1.3 January 20 Bleat

Post date: Jan 20, 2014 10:57:5 AM

Hello Vets,

In this week’s Bleat;

· Important Note: Registration for 2014

· Marshal Roster

· Committee Positions

· From the desk of the Handicapper

· Pyrenees Cycling Holiday

· Racing this Week

· Race Report

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Ian Morton.

Important Note: Registration for 2014

All members who intend to race tomorrow must ensure they have registered for 2014. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so before midday 20th January.

Registration status will be checked at the signon desk to ensure all members are financial and covered by insurance.

To renew, go to https://memberdesq.imgstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=main&OrgID=10244. Click on the Login link and enter the username and password you used to register last year.

There is a Forgot Your Password link if you can’t remember your logon.

Marshal Roster

As you are aware the club operates with a reliance on its members to contribute to the running of the various races. As such it is expected that each member should attend at least two races a year and assist by acting as a marshal. These duties are not particularly onerous and normally consist of manning a turn point or assisting at the start finish.

Unfortunately not all members have met this commitment in the past couple of years and it keeps falling on the same small number to provide assistance.

As such the Race Committee has decided to instigate a roster of members and assign them a race. Marshals assigned to the further NSW regional races can still request a payment to cover fuel costs if they undertake lead and follow car duties.

This roster will be found on the website under the Referees & Marshals Tab.

If you unable to make the date that you have been rostered the obligation is on you to find a replacement. It is recommended that you look at the roster and make your plans accordingly.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

James Jordan

Vice President


Committee Positions

The Annual General Meeting of the ACTVets will be held on the 24th February 2014. We are always looking for new committee members so if you are interested, please consider nominating for next year’s committee.

From the desk of the Handicapper

Given the pain and suffering I've dished out on other former B graders recently, I thought I'd do the honourable thing and elevate myself (although borderline) to A based on my criteria of "a bit of glory and you're up!" Riders please check RMS to confirm changes.

Pyrenees Cycling Holiday

Following the success of the ACT Vets September cycling trip to the Pyrenees last year, two trips are planned for 2014.

Trip 1: Friday June 13-Saturday June 28 and

Trip 2: Friday September 5-Saturday 20 or Friday September 12-Saturday September 27.

Each trip will cost 1,750 Euros pp or ~$2,700 Aus depending on exchange rates. These costs will cover your accommodation, breakfast and 3 course evening meal with wine, for the full 15 days, as well as sag-wagon support for a set of graduated rides of 65-100kms distance with 1,000-2500m of climbing. Pick up and drop off, from and to, Toulouse airport or Tarascon railway station to the cycling lodge is also included. The cost also includes travel expenses for non-cycling tourist days when you will visit local cultural attractions and registration for the Ariegeoise.

The June trip will conclude with the Ariegeoise, a UCI-sponsored cyclosportive or gradfondo event in the Ariege Department (seewww.cyclosport-ariegeoise.com). Approximately 5,000 cyclists registerd for this event in 2013. The September trip will conclude with a 3 day mini-tour that will traverse the Pyrenees from east to west and cross numerous cols including the Peyresourde, Aspin and Tourmalet with overnight stays in Luchon and St Marie de Campan.

For further details please contact Peter Southgate at peter.southgate@hotmail.com.


Tuesday, 21st January: Stromlo Criterium

Where: Stromlo Forest Park

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

G Grade@ 5:45 - 15min + 2 laps; A/B Grade@ 6:09 - 40min + 2 laps; C/D Grade@ 6:55 - 30min + 2 laps; E/F Grade@ 7:33 - 25min + 2 laps

Race Director: Phill Coulton

Contact: Email: Phillcou@bigpond.net.au Ph 0417299149

Assigned Marshals

The marshals for this event are;



If you unable to make the date that you have been rostered please find a replacement.

Important Information: Late Arrivals

It is a condition of our Insurance that all riders receive a referee’s briefing before the commencement of racing to ensure that they are aware of racing conditions.

All riders need to ensure that they arrive in sufficient time to sign-on and be briefed before the commencement of racing.

