6.5 June 30 Bleat

Post date: Jun 30, 2014 2:16:28 AM

Hello Vets,

In this week's Bleat;

• Interstate Events

• Racing this Week

• Race Report

Please send me your contributions at: TheBleat@actvets.cc

Ian Morton.

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Interstate Events

• Bike SA’s Annual Tour - 20 to 28 September 2014

more information at http://www.bikesa.asn.au/annualtour

• NAB Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge - 3 August 2014

Go to http://coffscoastcyclechallenge.com/clubs/ to complete the entry form.


Saturday, 5th July – Uriarra Homestead Graded Scratch

PLEASE NOTE: Saturday's Race clashes with the Cycling Australia Under 19 National Road Championships. Any changes to the event will be advised by a special Bleat and via the club's twitter feed @ACTVets or https://twitter.com/actvets.

Where: Uriarra Homestead, intersection Uriarra Rd and Brindabella Rd.

When: 12:30pm

*** Note the earlier start time ***

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

Uriarra map: Course 1 - (Double length for A,B,C,D grades) Start, C, A, E, A, Finish (Homestead, short turn, Urriara, Condor Creek, Urriara, Homestead)

Race Director: Pat Rooke

Contact: Email pat_rooke@yahoo.com.au Ph 0466 770 199

Assigned Marshals

The nominated marshals for this event are;

• Eddie O'Farrell

• Lindsay Graham


Gunning – 28th June

Thanks to the appointed marshals, Ed Garnett and Brendan Byatt and to the volunteers Owain Tilley and Richard Gorrell. Yes Richard is up and about - looking pretty good only 2 weeks after the Honeysuckle incident. Thanks also to our dedicated First Aider Brad.

During my survey of the course I noted that there are still some lumpy bits of road around the Poplars and the usual howling wind was present but the sun was shining and all looked quite good, even if it was a little cool. The world changed completely by the time I returned to the starting position - the sun was gone replaced by thick dark clouds, the wind had turned into something more like a gale accompanied by very icy rain. Those of you who had been looking at the weather RADAR already knew this but in my isolation I was ignorant of the rapidly advancing bad weather. Henry and Graham arrived at the appointed hour and we stood around in our cold weather gear while all the marshals arrived.

Ian Morton turned up so the ratio of marshals to riders took a slight twist but by 1 o'clock there were single representatives from C, D and E grades with 2 foolhardy F graders so, reluctantly I called the race off.

The announcement brought a glimmer of disappointment to Cameron Ermert's face but all the others looked quite relieved.

Thanks to James Meredith for race refereeing.