9.2 September 9 Bleat

Post date: Oct 04, 2013 8:9:28 AM

Hello Vets,

In these week’s Bleat;

· Vale David Gould

· Race Survey

· Changes to Events

· Upcoming Events

· From the Desk of the Handicapper

· Racing this Week

· Race Reports

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Ian Morton.

Vale David Gould

We are sad to announce the passing of long time club member David Gould who lost his battle with cancer last week. David has been a member since 1995 with over 300 races to his name. Over the last few years, he was a regular member of G Grade.

The funeral will be at the Crematorium on Wednesday 11 Sep at 1.30 pm.

Race Survey

The Race Committee is currently looking at the calendar for next year and beyond. So that we can put forward the best program possible we are seeking feedback from the members in helping us with information on which to base the structure, timing and conduct of races.

Could you please spend the 15 or so minutes that it will take to complete the survey. We also ask if you could encourage other members of the club to do likewise.

Survey will be open till Tuesday 17th September.


Changes to Events

Due to some clashes, we will have to make some changes to the following events;

Club Championship –21 September

Due to a clash in Road Approvals with the National Road Series (the ACT Govt approved us both to race on the same course at the same time), we are proposing to reschedule this event to Sunday 22nd Sep at 10:00.

Note: This is still subject to revised road approval

Criterium –8 October

SFP closed for the week due to the Scott 24 Hour Race. Crit cancelled.

Criterium –12 November

SFP booked on the Tuesday so we will reschedule to Monday 11th.

Upcoming Events

Note: Entries for the Veterans National Championships on the 4/5/6 October in Geelong will close at midnight 13 September.

Hartley Lifecare Wheel-a-thon –21/22 September

Registrations at


Shoalhaven Gran Fondo –28/29 September

This is the website with all of the info www.granfondoshoalhaven.com.au

National Championships – 4/5/6 October

The Australian Veterans National Championships will be held in Geelong this year. Registration and other details can be found on the AVCC web site at: http://www.ausvetcycling.com/

Fitz’s Challenge – 27 October

Canberra's biggest and best-known long-distance one-day cyclo-sportive participation event on sealed rural roads in hilly terrain in the southwest of ACT.

Full details and registration at www.fitzs.com.au .

From the Desk of the Handicapper

The following riders have come to the attention of the Handicapper and have been duly rewarded;

· Marc Vroomans B1 to A2

· Mark Langman C1 to B2

· Jeff Irving D1 to C2

· Trent Wiseman E to D2


Saturday, 14th September – Stromlo “Iron Mike” Handicap

Where: Outside Stromlo Forest park on Uriarra Rd

NOTE: The race is NOT starting and finishing in Stromlo Forest Park as usual due to another event. The race start and finish will be out on Uriarra Rd.

When: 1:30pm

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

The Iron Mike, Uriarra Rd out to the end of the bitumen and return.

Race Director: James Meredith

Contact: Email JamesMeredith5@bigpond.com Ph 0427477521 or 61617586

Help Needed on Sunday: James will need 3 turn marshals and a couple of finish line helpers. Given the difficulties with communications, a trail car would also be useful. Anyone who can assist please let James know before the weekend.


Dog Trap Road –7th Sep

Fine conditions were the order of the day for Saturdays Dog Trap Road race, and despite the lower than usual number of riders – 41 in total, those who took part had some excellent racing. In keeping with the other race of the day, first place in each grade was convincingly won. While not the hilliest of courses we race on, the undulations always take their toll it seems. A bit of a breeze across the ridges was there to suck the energy from the legs, though from the far turn had a mixture of cross and tail wind, keeping the last leg fairly quick for those still with the energy.

