3.3 March 16 Bleat

Post date: Mar 31, 2015 12:45:43 AM

Hello Vets,

In this week's Bleat;

• Getting Ready for Gunning

• Interstate Events

• Racing this Week

• Race Reports

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Ian Morton

Getting Ready for Gunning

Time is approaching when you need to start thinking about preparing for the Gunning 2 Day event. The event this year is on the 16/17 May.

Bill Frost has again volunteered to be the Event Director and we have also secured a booking on the hall so we will be able to put on the usual lunch and presentation event on the Sunday.

As always, we will be looking for volunteers to help out. Key roles will be;

- Marshals

- Finish line helpers

- (Most important) someone to tow the portaloo

More details to follow.

Interstate Events

• 2015 South Pacific Veterans Cycling Championships

- 3,4,5&6 April

Road Championship & State Title, Straight Line Sprint Championships, Individual Time Trial, Criterium and Road Handicap.

Enquiries to Tom Finning tfinning@ncable.net.au

Online registration www.veterancycling.com.au

• Tolland Open (Wagga Wagga)

- 18, 19 April

Details https://eventdesq.imgstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=main&EventDesqID=11893&OrgID=20999

• Battle on the Border

- Thursday 28 May to Sunday 31 May

In its short seven year history, the Battle on the Border has become one of the highly sought after cycling festivals in Australia and the largest tour on the Eastern Seaboard.

Online registration here

Enquiries to office@battleontheborder.com.au


Tuesday, 17th March: Stromlo Criterium

Where: Stromlo Forest Park

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

G Grade @ 5.45 - 15min total; E/F Grades @ 6:05 - 20mins + 2 laps; A/B Grades @ 6:30 - 20 mins + 2 laps; C/D Grades @ 6:58 - 20 mins + 2 laps

Race Director: Roger Northcote

Contact: Email: roger.northcote@customs.gov.au Ph 0467 736 580

The nominated marshals for this event are;

• Mark Langman

• Ian McVay

Please confirm with the Race Director that you are available. If you unable to make the date that you have been rostered please find a replacement.

Wednesday, 18th March: Track Racing Final Event

The track season will conclude this Wednesday, 18 March, with the final Omnium Championship races, a Trophy Presentation and drinks / nibbles. All vets riders are welcome, particularly this seasons track participants.

The track Program for Wed 18 March is as follows:

5.30pm – 6.00pm: Warm-up and Free Practice;

6.00pm – 6.30pm: Omnium Event 3;

6.30pm – 7.00pm: Omnium Event 4;

7.00pm: Trophy Presentation, Drinks & Nibbles.

If you have ridden track this year, please come to this final event.

Sunday, 22nd March: Tidbinbilla Graded Scratch

Where: Entrance to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Tidbinbilla Rd.

When: Starting at 9:00 am

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description: Course starts at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve entrance. Riders ride towards Flints Crossing (6.6km) and then return to the start. They then head towards Tharwa, turning under the power lines at a point just past the final hill before the drop down to the Point Hut T junction.

ABC do two laps for 62km. DEFG do one lap. On the second lap they finish on the return leg to the start after turning at Flints crossing 44km approx.

Race Director: Ian Morton

Contact: Email mortoni@optusnet.com.au Ph 041 111 2007

The nominated marshals for this event are;

• Ian Albrey

• Des Brown

• Tom Tokich

• Liz Lowe

Upcoming Marshall Roster

The nominated marshals for the next events are;

- Mar 24 @ Stromlo: Mike Hogan, Bruce Goodspeed

- Mar 29 @ Old Federal Highway: Stephen Blackburn, Graham Tanton, Stuart Stabler, Geoff Stranga, Brad Wardle

- Apr 11 @ Lookout Hill: Mike McGurgan, Lyndsay Graham, Andrew Chamberlain, Ben McDuff

- Mar 18 @ Old Federal Highway: Jason Parkes, Jon Barnes, Robert Wilson, Johnathan Chowns, Andrew Peel

Marshal duties are allocated on the frequency of your racing during the summer season. However we have scheduled the full year in advance in such a way that you only need to marshal once in the year.


