nd, and Mick Donaldson - 3rd.

A and B grade turned out in pretty good numbers, all very smartly turned out in the most fashionable lycra with carbon fibre and titanium accessories.

A grade's Paul Scherl and Trevor Rix danced off the front all too soon and pretty much flaunted their pas de deux for lap after lap, well encouraged by a junior Rix cheering from the gallery. Nic Boylan tried to spark interest in a chase down but couldn't get the support from his fellow tarmac dancers - one seemed bent on fighting to the front, but then slowing the chasing momentum. It ended with Scherl first, Rix second with third position on the podium going to David Rae. B Grade turned out a bigger bunch and danced fast enough that it took till the finishing straight of the last lap to be caught by A grade. Some B grade riders did their own dance thing off the back, but the critical mass of the big-B bunch stayed together to allow the very critical mass riders of Bryan Holloway, Rohan Verco and Paul Angelato to take the first three places in a fast down-hill dash, in that order.

The odd rain spot loomed as C and D grades lined up, both depleted of the masses of newer members who have swelled their ranks these last few weeks. D grade was down to 19 and C grade down from 30 last week to just 11 loveless souls this Valentine's evening. We hope they fared better when they returned home, in the dark, and in a very wet and cold state. All would have been in need of a hot shower and a gentle rub-down - for the wind blew and the rain came down for every long minute of their race. In the wash up, despite C Grade's Al Bontjer and Janine Riesdale dancing away from the other nine, with some other riders departing to join the wall-flowers in the DNF gallery, the rest of the C grade dancers reeled them in with final places going to Steve Schwenke (1st), Ross Robinson (2nd) and Allan Bontjer (3rd) with his temporary pas de deux partner, Janine coming 6th. The bigger D grade bunch rode stoically and doggedly in the generally shocking conditions with quite a number dancing their solos or duets off the back or else joining the wall flowers in the DNF seats. It finished up with a close fight which saw Gordon McMenemy - 1st, Philip Walker - 2nd, and Kim Malcolm - 3rd. The dwindling crown were impressed by the grit of the last riders home in toughing it out till the end.

Thanks to Alex O’Shea for Race Directing.

Lookout Hill Graded Time Trial, Sunday 19 February, 2012.

The weather was perfect for a Sunday Morning race at lookout hill. There was a gentle tail wind up the finishing climb with dry roads.

The highlights of the race;

· Cameron and John running up the hill pushing the tandem across the finish line with a jammed chain. Their sprint up the hill good enough to hold onto 2nd place.

· James Jordan's incredible feet of riding so fast to blow the number off the rear of his skin suit (there were calls from the crowd for disqualification).

· Paul Angelatos riding a great time for C grade (actually good enough to have won B Grade).

Thanks to Ross Robinson for Race Directing and James Meredith, Graham Hendrie, Bill Frost, Phil Coulton, Steve Schwenke, Brendan Byatt, and Chris Daly for helping.

NOTE: Full results available at http://rms.actvets.cc/

JJ's Bleat:

A Point of Etiquette

A recent point brought up on the discussion board brought to like a key aspect of one of the great benefits of being a member of the ACTVETs, that of the etiquette of how riders will treat each other.

In this case I thought it would also be good to bring this to the bleat to ensure that all members could be aware of the discussion.

The specific question in this case was how a rider will act if they have asked to be downgraded.

Firstly in terms of the etiquette within the club, it is normal for a rider who has asked for a downgrade to respect those riders in the lower grade by not contesting sprints and avoiding the podium during the first couple of races. That being said etiquette are not rules and as such does not forbid a rider from winning a race in the new grade.

It is important that as a club that prides itself on how members behave that discussion like this be brought up so that new members can make themselves aware of the expectations on them. It needs to be remembered that it is also good etiquette that any discussions be done so in a calm and friendly manner.

That being said it does create a situation where their reasons for the downgrade to come into question by the handicapper.

As for the situation that has created this quire in the first place. The rider in question was sent to the higher grade for a number of weeks and did struggle to stay with the bunch and for this reason requested a downgrade.

At this point you need to consider that my role as handicapper is as much about making sure that everyone enjoys their racing as much as it is about being fair and reasonable.

The rider in question was warned that should they find themselves in podium places in future races it would result in questions being asked.

I would also like to point out to all members that I welcome any questions in regards to grading, both theirs or another members, as it ensures that all members understand the reasoning behind the decision being made.

Size of Grades

My question in regards to grade sizes during the Criterium races brought a wide range of responses and comment.

A number of replies suggested that I just rearrange the grades to even out the sizes. Having done this to the Road grades prior to the start of the summer season I can see the merit to this suggestion. My only concern was that this would most likely put riders in either a grade higher or lower then there current strength would suggest. As my roles is as much about maintaining a balance in strength as ensuring that members enjoy their racing I did not want to see a situation which would shatter bunches each night. Those dropped off the back of a bunch do not generally enjoy the lonely ride home or looping Stromlo.

