z10.4 Oct 27 Bleat

Post date: Oct 27, 2014 10:14:29 PM

Hello Vets,

In this week's Bleat;

• Fund Raising BBQ at the Crits

• Registration for 2015 is now open

• The Handicapper Awakes

• Another Marshalling Course

• Everesting the National Arboretum

• Ride 2 Remember

• Interstate Events

• Racing this Week

• Race Reports

Please send me your contributions at: TheBleat@actvets.cc

Ian Morton.

ps A reminder that if your EMail address is not correct please go to the IMG system, login and update your contact details. Use this link. Same login details when you renewed your membership

Fund Raising BBQ at the Crits

Some club members will be riding the Hartley Lifecare Challenge from Canberra to Mt Kosciusko and back in late November.

For the next four weeks they will be running a BBQ at the crits to raise some much needed funds for this wonderful cause that helps people living with disability in our community.

So after you have done the hardwork in your race, we encourage you to stick around and buy something to eat and drink.

Registration for 2015 is now open

The Registration system on IMG is open for next year's subscriptions. Simply go to the IMG site. Logon with the username and password that you used to register last year. The annual subscription for 2015 remains unchanged.

Note that if you are not currently a member, you can register now and get the remainder of this year and all of 2015 for the one fee.

The Handicapper Awakes

The Handicapper has awoken from his winter slumber and had cast a critical eye across the field. This week's changes are;

• Damien Obst D -> C

• Simon Tennent TBA -> B

• Peter Prammer B -> C

• Dave McCook A -> B

• Russell Marston C -> D

• Vince Dunn C -> D

• Andrew McKechnie TBA -> D

• Seymour Savell-Boss D -> E

And a reminder that riders are not to downgrade themselves without approval from the Handicapper.

Another Marshalling Course

We have had word that there may be another marshalling course coming soon. Dates are to be determined but if you are interested could you please contact Ben Davis Ben.Davis@Teradata.com and let him know.

Everesting the National Arboretum

What is you ask? Everesting is repeating a hill on your bicycle until you reach the 8848 climbing meters gained to summit Mt Everest. I hope to inspire others to join the RECOGNISE movement and to promote Indigenous health.

Join me and the Recognise crew for a yarn and a feed at the Southern Deck for a great family day out (and if you are keen bring your bike as well);

- Where: The National Arboretum Canberra

- Date: November 1 2014

- Time: 9am on the Southern Deck

The Arboretum is a 120 metre climb so I’ll need to do 78 laps (just to be safe). One whole lap is 4.3 kilometres which means I’ll ride 335km all up. I plan to start at 3am on Saturday 1 November, and aim to finish between 8pm to 10pm. Public access to the Arboretum is from 6.30am (riders willing to join me early on will have access from the side gate before 6.30am).

If you are keen to volunteer on the day, please get in touch at media@recognise.org.au

Chris Simpson

Ride 2 Remember

It is the inaugural Ride 2 Remember, scheduled for November 2nd. It's purpose is to get the Australian public to think about the contemporary veteran when they take their minutes silence on November 11th, and to fundraise for their support in the lead up.

There will be 30km and 15km circuits around the Lake, which will finish at the Australian War Memorial Rides will start from 8:00am and wrap up by lunchtime. We want to encourage families and social groups along, and it sounds like your group might enjoy participating for a social event(even though it may be a bit short by your standards and is not a timed race!). This is the first year we are running the event and would love to get as many participants supporting our cause as possible.

If you'd like more information, please head to http://soldieron.org.au/events/ride-2-remember

Interstate Events

• Fantastic weekend at Cootamundra! - 8th-9th November

more information at http://www.cootabikefestival.com.au/

• 2015 Riverina Rush Cycling Classic - Narrandera

- 28 Feb - Twilight Criterium

- 1 Mar - Road Cycle Classic

for more information contact Gerry Daly


Tuesday, 28th October: Stromlo Criterium

Reminder: The Crit Racing is $5

per race this season.

Where: Stromlo Forrest Park

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

G Grade@ 5:45 - 15min + 1 laps; C/D Grade@ 6:05 - 20min + 2 laps; A/B Grade@ 6:35 - 25min + 2 laps; E/F Grade@ 7:05 - 20min + 2 laps

Race Director: Owain Tilley

Contact: Email: owaintilley@hotmail.com Ph 0420 526 076

The nominated marshals for this event are;

• Patrick McNamara

• Anne Broadbent

Please confirm with the Race Director that you are available. If you unable to make the date that you have been rostered please find a replacement.

Wednesday, 29th October: Track Racing

Regrettably, the Bundadome is now out of action for two weeks to smooth some bumpy surface areas causing rider complaints. The next racing will be 12 November.

Sunday, 2nd November: There is no road race this weekend

Unfortunately, all the race arrangements are still not in place to be fully compliant.


Narrabundah Track Racing – 22nd October

The season’s second track race session was held on Wed 22 October. Again, we had good attendance with 22 riders and several interested spectators. Racing is now in full swing, with most riders comfortable and reasonably proficient on the banking.

As usual the A grade scratch race was exciting and tactical with a number of breaks and feints before Andrew Peel, Jim Davey and Michael Langdon powered to a close finish. The 2-Lap handicaps in A and B Grade were not quite as close as hoped for. However, Aaron Rockey and James Meredith made the most of their handicaps to hold off the pack for very well deserved wins. In the A Grade mystery race, Michael Langdon made a well timed break on lap six. His initiative was rewarded by a convincing win, as the finish lap had been secretly set as lap 7.

Major place getters were as follows:

8 Lap Scratch: (A Grade) Andrew Peel, Jim Davey, Michael Langdon; (B Grade) Craig Kentwell, Glen Howard, James Meredith.

2-Lap Handicap: (A Grade) Michael Langdon, Andrew Peel, Ben Robey; (B Grade) James Meredith, Ashley Sked, Glen Howard.

Mystery Race: (A Grade) Michael Langdon, Chris Thompson, Ed Garnett; (B Grade) Craig Kentwell, Glen Howard, Bruce Griffin.

6 Lap Scratch: (A Grade) Ed Garnett, Chris Thompson, Michael Langdon.

The newly refurbished venue for track racing is rekindling enthusiasm. The track is pure excitement to race on. If you have a track bike, come and joint the fun.

Graeme O'Neill.