Stromlo Criterium – 3rd March

Apologies from Race Referee Rob Diamond for not mentioning the assistance from marshals Don De Smet, Mike Hayes and Henry Beaverstock on the night.

Stromlo Criterium – 10th March

A sunny afternoon with light winds provided perfect racing conditions for G grade as they rolled away just ahead of schedule. Pauline Thorne and Tony Weir set a steady pace on the front which ultimately proved too much for the rest of G grade which started to spread out along the track. There was very little movement in positions after the first two laps and Pauline pulled away gently on the last sprint to win over Tony quite comfortably. Heather Sommariva rode a very consistent race by herself to pick up third place.

Conditions were still good as A grade and a huge B grade of 30 riders pulled up to the starting line. But how this was to change in the space of 10 minutes. There were a couple of attacks in each grade at the start of the race most notably with Allan Bontjer reeling in the years in A grade. However any attacks were short lived at the respective pelotons didn’t let anything get to far away. Roughly ten minutes in, the marshalling crew noticed the big crane on the construction site turn in the wind and sure enough, the strong easterly change came up the valley and hit the Stromlo race track like a wrecking ball. It was not a time to be resting in the back of the bunch as within 5 minutes both of the grades had been splattered amongst the track. A grade broke into 3 distinct bunches while B grade riders were littered pretty much everywhere. The strong 5 of Vroomans, Scherl, Pelligrino, Langman and Blackburn put the hurt on the rest of A grade and ended up comfortably out in front. Marc Vroomans put in a strong sprint in the final straight to ride over the top of Paul Scherl, who was doing a lot of punching into the wind, with Ed Pelligrino taking third. B grade managed to hold onto a bigger lead bunch. But that bunch was put under constant pressure from Dom “The Dominator” Romano who attacked at every opportunity and would have taken out the most aggressive rider award if one was on offer. The lead B grade bunch managed to pull it back together with a lap to go and Andrew Murrell got the win from The Dominator with Tony Rowley taking third spot. Kudos to both bunches for sticking it out in such tough conditions – there was only one DNF amongst 47 riders.

Both C and D grade nervously approached the line after witnessing what had happening in the higher grades. The wind had not abated and those lined up knew they were in for some suffering. Sure enough, as soon as C grade left the line, the hurt was put on as 6 riders broke the pack early and rode away with the race. This group worked together well in the wind and had the race to themselves when the 2 lap to go sign was put out. In a show of amazing strength Scott Tozer pulled away with a little over a lap to go and smoked the rest of the group to the point where he could roll across the line hardly pedalling. I did notice the handicapper pull out his paper and pen at this point and I am sure Scott will be plying his trade in B grade sooner rather than later. D grade was a lot more civilised in their racing. It appeared as though some arrangement had been made to stay together as a group for at least half the race which meant a lot of riders had hopes of a podium finish with four laps to go. But sensing weakness in the peloton, the tandem of Barlow and Ermet took off down the back straight with the wind assisting them. Darren Garnon was awake to this move and quickly jumped on the tandem’s wheel and raced away from the rest of the bunch. These riders consistently extended their break over the last three laps with the tandem having too much strength up the finishing straight to ride away from Darren – I guess this proves four legs are better than two! Robert Quilty led home the rest of the D grade bunch.

