3.2 March 9 Bleat

Post date: Mar 12, 2015 11:53:9 AM

Hello Vets,

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. In this week's Bleat;

• Update on Alex O'Shea

• Getting Ready for Gunning

• Do you need a new number?

• An Interesting Article

• Handicapping

• Interstate Events

• Racing this Week

• Race Reports

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Ian Morton

Update on Alex O'Shea

Alex condition is improving gradually. He'll be having shoulder surgery early this week and he's moved back to the orthopaedic ward.

Richard Gorrell is the visit coordinator/care officer. Please contact Richard prior to visiting to ensure a crowd doesn't turn up at the same time. Colleagues from his previous job and family are also helping out at meal times.

Richard's contact details are:

email: richard.gorrell@gmail.com

Home phone: 62514910

You can also try emailing Alex at alexoshea@hotmail.com.

Please drop by the hospital sometime to say hello, or if you'd like to help out in another way, email me on handicapper@actvets.cc.

Regards and ride safely,

Robert Langridge

Getting Ready for Gunning

Time is approaching when you need to start thinking about preparing for the Gunning 2 Day event. The event this year is on the 16/17 May.

Bill Frost has again volunteered to be the Event Director and we have also secured a booking on the hall so we will be able to put on the usual lunch and presentation event on the Sunday.

As always, we will be looking for volunteers to help out. Key roles will be;

- Marshals

- Finish line helpers

- (Most important) someone to tow the portaloo

More details to follow.

Do you need a new number?

If your race number is starting to get a bit ragged around the edges (or has long since passed that point), let Barb know at membership@actvets.cc as she can check to see if she has any spares available to bring along on Tuesday evening.

An Interesting Article

A British study has found that the humble bicycle, used regularly, can enable people to stave off many of the physical and mental aspects of ageing, leaving those in their fifties, sixties and even seventies, with minds and physiques equivalent to people half their age.

Full article https://ama.com.au/ausmed/turn-pedals-hold-back-years.


The Handicapper's rewards (or punishments) for this week are;

- Travis Hicks B -> A

- Colin Kelley D -> B

- Graham Tanton C -> B

- Brian Holloway D -> C

Interstate Events

• 2015 South Pacific Veterans Cycling Championships

- 3,4,5&6 April

Road Championship & State Title, Straight Line Sprint Championships, Individual Time Trial, Criterium and Road Handicap.

Enquiries to Tom Finning tfinning@ncable.net.au

Online registration www.veterancycling.com.au

• Tolland Open (Wagga Wagga)

- 18, 19 April

Details https://eventdesq.imgstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=main&EventDesqID=11893&OrgID=20999

• Battle on the Border

- Thursday 28 May to Sunday 31 May

In its short seven year history, the Battle on the Border has become one of the highly sought after cycling festivals in Australia and the largest tour on the Eastern Seaboard.

Online registration here

Enquiries to office@battleontheborder.com.au


Tuesday, 10th March: Stromlo Criterium

Where: Stromlo Forrest Park

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

G Grade@ 5:45 - 11min + 2 laps; A/B Grade@ 6:05 - 30min + 2 laps; C/D Grade@ 6:41 - 21min + 2 laps; E/F Grade@ 7:10 - 16min + 2 laps

Race Director: Rohan Verco

Contact: Email: rohan.verco@gmail.com Ph 0419730555

The nominated marshals for this event are;

• Tim Minehan

• Michael McGurgan

Please confirm with the Race Director that you are available. If you unable to make the date that you have been rostered please find a replacement.

Wednesday, 11th March: Track Racing

There are two further Track Racing sessions before the season closes. Over the next two weeks, four races for the Omnium Championship will be conducted. Omnium events will not count towards the season point score. The final track session on 18 March will conclude with a Trophy Presentation, drinks and nibbles – all welcome.

The Program for Wednesday is as follows:

5.30pm – 6.00pm: Warm-up and free practice;

6.00pm – 6.20pm: 6-Lap Graded Scratch Race;

6.20pm – 7.10pm: Omnium Race 1;

7.10pm – 7.20pm: Omnium Race 2;

7.20pm – 7.40pm: 6-Lap Scratch (All in with B Grade early start).

