4.1 Gunning 2 Day Special April 1st

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ACT Veterans Gunning 2 Day Special Bleat, Monday 1stApril, 2013

Hello Vets,

In this special issue of The Bleat;

· Getting Ready for the Gunning 2 Day Challenge

· ACT Cycling Federation Awards Night

· Race Reports

· Registration Instructions

· Gunning 2 Day program

Please send me your contributions at: TheBleat@actvets.cc

Ian Morton.

Getting Ready for the Gunning 2 Day Challenge


Bill Frost currently has a good contingent of volunteers so far to help with Marshalling duties. He could do with 2-3 extra helpers to assist with the running of the event.

If you are willing to help, please contact Bill at: billfrost@bigpond.com


We still need a volunteer to pick up the Porta-Loo from the hire shop in Mitchell on Saturday morning and tow it back on Sunday afternoon following the event.

Anyone with a suitable vehicle (suggest a large 4WD) who is willing to assist please contact Phill Coulton (Phill.Coulton@essentialenergy.com.au) and let him know.


The online registration site is open for Gunning 2 Day registration. Instructions for registration are listed below.

The registration site will be open until midnight Thursday 4th April.



In preparation for event, please make sure you bring the following;

· Your race number and coloured grade ribbon,

· An Australian Standard approved helmet which will be checked prior to the start of the events,

· Water, if you find the Gunning town water doesn’t agree with you.

Start Time

The first event, the Time Trial, starts at 11:00. Ensure you are there at least 15 minutes prior for sign-on and helmet check.

The full program is listed below.

ACT Cycling Federation Awards Night

Congratulations to Anton Wurzer who has been awarded by ACT Cycling Federation – Male Masters Rider of the Year with his contribution to the sport and achievements over the past year at club, State and National levels.


19th March Criterium Race Report

The penultimate criterium for the 2012-13 series happened on a mild and lightly breezy evening.

In a lightly contested field, G grade set off at a cracking pace which saw Rad Leovic save his resources and slip gently off the back. A lap or two later Auerilio also slipped off which resulted in Rad picking up the pace and reel Aurillio in and the two continued together for the rest of the race in that order. Further up the track, the rest of G grade were taking turns with a wily Phil Anderson sitting in - returning to racing after a 5 year sojourn. Angelika Mauch led out the sprint but Phil rode past to claim the win - with Leon Horsnell and Bruce Jones coming in 3rd and 4th respectively.

Unfortunately for Phil, he unwittingly decided racing was so good, he lined up again in F grade, thus annulling his G grade finish. He was also reminded you can only enter one grade on any particular evening. As result, Anglika, Leon and Bruce were all promoted to claim 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively

Next up were C and D grade. Both these grades were content to circle the track with riders keeping a wary eye on each other - neither riding away, nor being allowed to ride away. The pace was steady enough that the roo that had been grazing on the edge felt obliged to try and join D grade on collarbone corner. Some adroit handling and hopping saw all parties escape unharmed.

Mark Langman led C grade home convincingly over Chris Kon and Peter Fisher Wiggins. And moments later, Stewart Kerr led up the straight to take D grade ahead of Gary Wadron and Scott Tozer.

E and F grade commenced with a sold pace. Having watched the previous race, with riders in each grade staying together for the duration of the race. F grade must have been out warming up when G grade were racing as they let Phil Anderson again sit in until the sprint - and he claimed a comfortable win followed in by Terry Merrigan and Gary Moffitt.

The finish in E grade was a little more tightly context with Aaron Rockey taking it over Lloyd Bennet and Sean Smith.

In dimming light, A and B were called to the line. A grade set off at a high pace, lapping B grade within 4 to 5 laps. Although some breaks tried to form in A grade in the first couple of laps, it was Graham Albon who rode away on the 4th lap with Mark Harris and Paul Angelatos bridging across 2 laps later. Paul Scherl was grimly getting across - and although successful, it was clear the effort had cost him. A small bunch of 3 riders spent the rest of the race trying to get across whilst the rest of A grade thought hard about retiring each lap past the finish. In a long sprint, Graham Albon held off Mark Harris with Paul Angelatos close behind.

B grade was the most contested race of the evening. Almost all of the race had the bunch strung out as attack after attack had the bunch chasing hard. No break got more than 60-80 metres up the road, although the pairing of 'El President' Diamond and Mr 'Attack' Boylan managed to dangle tantalisingly in front of the bunch for several laps. It all came down to a bunch sprint with David McCook leading home Robert Langridge and Wayne Spratford.

Thanks to Chris Short for Race Refereeing.

26th March Criterium Race Report

On the last Crit of the season saw a beautiful autumn evening with only hint of breeze.