The only real sprint challenges for the day were G grade, where Edda Douglas edged out Bob Egan on the line (same time) with Jing Huang in third only three seconds back, and for A grade, where Steve Crispin with a fastest time of 1:15:25 wound up the legs from a long way out to overpower Andrew Sedgman, averaging 35.8 km per hour for the course. Michael McGurgan rounded out third position. With only three A graders, A and B were started off together, however that was shortlived, as the three A graders quickly dominated the B’s and cleared out. B Grade was won well by Peter Marshall with 10 seconds on Sean Ifland and in third Chris Nolan. C and D were also started together with only 3 C grade present, and as with the A/B group, The C grade trio soon left D behind. Dale Teddy and Andrew Tully worked well together in the middle of the course, though Dale showed a clean set of wheels to win C grade with 16 seconds to spare from Andrew and Phil Walker as DNF. The pace took its toll on D grade, which was split up in the second lap. Des Brown had a strong ride, finishing shortly after Dale in C, while Mark Ridley came in second and the tandem of Ivers and Mankewich third. It would appear that this course with it’s series of small climbs doesn’t suit the tandems as well as other courses, with less opportunity for them to really power up for a sustained effort, but when they did such as past the start/finish point they were really motoring along.

Kevin Hennessy, Angie Wren and Andrew Douglas all rode strongly in E grade during the race, and we were looking forward to a challenge for the line, however the last leg got its revenge, and Kevin was able to pull away from Angie with a couple of seconds to spare, and Andrew slightly farther back in third. F grade were the closest grade of the day, still having a group till the end with four riders finishing over a 4 second gap. At the finish Ian Albrey was too strong, keeping Graham Hendrie in second and Bob Kent in the third place.

Thanks to the marshals:

Henry Beaverstock and James Meredith for their continued commitment, with Graham Hendrie driving out the club van, John Ignatius and Sue Powell for driving lead and tail cars. While Barb Bayliss and Rosemary Robinson were turn marshals and Ben Robey looked after the finishing shute. Without the volunteering of the marshals the events can’t take place, and is also a great opportunity to see the race from another perspective. As referee is always stressful if you don’t to get volunteers well before the day, so thanks to all the crew this week who each gave their commitment early on.

Thanks to Bob Miller for refereeing.

E Grade Report

The Heavy Tandem goes Italian. With John's bike out of action, he has the use of Elton's race tandem, a handsome Pinarello. We have both been off the bike for a while for various issues.

Our pre-race admin was poor, including driving the wrong way despite the fact that I knew the way perfectly well.

In the end there was no warm up, and I even had to adjust my saddle height on the line. However we were at least there and riding.

Surprisingly despite pleasant (if a little windy) weather, and a non-threatening course there were relatively few starters. ABC grades were combined for the start with only 3 in A grade, 8 in B grade, and 3 in C grade. D grade was better but still with only 7 including Elton and Don on Elton's other tandem.

The course is an out and back in both directions from the central start/finish. The southern side is reasonably favourable which is a long gradual climb and return. The northern side is more lumpy and ends in a drop down to the turn at the lowest point of the course. Although the faster riders did two full laps, E,F and G grades only did a lap and a half and naturally we would only ride the favourable part of the course once and the less favourable part twice.

At the start we went to the front and from there we would drift back on the hills, and forward again over the top. Up the last climb before the descent to the turn the bunch broke apart with us off the back. There was never any doubt that we'd catch and pass the others on the descent so I'm surprised no-one hung back to get firmly planted in our slipstream.

We did discover a brake issue at the turn which caused us to overshoot whilst we slowed sufficiently to make the turn. This gave up a lot of our lead. On the return climb all the others came past and then the chase began. The others formed into a group of Angie Kev and Andrew, followed by the pair of Lee and Malcolm and then us. After a long chase, we finally caught and passed the pair of Lee and Malcolm right at the end of the first lap. Shortly afterwards we caught Andrew, and we rode in the vicinity of each other for a while without working, since we couldn't hold his wheel uphill. He made a good effort to hold our wheel most of the way down the big hill to the turn and was able to close up to us under brakes, which worked better this time but still not satisfactory. I've since adjusted the brakes properly.

Andrew came past us soon afterwards and we would neither catch nor get caught by anyone else for the rest of the race.

Did manage to get a lot of video of mostly empty roads behind us. Here are some highlights.



Cameron Ermert