6.1 June 4 Bleat

Post date: Jun 04, 2013 9:50:55 AM

Hello Vets,

Not much to report in the Bleat this week;

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Ian Morton.


Saturday, 8th June – Gunning Handicap

Where: Gunning at summit of hill about 1.5 km NE of the town..

When: Starting 1:30 pm

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

Gunning - Breadalbane

Race Director: Michael Fawke

Contact: Email mjfawke@internode.on.net Ph 0414685464 or 62232291

Help Needed on Sunday: Michael will need 2 turn marshals, Lead and Trail car drivers and a couple of finish line helpers. He already has a couple of volunteers but needs a full complement of marshals for the race to go ahead. Anyone who is prepared to assist, please contact him before the weekend.


Uriarra Homestead Graded Scratch – 1st June

Unfortunately the weather was not kind on Saturday afternoon. There were 10 hardy souls who turned up to race but with the wet conditions persisting, the racing was called off.

Thanks to Roger Northcote and Marshals for turning up.

The poor conditions also resulted in the cancellation of the Sunday Training/Recovery ride. The forecast is better for this coming Sunday.