3.5 March 26 Bleat

Post date: Mar 26, 2012 9:57:12 AM

Hello Vets, welcome to another issue of The Bleat. In this week’s issue;

· Get ready for Gunning – It’s The Peter McLennan Memorial Gunning 2 Day Event this weekend. Details were sent out in a special Bleat on Saturday. More details below.

· Five Peaks Challenge – If you weren’t planning to go to Gunning this weekend, the Rotary Five Peak Challenge is on. Details at www.rotaryrides.org.au

· In this week’s Member Profile we look at the French Connection, Christophe Barberet.

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Ian Morton.


Tuesday, 27th March: Stromlo Crits from 5:45pm.

Note: This will be the last Tuesday Evening Criterium for this summer.

Where: Stromlo Forest Park Circuit.

Sign on: 15 mins before your grade's scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

When: (approximate start and race times): G at 5:45 for 15 min+2; EF at 6:05 for 20 min+2; AB at 6:30 for 30min+2; CD at 7:05 for 25 min+2. NOTE that race times will be reduced in the coming weeks as daylight fades earlier. If the weather is overcast, it is a good idea to time your arrival at the track a little earlier in case start times are brought slightly forward to allow for this.

Event: Stromlo Graded Criteriums

Race Director: Terry Moore

Contact: terry.moore@ipaustralia.gov.au Ph 6288 1492

Thursday 22th March: Qbn Track Racing from 6:00pm

Note: This will be the last Thursday Evening Track for this summer.

Where: Queanbeyan Park

When: Warm up from 5:30 pm; first race at 6:00 pm.

Event: The 2011/12 track racing season will conclude this week with a single scratch race followed by a barbeque at the Queanbeyan Park track. All club members are welcome, particularly participants in this year’s track season. Meat, bread and soft drinks will be provided by the club. Please bring a plate of salad or anything else that will suit the function.

Contact: track@actvets.cc

As always events can be found on the RMS and more detail at http://www.actvets.cc/track/tracknews

Sunday, 31st March, Sunday 1st April: Gunning 2 Day Event

Where: Gunning

Sign-on: Saturday 31st March, 10:00-10:45am at the top of the hill west of Gunning.


Prologue: Saturday 11:00 am

Stage 1: Saturday 1:00pm

Stage 2: Sunday 10:00 am (ABCD), 11:00am (DEF, Tandem)


Presentation Lunch: 1:30pm in the hall


A selection of hot pasta dishes, sausage rolls, quiches

Mixed sandwiches

A selection of home-made cakes and slices

Tea and coffee

Race Director: Bill Frost

Contact: Email: billfrost@gmail.com Ph (02) 6294 1611

Important Note:

Due to the recent heavy rains, Gunning is on a Boiled Water Alert. You are advised not to drink the tap water from Gunning. The Tea and Coffee will be OK but you are recommended to bring your own water for your riding requirements. Bottled water will be on sale at lunch.


Due to a late withdrawal, James Jordan has a spare booking at the Alto Hotel for the Saturday night. Cost is $70 and you can join in on the BBQ dinner he will be cooking for a beer or two. Contact him at jcjordan@internode.on.net if you are interested.


Stromlo Crits, 20th March 2012.

Racing was carried out in near perfect conditions with race times reduced to enable all grades is finish in day light. Those traveling to Stromlo Park from Cotter Road would have encountered delays associated with the two sets of temporary traffic lights in place as part of the road upgrades. It is expected that the traffic arrangements will be in place over the next few weeks, riders should allow an additional 15 minutes to get the the track.

G Grade:

Bruce Jones and David Gould locked horns once again with Bruce coming out on top, reversing last week’s result.

A Grade and B Grade:

Paul Sherl and Steve Jones rode away from the rest of A grade bunch from the start and were never headed, passing B grade on the start/finish line of their last lap. This resulted in some confusion with B grade who were provided with the 2 laps to go board whilst Paul and Steve were provided with the last lap bell. As a result, some of B grade made their dash for glory one lap early. In the end Paul Sherl took out A grade with Steve Jones runner up with Peter Young taking out B grade followed by Marc Vroomans and John Thorn.

C Grade and D Grade

A close finish to C grade with Paul Ledbrook pipped on the line by Gordon Mcmenemy who timed his run to perfection after Paul had ridden away from the pack and stayed away for a large amount of time, only to be reeled in with a few meters to go, Selwyn Snell came home in 3rd. In D grade no one was allowed to ride off the front with any attacks closed down before any damage could be done. The final Sprint was a bunched affair with Peter Harding taking the honours in front of Bruce Griffin and Lea Sheather.