Sunday, 15th March: Crit Championship


Following is the schedule for the Criterium Championships on Sunday at Stromlo Forest Park. We encourage all riders to come out and experience championship racing. It's your chance to ride against stonger and more experienced riders. No, you may not end up on the podium above Mark Harris, but you may gain experience that will help you in future races or inspire you set higher goals for the season. Stop-start, dog-eat-dog style of racing is different from Tuesday nights with its safety net for riders. Instead of going on your usual Sunday jaunt, get in some Ks by riding to Stromlo, racing and then riding adding some more distance, if your race wasn't demanding enough. Hope to see you all there.

Grade Ages* Length Start Duration Finish

W All 25 + 2 8:00 0:30 8:30


M2 35-39

40-44 30 + 2 8:35 0:35 9:10


M4 45-49

50-54 30 + 2 9:15 0:35 9:50


M6 55-59

60-64 25 + 2 9:55 0:25 10:20



M9 65-69


75+ 20 + 2 10:25 0:20 10:40

*Age Classification is the Age that you turn on your birthday in 2015, eg a rider who turns 40 in December 2015 is classed as M2 (40-44) or W2 (40-49) for all events during 2015.

Please note following rules applicable to the race:

- Riders will be issued, and MUST wear an age group identifying ribbon on their race number.

- Intermingling (except while passing) of age groups is prohibited.

- Riders who suffer a mechanical mishap (for example a flat tyre) must notify the referee who may allow a one lap time out to fix the problem, the referee may permit a rider re-join the race after a mechanical mishap.

Leaving the race to fix a mechanical mishap without notifying the referee will count as withdrawal - and the rider may not re-join the race.

- Riders may be removed from the race at the referees discretion if they fall sufficiently far behind their age group race.

- A full rider brief will be conducted at the start of each race. Riders not attending the brief are not permitted to race. - The referee may combine races if rider numbers are low. Results for each grade will still be awarded.

Please stay around for the award ceremony.

The nominated marshals for this event are;

• John Stokman,

• Jeff Gough,

• Peter Marshall

Please confirm with the Race Director that you are available. If you unable to make the date that you have been rostered please find a replacement.

Upcoming Marshall Roster

The nominated marshals for the next two weeks are;

- Mar 17 @ Stromlo: Mark Langman, Ian McVay

- Mar 22 @ Tidbinbilla: Ian Albrey, Tony Weir, John Paul DeSouza, Tom Tokich, Liz Lowe

- Mar 24 @ Stromlo: Mike Hogan, Bruce Goodspeed

- Mar 29 @ Old Federal Highway: Stephen Blackburn, Graham Tanton, Stuart Stabler, Geoff Stranga, Brad Wardle

Marshal duties are allocated on the frequency of your racing during the summer season. However we have scheduled the full year in advance in such a way that you only need to marshal once in the year.


Stromlo Criterium – 3rd March

G Grade

A small but select group riding pretty much as a bunch for most of the race. Bernie Crowe placed strategically at the back till it counted. Bruce Jones did a lot of work at the front but it did him no good as he was swamped in the run to the line. Tony Weir just took the honours from Pauline Thorn with Heather Sommariva in third place. Bernie put in a good sprint to the line but missed the placings and Bruce was left to lament what could have been.

C & D

There was a lot of circulating but not much happening till 10 minutes to go when D got split up courtesy of the the tandem on the home straight. Despite this effort by Emert/Barlow they were fairly quickly brought back. Both groups were getting tested at this stage and C had to make a big effort to not let anyone get away. And that is how it stayed till 2 laps to go when C grade got split only to have Dale Teddy close it down. By the final lap it was down to a bunch sprint which was won by Graham Tanton from Peter Alexander and John Stockman. D grade were all spread out on the line with honours going to Bryan Holloway in a close finish for first from David Turner and Kelvin Alley. John Thorn successfully rounded everyone up from the rear.

E & F

With 15 still to go Ian Morton and Rosemary Robinson attacked the E grade bunch which animated affairs for half a lap till they were rounded up. The group then circulated for a few laps with Linda Stals and Russell Marsten doing the work at the front. Jeff Culnane had a short lived attack and it stayed tight till with two laps to go Russell and Rosemary attacked. Linda and Ian answered the challenge and at the line it was Linda from Russell and Ian with a big spread to the rest of the field.