It was getting dark and a little cold by the time E and F grade pulled up to the line which might of impacted numbers as we had 7 and 4 riders respectively. With only 16 minutes of racing you might have expected some riders to go off hard and try to split the bunches. But both grades worked well together, taking turns into the wind and forming some nice echelons up the straight – it was noted amongst the marshalling crew that the chasing bunches in A and B grade could learn a thing or two from these lower grades and how they work together in the wind, much more efficient than letting one rider punch into the wind until they are worn out and then other riders sitting up waiting for the next unlucky rider to be pushed to the front. Mind you it is easy to pass comment from the sidelines when you are fresh. With light fading quickly the 16 minutes on the clock passed by in 14 minutes and the 2 laps to go sign was put out to the riders. Both bunches were still together when the bell went with Luke McGowan leading home Ian Morton and Mick Donaldson in a closely fought sprint in E grade, and Dennis Puniard pulling away from James Meredith in F grade.

So what started out as a great afternoon for racing quickly turned into a smash fest for those in the earlier races. Thank you to the marshalling crew of Tim Minehan and Mike McGurgan who did a great job of keeping an eye on each of the grades in what proved to be tough spotting conditions. Thanks also to Henry Beaverstock who managed the transitions between the early races. I noticed the handicapper carefully making notes on the stronger performers on the night. I do expect promotions for some in time for next week’s racing. With only two more weeks to go before the end of the crit season, it’s time to get out there and make the most of things before we are confined to the road series for the winter season.

Rohan Verco

Narrabundah Track Racing – 11th March

There were just 11 starters for the Wednesday 11 March track session. Many riders were missing due to participation in the National Track Championships. The weather was warm and initially windy. However, the wind eased by the end of practice, providing ideal conditions for racing.

A short all-in 6-Lap scratch race provided the warm up. Michael Langdon and Rowan McMurray gave the mostly B grade field a half-lap start. The B grade bunch held a good pace and made Michael and Rowan work hard to close the gap. The final lap saw the bunch together. Michael Landon attached for the win followed by Phil Anderson, then Cameron Ermet and John Barlow on the tandem.

The next two races were races 1 and 2 of the four-race Omnium Championship. Race 1 was a two-lap handicap. Steve Dean took this event in a close finish over Phil Anderson and Steve Hirsler. Race 2 was a 2-Lap Time Trial from a standing start. Michael Langdon set the pace with a blistering 52.76 seconds for two laps. Most of the riders were under one minute for the event. Rowan McMurray was second fastest at 55.12 seconds and Steve Dean took third with 56.63 seconds.

The track session concluded with a six-lap scratch race. After a couple of easy laps, the pace was on. The bunch held together until almost the final lap. The main bunch accelerated to the line with Ally Roche taking a good win from Cameron Ermet and John Barlow on the tandem. Rowan McMurray took third place.

Major place getters were as follows:

6 Lap Scratch: (A & B Grades) Michael Langdon, Phil Anderson, Cameron Ermet & John Barlow (T)

Omnium Race 1 - 2 Lap Handicap: (A & B Grades) Steve Dean, Phil Anderson, Steve Hrisler

Omnium Race 2 - 2-Standing Start TT (A & B Grades): Michael Langdon (52.76s) Rowan McMurray (55.12s), Steve Dean (56.53s).

6 Lap Scratch: Ally Roche, Cameron Ermet & John Barlow (T), Rowan McMurray.

Graeme O'Neill

Stromlo Club Championship – 15th March

A great morning's racing for the Club Championship although the wind made for some challenging conditions.

Thanks for the assistance form the marshals John Stokman, Ben Davis and Rob Langridge.

Alain Arbaut

Championship Placegetters




Linda Stals (2nd) Ally Roche (1st)

Rosemary Robinson (3rd) Sally Thomson (2nd) Terry Moore (1st)

Barbara Bayliss (1st)



Luke Austin (1st) Andrew Murrell (2nd)

Marc Vroomans (2nd) Domonic Romano (3rd) Paul Scherl (1st)



Russell Reid (3rd) Ed Pelligrino (1st) Jason Parkes (2nd)

Bruce Goodspeed (2nd) Paul Frankcom (1st) David McCook (3rd)



Mark Gillett (3rd) Steve Schwenke (1st) Dom Rideaux (2nd)

David Row (2nd) Rob Diamond (1st) Phil Anderson (3rd)



Phil Martin (2nd) Alex Sommariva (1st) Mike Hayes (3rd)

Paul Robey (2nd) Graham Hendrie (1st)


A special mention for Bruce Jones who was the only competitor in M9


The Handicapper's updates for this week;

- Domonic Romano B -> A

- Ian Morton E -> D

MACT Riders Shine at Masters Nationals

Viking's Masters ACT Cycling Team riders have been some of the big performers on Day 1 of the Cycling Australia Masters National Track Championships at Dunc Gray Velodrome today.