E Grade and F Grade:

E and F grade both had large fields with both grades settling into a consistent pace with no showing their hand early, both grades finished in bunch sprints with Robert Brooks taking the win in E grade followed by Brian Chugg and Linda Stals. F grade was won by Paul McKay followed by Mick Donaldson and Bob Egan.

Many Thanks to Race Director – Graham Tanton

Stromlo Time Trial, Sunday 25th March, 2012.

Excellent day for a time trial with little or no wind and a mild temperature of around 4 degrees. Winter is not far away. Is this still the 'summer' series?

36 riders took part. We had tandems, standard road bikes, flashy rear disc tyres, cone helmets, one flat tyre that required a quick dash home, and then we had the very serious TT competitors with the complete kit! Well done to all that took part.

The results were equally impressive with close racing in most grades.

A grade, Michael Tolhurst with a very fast time of 25:50 was followed in by Les Ridsdale 27:11 and Paul Scheri 27:58.

B grade, Paul Angelatos left all in his wake and had the second fastest time of the day at 26:44 followed by Owain Tilley 28:36 and Mark Vroomans 28:50.

C grade results were a little tighter with Brad Tuohy 30:55, Sue Powell 31:36 & Edward O'Farrell 31:41.

D grade was very competitive with the top three on par if not better than the C graders! Kerry Knowler 28:50, Lee Sheather 30:26 & Jeff Culnane 31:08.

E was also close and competitive too, Bradley Sellwood 32:56, David Gunther 33:43 & Alex Sommariva 33:47.

F had just the two riders Dennis Puniard 34:47 & Bob Egan 37:23.

G grade was led in by Polly Templeton 37:23.

Three tandems started & two finished. A chain broke on one tandem putting an end to that teams day. Rosemary Robinson & Lindy Hou however led the tandems with a time of 30:27.

The race day was made possible through the support of James Meredith, Vince Dunn, Steve Sims, Michael Spoljaric, Andre Swenson

Thanks to Race Director Brendan Byatt.

ACT Veterans Member Profile

In our next member profile we look at the French Connection, Christophe Barberet;

How long have you been a member of ACT Vets?

I joined the Vets in 2005, no racing experience prior to that. Jane Koehler mentioned the Vets club to me and the idea to race in a social set up attracted me. My background at the time was more of a long distance rider, Audax types, for the past many years I kept building up the KMs to ride some of the “Epic” and long type rides.

I was coming to a “change” in my life as my partner was expecting our first child, so it was an opportunity to do something different on the bike as well, something less time consuming! I would say I was a fair “diesel” rider, it took me about 2 hours on the bike before warming up and any ride shorter than 200km didn’t really count. Obviously I was totally un-prepared for my first 40km race with the Vets, but no one had told me!

First race was in B grade, starting from Duffy to Uriarra Homestead and back. A beautiful late summer day. After 20’ of racing I had built as much lactic in my legs as I would have usually done in 10 hours of “normal” riding, by the homestead I was way dropped by the bunch and coming back on the 3 sisters “C grade” went past me in a flash; and for some reasons I had to sprint like a French madman to cross the finish line before a casual “Sunday” rider on his MB was about to overtake me!

I must have enjoyed it a lot because I was back the week after to do Gunning!

What is your favourite course in the ACT Vets racing calendar and why?

All road races are welcome; the attraction is the diversity of the terrain. If I can ride to the race it’s even better so Tidbinbilla is a good one for me. The succession of short but sharp hills are fine with me. It makes for an attacking and entertaining race.

What Grade did you start in with the Vets?

I spent the first years mainly in C grade. I think I fitted well in it, and learned a bit how to behave and race. I remember some good fights with John Coleman, Phil Anderson (the other one!), Richard Norris and Janine Risdale among others!

How long have you been cycling?

Always have been riding, I was born and lived in Paris, near the Vincennes wood in the East which has a dedicated 4km cyclist loop and that’s it!. Paris and its traffic is probably not the best place to enjoy a bicycle. But I spend lots of time in my family village in Burgundy and the Pyrenees, no traffic there! And I travelled a lot touring my bike. It does get cold in France though, so cycling is not always an all year round option. It’s an opportunity to try different sports, and I would highly recommend cross country skiing if you are after something similar to cycling and interested in full fitness.

