9.4 Sep 18 Bleat

Post date: Sep 18, 2012 9:2:12 PM

Hello Vets,

In this issue of The Bleat;

· Racing this Week – Uriarra Homestead Championship

· Dog Trap Road – Race report.

· Calendar Option – To help you plan your racing schedule.

· The ACT Election – Your chance to have your say about cycling.

· In this week’s Member Profile we look at Paul Scherl.

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Ian Morton.


Saturday, 22nd September: Uriarra Homestead Championship

Where: Uriarra Homestead, Uriarra / Brindabella Rd

When: 1:30 pm

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description: Age Division Scratch

M1, M2, M3, M4, M5: 47 kms Start at Homestead, Mt Macdonald, Short Turn, Top of Crossing, Mt Macdonald, Short Turn, Top of Crossing, Finish at Homestead

M6, M7, M8, M9, M10, W1, W2, W3, W4, W5: 40 kms Start at Homestead, Short Turn, Top of Crossing, Mt Macdonald, Short Turn, Top of Crossing, Finish at Homestead

Race Director: Michael Golding

Contact: Email: michael.golding@crimecommission.gov.au Ph: 6161 3526

Help Needed on Saturday: Michael will need Marshals and helpers at the finish line to run the race. Please contact him if you can assist.

Reminder about the Road Rules

It’s important that we continue to observe all the relevant rules when out on the road. Some reminders for this week;

· Make sure we do not obstruct the road when lining up at the start.

· Make sure that once you have crossed the finish line, keep the road clear when you are warming down.

· Strictly no more than two abreast when on the road.

Dog Trap Road Race Report

On a lovely September day 59 riders turned up for the graded scratch at Dog Trap Rd. Despite the threat of magpies, sheep crossing the road and some pretty serious potholes along the course, the race went without incident.

Thanks to the marshals Alex Sommariva, Rob Diamond, Ross Robinson and James Meredith.

Thanks to Chris Short for Race Refereeing.

Race results on the RMS: http://rms.actvets.cc/

For anyone who wants the detailed times, you can get them from http://www.actvets.cc/results/2012-winter-season-results

New Calendar on the RMS;

The RMS has recently been upgraded with a calendar option to give a view of the race calendar for the rest of the year. Select the Calendar options under the Links panel on the RMS;

This should help you plan your racing for the year.

Your chance to have a say about cycling in Canberra in the lead up to the ACT Election.

It’s Election Time and Pedal Power ACT is holding a pre-Election forum on Wednesday, 19th September, 7:30 – 9:00pm at the Johnson Auditorium, Church’s Centre, 69 Northbourne Av.

There will be presentations from the ACT Greens, ACT Labor and the Canberra Liberals and the opportunity for questions from the floor. Attendance is free.

Members who would like to raise their views with the party representatives are encouraged to attend.

ACT Veterans Member Profile

In our next member profile we look at we look at Paul Scherl;

How long have you been a member of ACT Vets?

Since January 2008.

What is your favourite course in the ACT Vets racing calendar and why?


What Grade did you start in with the Vets?

Started and only even ridden in A Grade.

What do you like about racing with the Vets?

The club caters for a range of abilities, has a race on every week, uses a good range of courses and a covers crits, scratch races and handicaps in the way of road racing. I haven’t found the time yet to get out on the track. I also like the Social side of it, the cup of tea and discussion post race, and the fact nobody take sit too seriously.

How long have you been cycling?

Since I was 4 or 5 years , always rode the bike to school. Joined the CCC and started road racing when I was 16 or 17, and have been a member of various clubs ever since, including Orange, Bathurst and Vikings clubs. Apart from a year off the bike to owner build a house I’ve been racing for most of that time.

What got you interested in cycling?

As a young child, like many others, the bike gave me an opportunity to go exploring the neighbourhood and represented a level of freedom.

I’ve always been into exercise and sport and cycling was just a quicker way of getting around than running (and it’s easier to carry a bag).

Using the bike for Transport is something I’ve always done, even after I got my drivers licence it was still easier to ride than borrow a car. It was also better than being jammed into a school bus, which I used to race home. When I started winning the school bus race the next step was to join a club to race.

What was your most memorable ride?

There have been a few, but riding around Adelaide while the TDU is on is always a great experience and hard to go past. There’s great company - usually a mixed bunch of CC and vets riders, heaps of other cyclist out on the roads and the course, warm weather, some good scenery, challenging hills and roads, good food and plenty of restaurants… what’s not to like? Trying to pick one ride out of the last 4 of 5 years I’ve been there is pretty difficult, but the community challenge rides are usually great – it’s like being an elite runner in the City to surf…..

What is/was your favourite bike?

Probably my first bike as a 5 year old with back pedal brake, flat bars and shiny metallic red paint job –because of the freedom that it brought.

I currently have 4 road bikes, 1 steel frame, 1 alloy and 2 carbon machines, every time I upgrade the old bike gets demoted, but I struggle to sell them or move them on.

Where do you work?

Civic – I split my time between Optus and ATO buildings.

How do you find the time to train?

I struggle to, essentially the commute along with the rides to and from the races make up my training. There’s also nothing quite like getting some race miles into the legs, so even if I get dropped in a race, I’ll still try to push on as hard as I can for as long as I can.

Do you have a special training regime?

Not really, but I need to put something in place so I can attempt to challenge or at least keep up with Ian and Graham and some of the other recent A grade promotions.

What does your family think of your cycling?

They’re very supportive. We usually plan weekends away and/or holidays around cycle races/events.

An interesting fact about yourself;

I used to be the secretary of the Orange Cycle and Triathlon club, so I can relate to all the hard work the committee and volunteers do in organising events, getting road approvals, trying to arrange marshals etc… and I have to say of the 4 or 5 cycle clubs I’ve been a member of, the Vets club is one of the best run, friendly and enjoyable clubs to be a part of.

Race Referees

The other change required by the AVCC is that all future racing must be conducted by club registered Race Referees. The race committee is asking for volunteers to take on the role. The Referee should be knowledgeable in the rules of the AVCC, and the club, and be willing to enforce those rules to the benefit of the club and its members.

These members will be put on a rotating roster to undertake their duties throughout the year, with consideration given to obligations. Each referee will receive their membership for the year that they are roster at the clubs expense.

As everyone has already joined for this year we will wave all future race fees for the rest of the year for all this years rostered referees in lieu. The need for volunteers is a matter of urgency and we must be able to meet this requirement before the start of the winter season when the new policy will take effect.

The important question to be asked is what happens if we don’t get the minimum number of referees. The race committee will be forced to reassess the calendar and reduce the number of races.

If you are prepared to take on this role, please contact James at handicapper@actvets.cc