The stand-out performance today came from Kerry knowler with two amazing Gold Medal performances. The first coming as Kerry set an Australian Masters Championship Record in the Women's 45 - 49 years 500m Track Time Trial, whilst the second came when Kerry teamed up with ANU rider Jessica Laws in the Women's Team Sprint and set yet another Australian Record.

Jim Veal was the other Masters ACT rider to bring home bling from Day 1 of the Nats. He won Bronze in the Masters Men's 500m Track Time Trial 65 - 69 Years Category.

MACT Riders Re-Write The Record Books

Day 2 of the Cycling Australia Masters National Track Championships and Viking's Masters ACT Cycling Team Riders are at it again with another 2 Gold Medals added to the tally, and another two Australian Records to go with them.

Once again the stand-out performance of the day came from an amazing performance from Kerry Knowler who totally annihilated the Australian Record in the Women's 45 - 49 years 2000m Individual Pursuit by 2 seconds. Then, despite some anxious moments in the warm up when he punctured a tubular on his rear disc, Mark Harris rose to the occasion to also break an Australian Masters Record and secure the Gold Medal in the Men's Masters 2000m Individual Pursuit in the 55 - 59 years category.

Day 3 promises to be an extraordinarily interesting day as Mark Harris fronts up for the first time in a decade in search of a podium position in the Masters 6 Sprint !

Medals Continue to Flow at Nats

Day 3 of the Cycling Australia National Masters Track Champs completed and even more medals coming the way of our Masters ACT riders.

It was an exciting day for Pat Rooke who qualified 3rd fastest in the Sprint Qualifier and ultimately proved too strong for her opponent Sue Cruikshank in the Bronze Medal Final of the Women's Masters 50 - 54 years Sprint.

Meanwhile, in the Men's Masters 55 - 59 years Sprint, hardened enduro Mark Harris, stunned all, not just by simply entering the event, but also when he earned a berth in the Gold/Silver Sprint Final before settling for the silver medal from his opponent, the current World Sprint Champion Gary Mandy.

And, the highlight of the day, as has been the case every day of the Championship thus far, saw Kerry Knowler once again take another Australian Masters Gold Medal and compliment it with another Australian Masters Record Time. This time Kerry set an amazing 12.4 seconds for the Sprint Qualifier, bettering the existing Australian record by 0.2 of a second, before going on to claim the Gold medal against Gabrielle Belz in the Women's Masters 44 - 49 years category.

Masters Presented With Champion of Champions Honours

Day 4, and the final day of the Cycling Australia Masters National Track Championships has drawn to a close, and Viking's Masters ACT Cycling Team Riders have been on the podium again collecting another 2 Gold and 1 Silver Medal, as well as two Champion of Champions Jerseys.

Kerry Knowler and Mark Harris were both presented with the 2015 Champion of Champions Honours after stellar performances throughout the Championships. Earlier in the Day Harris won the Men's Masters 55 - 59 years category Points Race to bring his total for the Championships to 2 Gold, and 1 Silver. Mark also went into the record books with a new Australian record in the Individual Pursuit.

Kerry Knowler's Champion of Champions Jersey was never in doubt. Kerry not only collected 5 Gold and 1 Silver Medal over the course of the Championships, but also set new Australian records in the Sprint Qualifier, the 2000m Individual Pursuit, the 500m Time Trial, and also in the Team Sprint.