In F grade Sue Frost and Dennis Puniard were doing a lot of work out front with the group mainly staying together till the bell. Sue led the group at the bell and then there was some sorting out as finally David Griffen got the victory from Dennis and James Meredith with Sue missing out on a podium after all that work.

A & B

With a full 30 minutes and big fields this race was always going to be a good one and so it proved. In A grade there was an early attack by Steve Blackburn that lasted a lap till Paul Scherl dragged the rest of the group across. Then with 19 to go a strong group of Paul, Michael Langdon and Marc Vroomans got away. They were joined after a big effort by Andrew Remely and Rowan McMurray. The group behind were still strong and within a few laps it was all back together. Of course that was the signal for Steve Blackburn to attack again and he was joined by Mark Harris. The were in turn joined by Paul Scherl, Marc Vroomans and David McCook.This group was too strong and A grade stayed as two separate groups till the end. The first group sprinted to the line with the win going to noted sprinter Mark Harris from Paul and Stephen.

In B grade the group circulated nicely in the early part of the race. With 19 to go the first attack came from Simon Milnes and Paul Ledbrook, chased down of course by Dale Kleeman. The Dominator, Domonic Romano, made a customary attack with 10 to go which got a bit confusing as A passed B at about the same time so we had a group of A followed by Domonic, then the rest of A and then B. Eventually all was sorted with Domonic returning to the group. Simon attacked again with 3 minutes to go but it was a stretch too far as he eventually faded to the back of the group. In the end it came down to a big bunch sprint with Travis Hicks taking it out from Collin Kelley and Chris Wilson.

Rob Diamond

Narrabundah Track Racing – 25th February

There were 17 starters for the Wednesday 4 March track session. Again, there was a good roll up for B Grade. Regular A grade riders returned in numbers, after considerable success at the NSW Track Championships. The weather was fine and initially windy. However, the wind eased by the end of practice, providing ideal conditions for racing.

The warm up races for A and B Grade were again extended, this time to 20 laps. Kerry Knowler animated the A grade race with early, unsuccessful, breaks. Garth Heron and Robbie Thompson were both participating in their first Vets race. They are a welcome addition to A grade. Garth surprised all by taking the final sprint over Steve Jones and Michael Langdon. The B Grade race started comfortably. The pace accelerated mid race before easing two laps from the finish. Cameron Ermet and John Barlow had wound up a good pace by this stage. They took a lead and held it to the finish to take a fine win from Aaron Rockey and Phil Anderson.

The next block of races were paired sprints with riders matched against an opponent of similar ability. The sprints were exciting and interesting, each unfolding in a unique way and highlighting both strength and tactics. The winners from each pair are listed below.

After the sprints, an all in Italian Pursuit was run over 8 laps. The teams were well matched and this was possibly the best Italian pursuit of the season. Fortunes fluctuated over the race. Team 1 had a handy lead by lap 6. However, Team 2 were gaining fast and seemed likely to take a win. Ultimately Team 1 held on to take the honours by a very small margin.

The track session concluded with the usual six-lap race in which B grade were given a start on A grade. A grade rode well to capture the B grade bunch on lap 6. A grade riders Garth Heron and Michael Langdon took first and third. Cameron Ermet and John Barlow on the tandem refused to give up in the bunch and salvaged second place for B grade. Cameron and John are currently in fine form and had considerable success during the session.

Major place getters were as follows:

20 Lap Scratch: (A Grade) Garth Heron, Steve Jones, Michael Langdon (B Grade) Cameron Ermet & John Barlow (T), Aaron Rockey, Phil Anderson.

Paired Sprints: (Winners) Garth Heron, Michael Langdon, Ben Robey, Kerry Knowler, Phil Anderson, Bruce Griffin, Cameron & John Barlow, James Meredith.

8-Lap Italian Pursuit (A & B Grades – Team 1 Winners): Ben Robey, Robbie Thompson, Kerry Knowler, Garth Heron, James Meredith, Phil Anderson, Pat Rooke, Cameron Ermet & John Barlow (T).

6 Lap Scratch (with B Grade early start): Garth Heron, Cameron Ermet & John Barlow (T), Michael Langdon.

Graeme O'Neill