Thursday, 23rd January: Track Racing

Where: Queanbeyan Track

When: 6:00 pm

Details: 3 – 4 short events per session with a mixture of scratch, handicap, sprinting and team events;

Sunday, 26th June – Dairy Flat Criterium - Points Race

Where: Dairy Road, Fyshwick.

When: Starting times below

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

Points Race -

A/B @ 9am – 40 + 1 lap;

Tandams + G @ 9.45am 25 + 1 lap;

C/D @ 10.20am – 35 + 1 lap;

E/F @ 11.00am – 30 + 1 lap;

Sprint Prime 2nd every lap.

Points - 3, 2, 1 every second lap and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 on last sprint.

Race Director: Peter Klein

Contact: Email pklein12@tpg.com.au Ph 0406378801 or 62926592

Assigned Marshals

The marshals for this event are;

· Gavin DRURY

· Peter FREW

If you unable to make the date that you have been rostered please find a replacement.


Stromlo Criterium – 14th January

Tuesday's crit can simply be described as bloody hot. With a forecast of 38 degrees I was only expecting a few brave (foolhardy) souls to show up, but I was proven wrong with each grade being well represented.

G grade starting at 5:45 had to deal with the worst of the heat.

The grade stayed together until the last lap. James Meredith showed that he is getting his form back by sitting out front for most of the race.

Although in the last lap it looked like he may have pushed his luck too far when he had to fight off some serious competition to cross the line first, closely followed by Bruce Jones.

Both C and D had about 15 riders in their grades. A group of four broke away from C grade early in the race and worked strongly throughout the whole race. They started to slow down towards the end, with one rider dropping off in the last few laps, but managed to stay out in front to win by a clear margin. Well done to Damien Pollard, Norris Robertson and Richard Bourne for a strong win in C grade. D grade stayed together as a bunch, with any attempts of forming a break away being quickly dealt with.

The final placing in D grade were decided by a sprint to the line. Michael Reppion managed to push himself across the line first, followed by Tony Beasley and Andrew Freer. The end of the race did not go as we (the

marshals) had hoped. With only a few laps remaining the break away from C passed D grade, leaving the remainder of the C grade sitting behind D grade. That is, we had D grade sandwiched between two different groups from C grade. We tried to split the grades apart by giving C grade the bell lap before D grade, but D grade proved to be resilient by keeping pace with C grade. So, the race finished with D grade sandwiched between two different groups from C grade.

E and F grade had to deal with some additional and unexpected consequences of the heat. Three different groups of ducks decided the best place to be was the children's play area, which meant they had to cross the track. Fortunately ducks seem to cross the road in a far more orderly manner than, say, kangaroos. Unfortunately they seemed to time it just as one of the grades was coming down the straight. The yellow flag got a bit of a work out. With good communication within the grades, ducks and riders completed the race without any injuries. Both E and F grades stayed together in their respective bunches for the whole race. In both cases, the final places were decided by a sprint on the final lap. Sue Frost managed to stay in front of Mike Hayes to finish first in F grade, with Julianne Quaine close behind. Ian Potts crossed the line first in E grade, followed by Ashley Sked. And Rosemary Robinson showed her usual 'never give up' attitude to beat Phil Anderson for a sprint to third position.

A and B grades probably had the best deal in terms of the heat. A break away formed very early in both grades. B grade's break away initially consisted of four members. It was eventually increased to six, at which point I thought it would have a good chance of staying away.

However, more and more riders managed to bridge the gap until the break away essentially became the main group. A grade's break away had two members. They managed to stay away for a long time, but were brought back into the fold with about 15 minutes of the race remaining. When A grade overtook B grade, both grades were back together again. B grade stayed together to Langridge and Jason Parkes. A grade's finish was most definitely not a bunch sprint. Shortly after A grade overtook B grade a few riders made an attack. It proved to be a strong, well timed, attack as A grade slowly broke apart into a long stream of single riders. The attacker's Mark Harris, Paul Scherl and Steve Crispin managed to stay in front to win the race.

I would like to thank all those who helped me on Tuesday night; Luke Laffan, James Meredith, Henry Beaverstock and the first aid guy Stu (sorry Stu, I don't know your surname).

Thanks to Linda Stals for Race Refereeing

Track Point Score

The latest Track Point Score is available at;