The 8 G grade rider were so keen that they presented at the line early so they got an extra few minutes of riding. 5 riders stayed together till the final lap which saw Bruce, Leon and Antonina battle for the sprint, Bruce winning.

Then 15 A graders and 18 B graders set off after being told to behave themselves or they would be neutralised. Paul Scherl had a flat at the start line so was allowed a lap out. A grade took off at their usual fast pace and then the breakaways started, soon A grade caught B grade and sped past. Then they played cat & mouse till the last lap when the bunch came together for the final sprint. Graeme pipped Paul Connor and Ben Carmody on the line. B grade soon followed with Christophe trying a breakaway but was swamp by the bunch on the last corner with Chris Chant, Bruce and Simon on the podium.

Both C and D grade had 17 riders each. Dale Kleeman and Paul Brodie tried to make an early break in C grade but it came back together and almost caught D grade on the line. Winners were Chris Kon, Dale and Bianca. D grade also had attempts at breaks but to no avail ending in a bunch finish with Scott Tozer, Paul Morgan and Stewart Kerr with the top 3 places. A special mention to Ian Preston who has to be the happiest last place getter ever.

E grade had 15 starter but F grade only 4. E grade stayed together for the whole race at a steady pace until the final sprint with Sean Smith, Aaron Rockey and Robert Brooks 1,2,3. F grade saw Michael O’Malley, Barbara, Jing and G grader Janet worked together for the first half then the pace increased to see Janet’s effort tested. The placing remained till the end – Michael, Barb and Jing.

Thanks to the G Grade helpers and Greg.

Also a big thank you to Henry, Graham Hendrie and Barb who have been there every week to open, setup everything and close.

Thanks to Pat Rooke for Race Refereeing.

Gunning online Registration Instructions

To register go to;


Click on;

Click Here To Register

Select either;



Select the $30 entry fee then click;


Enter your username and password. Note that this is the username and password that you received when you first registered for the IMG system. If you can’t find your site login, go to the site login page; https://memberdesq.imgstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=login&OrgID=10244 and click the ‘Forgot your Password?’ Button. Enter your Email address (the one you used to register) and a new password will be sent to you.

One you have logged in, the system will show you details. Click;


Confirm that you are entering as an Individual or Tandem then click;


Click on;

Submit Now & Pay Online

Enter your credit card details and press;


To confirm your payment, click;

Submit Payment

Your transaction will be confirmed and an email sent to your registered email address.

Once you have finished, click;


to exit

If you have any problems, contact;


DAY 1: Saturday 6th April 2013


All grades will complete the same 4km course – this is the traditional course starting from the top of the hill and heading northeast along the Old Hume Hwy towards Breadalbane.

Prologue will start at 11:00am and riders will be sent off at 30 second intervals.

Note if you miss your allocated time you will be sent off at the discretion of the Race Referee.

The following limitation apply to the Prologue

- No Disc Wheels or wheel covers

- No Time Trial specific helmets

- No Time Trial bars either specific or clip on

Tri Spoke or other deep dish wheels are allowed as long as the rim does not exceed 10cm.

Stage 1

Stage 1 will start at 1:30pm and riders will be sent off by grade.

Bonus time will be allocated on both primes for the first three positions (1st – 3 seconds, 2nd – 2 seconds and 3rd 1 second) and for the first five positions (1st – 5 seconds, 2nd – 4 seconds, 3rd - 3 seconds, 4th – 2 seconds and 5th – 1 second) at the finish.

DAY 2: Sunday 7th April 2013


Stage 2

The course length will depend on grade:

- A, B, C, D will complete 100km

- G, E, F, Tandem will complete 50km

Bonus time will be allocated to each grade on both primes for the first three positions (1st – 3 seconds, 2nd – 2 seconds and 3rd 1 second) and for the first five positions (1st – 5 seconds, 2nd – 4 seconds, 3rd - 3 seconds, 4th – 2 seconds and 5th – 1 second) at the finish.

Stage 2 will start at 10:00am for the following grades A, B, C, D with 2 min between grades.

Stage 2 will start at 11:00am for the following grades G, E, F, Tandem with 2 min between grades.

Bonus time will be allocated to each grade on both primes for the first three positions (1st – 3 seconds, 2nd – 2 seconds and 3rd 1 second) and for the first five positions (1st – 5 seconds, 2nd – 4 seconds, 3rd - 3 seconds, 4th – 2 seconds and 5th – 1 second) at the finish.


Presentations will be held at the Gunning Showgrounds in the main hall starting at 2:00 pm. Lunch will be provided for all riders and officials.