5.1 May 6 Bleat

Post date: May 06, 2013 9:14:10 PM

Hello Vets,

In this issue of The Bleat;

· Caution on Cotter Road

· New Venue this weekend

· Racing this Week

· Race Reports

Please send me your contributions at: TheBleat@actvets.cc

Ian Morton.

Caution on Cotter Road

From Monday 6 May 2013 there will be a temporary increase in the number of semi-trailers moving along Cotter Road as part of the program to dismantle the tower cranes associated with the construction of the Cotter Dam.

These vehicle movements are expected to continue for up to two weeks. Please exercise additional caution when cycling on Cotter and Paddy's River Road during this time.

Rachel Clarke

Manager Community and Stakeholder Engagement


New Venue this Weekend

This week we will be running the race on a new course, Cooks Hill Rd in Yass. Competitors should assemble in the off road area along Cooks Hill Rd between Orion St and Reddall St.


Saturday, 11th May – Yass Graded Scratch

Where: Cooks Hill Rd, Yass

When: Starting 1:30 pm

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description: Yass - Archer Cl and Cook Hill Dr - Rye Park - Sth Blakney Creek Road - return to Yass

Race Director: Alain Arbaut

Contact: Email arbaut@grapevine.net.au Ph 6249 1618

Help Needed on Sunday: Alain will need 4 turn marshals, Lead and Trail Car drivers and finish line helpers. Anyone who is prepared to assist, please contact him before the weekend.


Apollo Rd Graded Scratch – 4th May

56 enthusiasts, or masochists, enjoyed very fine weather for the Apollo Road event with starters in every grade. Thanks to the marshals for volunteering prior to the race so that there was only one seconded person -special thanks to Gai Webster. While the orienteering event did cause quite a bit more traffic than we would normally expect, the marshals handled the conditions and ensured everyone's safety. But the event wasn't without incidents, Cam Ermert and John Barlow, on the only tandem for the day, overheated a single, lost the valve and just avoided what could have a serious accident as they were heading to the starting line. James Jordan made it to the bottom of the hill but had a wheel break just before the start, Kim Malcolm broke a spoke on the way down the hill warping his rear wheel and Terry Danaher and Ian Morton blew a tyre also on the way down the hill. I knew there was a reason I put the bike racks back on the car that morning.

At the finish line Steve Crispin showed a clean pair of heels to the field finishing 1.07.49, 23 seconds ahead of Ashley Carruthers .

Christophe Barberet led B grade across the line 9 seconds ahead of Ross McPherson. Ian Cutmore had nearly a minute on the rest of C grade but the best finisher of the day was D grader Anne Broadbent with a blistering 1.16.11. Tony Beasley had close to 2 minutes on the rest of E grade with Baden White showing he is returning to some form with a solid second place. Gordon Hollonds continues to shine in F grade with Barb Bayliss putting in a good effort for second. The cadence master, John I'Ons, led the G graders over the line to complete the grades.

Special mention for tenacity goes to Ian Morton who was a lather of sweat as he crossed the line.

My thanks to Henry Beaverstock for his impeccable work with the stop watch and Graham Hendry's handling of the sign-on at the computer - their contributions each week make the Referee's work so much easier.

Thanks to James Meredith for Race Refereeing.