It was also suggested that the club look at developing a skills development program for riders. This is idea that I totally agree with and something that I have been discussing with Lee Hopson to develop. The suggestions have given us the kick up the bum and we should see something out shortly in regards to dates and timings. A show of hands of who would be interested would be appreciated.

I am still open to suggestions so feel free to keep sending them my way.

And now for the fun stuff

Criterium Grades

· Angelika Mauch G to F

James Jordan


ACT Veterans Member Profile

Our next member profile takes a look at club stalwart, Jeff Culnane;

How long have you been a member of ACT Vets?

Just over 17 years – and don’t I look it?

What is your favourite course in the ACT Vets racing calendar and why?

Gunning. It has something for everyone (well not the climbers but they have Tidbinbilla and other tough courses) including long anaerobic drags, fast downslopes and a finish that requires a lot of strategy (when to go, what direction the wind, whose wheel, which line?).

What Grade did you start in with the Vets?

D. Turned up at the Nanima Road course with my Cannondale MTB and went backwards in the first km. I remember Tony Carlyon bellowing at me from the B grade peloton just past the turn on Murrumbateman Road “turn early”. I didn’t turn early but came in so late that the officials had abandoned the finish line and wrapped up the chequered flag. I was displeased.

How long have you been cycling?

Competitively since 1994. Prior to that some social rides. In the early 90s I rode Canberra to Wodonga with a group of people that I sometimes go bushwalking with. I found that fun.

What got you interested in cycling?

I always loved track cycling in the Olympics. I remember our earlier trackie sprint stars like Dick Ploog, Kenrick Tucker and Gary Niewand. I was also interested in the Herald Sun Tour and liked to read about that race in the 70s (no TV coverage then).

What was your most memorable ride?

I think my third place in my age bracket at the Australian Masters crit in 1999 on the same course as is used in the TDU Sunday classic was one of my best rides. My 9th place in the Time Trial at the World Masters Games at Eastern Creek in 2009 was also very pleasing. Another ride, in 1995, was completing 92% of the Simpson Desert Classic course when it was a fierce battle against severe conditions to stay ahead of the sweep vehicle – that was a memorable achievement really.

What is/was your favourite bike?

My Trek Madone 5.2 is a top bike. But the one that has the wins on the board (albeit when I was a tad younger and somewhat quicker) is the Trek 5500 OCLV. This is the bike I have reconfigured as a TT machine.

Where do you work?

Now retired but I work about 4 weeks a year as a travel industry ‘locum’ and I consult on special-interest China tours for Goddard & Howse.

How do you find the time to train?

Easy to slot in some sessions now that I am essentially a person of leisure.

Do you have a special training regime?

You bet. One-two spinning sessions a week at CISAC for cadence and anaerobic output, and getting the nervous system used to working hard, a 90-km ride to ‘the beach’ (Lake George via Old Fed Hwy), Sunday club race, Tuesday crit, Thursday track, and the vital Hall loop intervals which are essential for my TT goals. I adjust this program for winter schedules and weather. Hazey and I learnt our lesson (about training and bike speed) after getting blown away in the Goldfields Classic races in Maryborough in the late 90s. That’s when I bought a CyceOps trainer and started doing gym work, and then fierce intervals. It’d be nice, at my decrepit level, to be a talented, instinctive Jack Bobridge type but I think I am in the manic/obsessive bracket a la Cadel (but a million categories below in level).

What does your family think of your cycling?

They sigh and tolerate my velo-excesses. And they are a bit tetchy that I have got my son enthused with the sport. Now he has bought a BMC SLX01 and rides along Beach Road every Sunday and does Round the Bay with me (8 in succession) and Amy’s ride at Geelong (3 in succession) and, he comes over to the TDU (thrice) to ride around the Adelaide Hills and to Willunga and Tanunda.

An interesting fact about yourself;

For once I am speechless. I just draw a blank. However, those cycling reprobates who drink Guinness with me at the George Harcourt on a Saturday arvo would no doubt have some vituperative descriptors to offer.

And here’s Jeff slogging his way up a hill…

Directing This Month?

See our website for list of future events and allocated race directors. http://rms.actvets.cc/

Please notify James Jordan (handicapper@actvets.cc) if you are unable to meet your obligations or provide a substitute director in your absence. If you are unable to direct for any reason please try to make alternative arrangements by swapping with other allocated Directors. If you cannot make a swap please give us at least a week's notice so we can call for a replacement in a timely fashion.

Current List to through March 2012;

Ed Pellegrino (21/2/12)

Nick Boylan (25/2/12 Sat at 5:00pm)

George Pongracz (28/2/12)

Paul Reid (3/3/12)

Ken Kroeger (6/3/12)

Trevor Rix (11/3/12)

Peter Prammer (13/3/12)

Gary Scheld (18/3/12)

Graham Tanton (20/3/12)

Mike Spoljaric (25/3/12)

Mick Jermyn (27/3/12)