4.1 April 4 Bleat

Post date: Apr 04, 2012 1:59:7 PM

Hello Vets, welcome to another issue of The Bleat. In this week’s issue;

· The Peter McLennan Memorial Gunning 2 Day Event last weekend. Report below.

· No race over the Easter Weekend – so get out on your training bikes and burn off all those chocolate Easter Eggs.

· The race on the 14th April has been cancelled due to road approvals – details of the Race Referees course below.

· The will be no Bleat next week because of the Easter break – I’ll be sending out the next update on the 16th April.

· With Daylight Saving finishing up, we are back to Saturday Afternoon racing.

· In this week’s Member Profile we look at para-cyclist Sue Powell.

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Ian Morton.

The Peter McLennan Memorial Gunning 2 Day Event

It was a splendid weekend for the Peter McLennan Gunning 2 Day event. The weather behaved itself, the racing was good and we had 101 riders signon.

Unfortunately there were a couple of spills but I understand the injuries were not too serious. Get well soon guys.

As for the results;

Paul Scherl took the honours in A Grade from Graeme Allbon and David Simpfendorfer

B Grade saw Roger Northcote take the win over Kevin Goodman and Peter Young.

While in C Grade, it was Craig Pearsall who took the event over Robert Britten and Brad Tuohy.

In D Grade (unfortunately disrupted by a crash on the Saturday), John Paul De Sousa took the win from Anton Wurzer ahead of Braham Hart.

In E Grade, Alex Sommariva took the race by a bare 5 seconds from Linda Stals and 14 seconds ahead of Ally Roche.

In F Grade, Dennis Puniard, who’s tireless efforts in chasing road approvals made the event possible, was rewarded with a win over Liz Lowe and Bob Egan.

Due to a shortage of G Grade competitors, Bruce Jones had the course to himself but it was an excellent effort to finish.

And the Tandems with Hou/Bleeker taking the win by a meagre 2 seconds from O’Connor/Ivers and the Mankewich/Robinson duo.

Many thanks to Bill Frost for being Race Director for the two days and thanks to the marshals and officials for their contribution; Henry Beaverstock, Bob Miller, Neil Burton, Ben Robey, Robert Brooks, Greg Rooke, Rob Diamond, Mick Donaldson, Aaron Rockey, Sue Frost, Graham Hendrie and Kevin Hennessy

A very special thanks to Ann Derbyshire and her willing band of volunteers who provided lunch for us on Sunday. It was a splendid fare.


Well after a wonder weekend of Gunning it’s time to move into the winter season of racing.

Firstly some bad news, we have had to cancel the race on the 14th April due to a problem with road approvals.

To replace this race we are planning to hold the first of our referee courses and a social ride. Just a quick reminder that due to changes to the insurance requirements on the club we need at least 25 Club Level Referees to take on an ongoing roll in the management of the racing calendar.

This does not restrict any other members of the club attending the course, or applying for accreditation, but not becoming part of the roster.

We would like an around 10 or so of you who would like to attend the course to nominate for the course by emailing the handicapper@actvets.cc to confirm that you will be able to be Dairy Flat at 0900. One we have gone through the course we will then go for a nice social ride and a late breakfast.

We are currently planning to have the second session on the 6th May at Stromlo Forest Park where we can manage a larger number of participants.


Stromlo Crits, 27th March 2012.

Both rain and wind stayed away for the last night of the summer crit season. Unfortunately the sun left early too, with all of the races cut short to make sure that riders did not get lost in the dark.

G grade was a very gentlemanly and civilised event with Rohan Mason and Bruce Jones completing most of the race side-by-side before Rohan sprinted away in the final lap to take the win. Results in other grades were:

A Grade - Paul Sherl, Ben McDuff, Sean Ifland B Grade - Christophe Barberet, Simon Junokovic, and a mystery rider for third C Grade - Gary Geoghan, Janine Risdale, Gordon McMenemy D Grade - Bob Perkins, Ben Robey and 561 E Grade - Peter Taylor, Ron Parrello, Ian Shaw F Grade - Dave Duffield, Mick Donaldson, Jim Cruden

Many Thanks to Race Director – Terry Moore

ACT Veterans Member Profile

In our next member profile we look at para-cyclist Sue Powell;

How long have you been a member of ACT Vets?

About 3 years I think. I can still remember walking over to the city one lunch time to ‘sign up’ with Peter McLennan

What is your favourite course in the ACT Vets racing calendar and why?

Gunning – Breadelbane. Nice and flat and rewards those with effective wheel sucking skills on a windy day. I also enjoy the challenge of the crits and trying to outsprint the ‘big guys’ in C grade J

What Grade did you start in with the Vets?

I think it was E or F grade

How long have you been cycling?

Competitively, since 2006.

What got you interested in cycling?

Initially to keep fit for hockey. I have always ridden a bike, commuting and to keep fit, but it wasn’t till I got involved with the novice program at Vikings ACT that I was ‘brave’ enough to actually race. Since my spinal injury in 2007 cycling has become my all-consuming passion and I love the Vets races for the array of grades which provides a good fair and competitive race week after week. And of course the social aspect of cycling, particularly coffee and brunch after a training ride.

What was your most memorable ride?

That’s got to be my first world para-cycling championships (2009 in Italy) winning the individual time trial. A close second is winning the road race at last years worlds in Denmark.

What is/was your favourite bike?

I love my new Trek 6.9 SSL, but I still have a soft spot for the Pinarello 4:13 which I sold to Ben Long as is still a regular feature at many of the Vikings races.

Where do you work?

I finished my PhD and casual work at ANU last week, and am starting a new research position with the Institute of Applied Ecology at University of Canberra next week.

How do you find the time to train?

At the moment I am a full-time athlete, part time worker so it’s not that hard.

Do you have a special training regime?

Yes. I am coached my Glenn Doney at ACTAS and train 6-7 times a week + gym and racing. The next six months will be devoted to getting myself in the best possible shape to peak at the London Paralympics. On the way we have Para-cycling national road championships on the Sunshine Coast in April, a 4 week trip to Europe to compete in world cups and test out the London road/TT course in June and then we head over to Wales for pre-paralympic training in August so a busy year ahead for me.

What does your family think of your cycling?

They probably think I’m slightly mad!

An interesting fact about yourself;

I’m classified as a C4 athlete in para-cycling and am ranked #1 in both road and track internationally. My disability is due to damaged nerves in my lumber spine (2007) which has caused permanent paralysis of the muscles below my knee in my R leg and some weakness in my hamstring and glutes.

Here’s Sue on the podium at the 2011 Para-Cycling Road World Championships. Well done!!!

Directing This Month?

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