What got you interested in cycling?

In France it’s more “How did you manage not to get interested in cycling?” I lived the first 25 years of my life there, riding is part of living. My grand-ma aged 86 just gave up riding her bike to the bakery just a few years ago. My father always rode a bike. We still ride together when I go back for a visit; these are very special moments in our lives.

My grand-father, his great story telling and his love of cycling definitely left their mark on me. In my youth I was forever listening to his stories about the tour de France. His main accounts were the “after war” years, 50s and 60s. For some reasons I always thought that Andre Darrigade was the best sprinter ever! I can probably tell you all about each of his 20 or so wins at le Tour! I grew up surrounded by names like Bobet, Robic, Vietto, Copi, Anquetil and Raymond Poulidor of course. But for me the passion grew at the start of the 80s, it was THE time to be French and follow le Tour.

What was your most memorable ride?

Oh yes I know that one. It was during the month of July in France, Tour de France time, late 70s. I must have been 9 or 10! As a kid I spent July at my grandparents in the burgundy region, it’s in the East of France, very rural, very quiet undulating roads mostly in the forests.

One afternoon after watching the daily tour stage on TV, I must have been really inspired by Bernard Hinault exploits and decided to go for one of my first solo “big” ride. No maps, no direction, just went for an adventure! I remember vividly the roads, the woods, the feeling of freedom and speed. I did take a few wrong turns and was eventually lost. It was fantastic! The feeling of adventure increased with dusk approaching, I started to feel really tired and cramped, it was the battle, the other side of cycling!...anyway I did make it back home just before night time at a walking pace (which is about 11pm in summer over there) to the relief of my family and gendarme that had been called for the possible rescue. I think this type of ride stayed imprinted in my mind and fuelled my passion for riding. Most times I jump on the bike it’s like being young again.

What is/was your favourite bike?

I have many “different” bikes that suit whichever type of ride I want to do but I don’t have a favourite bike. A good racing bike is one that makes you win! So I guess if I have to pick up one, it’s my first Road bike, Peugeot blue, 6 speed...oulala!!, I must have won 15 Tour de France on it lapping my grandparents backyard over tree roots, dog, rabbits and stone steps...chased by Merckx’s and his bunch!!! Yes a winning bike indeed.

Where do you work?

I am a public servant working in Tuggeranong. Riding wise it is an OK location as it’s close to Tharwa, Mt Tenant or Tidbinbilla for a long ride before work or a short one at lunch time. The roads are fairly quiet.

How do you find the time to train?

I don’t have specific times set aside to ride so for me it’s more a way of life. I love cycling and sharing the fun with my family and friends. I like riding socially for long rides or take my kids to school with the trailer, or ride to the shop or pub with the “pub bike”. It doesn’t matter there is always an opportunity to ride and racing is just one of them. When off the bike I try to be always active, on both feet doing something (not hard with two young kids).

Do you have a special training regime?

Sure have!!! Have fun riding everyday (!) and never do the same thing twice!

What does your family think of your cycling?

It is a hard one I think. There is an impact and I know that my kids and partner prefer to have me with them doing something together. I try to be positive and think about the ride I do and not the rides I can’t do or the riders I can’t meet anymore. I do tend to get obsessive about cycling now and then and there is always a friendly tap on my shoulder to bring me back to earth!

An interesting fact about yourself;

I don’t shave my legs!!! When racing I never give chase to a “fellow” hairy leg rider.

More seriously, when I joined the club in 2005 I obviously met Peter McLennan; I benefited from his welcoming and grew to know him just a little bit through the years of racing against him or through his very active involvement with the club. One of his trade mark move while racing was to always attack. Since his tragic death I always told myself to attack at least once in every race. At the end of the road you’ve got to have fun!

Directing This Month?

See our website for list of future events and allocated race directors. http://rms.actvets.cc/

Please notify James Jordan (handicapper@actvets.cc) if you are unable to meet your obligations or provide a substitute director in your absence. If you are unable to direct for any reason please try to make alternative arrangements by swapping with other allocated Directors. If you cannot make a swap please give us at least a week's notice so we can call for a replacement in a timely fashion.

Current List to through April 2012;

Terry Moore (27/3/12)

Bill Frost (31/3/12) – Gunning 2 Day

Kelvin Alley (14/4/12)

Greg Burghardt (21/4/12)

Chris Daly (28/4/12)