In the last event of the Championships, Peta Brill and Kerry Knowler overcame adversity in achieving a very creditable Silver Medal in the Women's +120 Teams Pursuit Final. Despite losing Jessica Laws before the event due to injury, the girls were able to regroup with the help of Joanne Troutman of Dulwich Hill and Rebecca Williamson of Brunswick and still record the fastest time in qualifying.

Criterium Championships

Expecting a warm windless day, I encouraged everyone to go out to the champs, but instead there was a chilly gale blowing. Whoops! Fighting off frostbite, Ben Davis showed his commitment to the club by bravely officiating in his summer cycling gear. Over 50 gold diggers were either rewarded with either medals, lessons learnt or a cup of tea and a biscuit.


The windy weather meant riders were unwilling to fully commit to breakaways. The first race to follow this pattern was the women's race. Six riders were competing in various age groups, ensuring no-one would leave without a medal. Terry Moore was the most aggressive, but her attacks were quickly neutralised. At one stage Barbara Bayliss dropped off, but as they slowed for the tactical last few laps she got back on. In the home straight is was Ally Roche who charged out the bottom corner first and was unchallenged up the straight. Next was Terry followed by Sally Thompson, Linda Stals, Rosemary Robinson and Barb.


Only two started, and Luke Austin on his debut ride got quite a way in front of Andrew Murrell.


This race was reduced to a leading pack of five containing Paul Scherl, Marc Vroomans, Domonic Romano, Peter Young and Ben McDuff. Peter and Dom got in a sizable break for a number of laps, but were eventually caught . The surges after regrouping put an end to Ben's aspirations. With two minutes remaining Paul attacked but this was quickly neutralised. At the bell Dom had a go, but sat up in the hurricane in the back straight. In the charge for the line Paul had the advantage, and was too strong for Marc and then Dom.


This race also had only four main protagonists. With 17 mins to go, Ed Pelligrino and Jason Parkes got away from Cameron and John on the tandem and Russell Reid. This was one breakaway Jason wasn't going to abandon, and their break shaped the race, and was the only one to survive the entire morning. Cheered by the Quon crowd on the sideline, Ed was too strong for Jason, while Russell got the better of the tandem.


As always the M4s had the biggest field and at first were evenly matched. Attacks by Bruce Goodspeed, Dave McCook and then Ian McVey gradually shrunk the bunch, but Ian's efforts ended up causing his own undoing. Only seven were left at the bell and Chris Nolan, reacting like one of Pavlov's dogs, made sure it was going to be long sprint where position counted for everything. In the closest finish of the day, Paul Frankcom took gold from Bruce then Dave and Al Bontjer.


This race provided the upset of the day. For the majority of the race it was a group of six containing Steve Schwenke, Dom Rideaux, Mark Gillett, Marc Roberts, Ian Preston and Dale Kleeman surging and responding. A number of attacks were unleashed but were quickly shut down by expert chasers Ian and Dale. Ian did his standard lead out, and in the charge for the line it was C grader Steve who got the gong, ahead of B grader Dom (who doesn't regularly ride crits because he lives in Bega), and A grader and current ACT Cycling Federation age champion Mark. Mark appeared to look for an open door in the home straight but none was forthcoming.


Without supervet Reinhardt to put everyone to the sword, this year's race was much more civilised. Rob Diamond, David Rowe, Phil Anderson and Vincent Collins circled nicely until the final lap where Rob stormed away from the others in the final straight.


65 is when age catches up on the A and B graders, and it must be the point it's very difficult to compete at the top level. In the battle of E grade, it was old chums Alex Sommariva, Phil Martin, Mike Hayes, Don De Smet and Des Brown, and F grader Dennis Puniard. Any surges were quickly countered, but Dennis' surge on the last lap back straight had the others scrambling for wheels. Alex was the master of position and kept his first place out of the corner to take victory, followed by Phil and Mike.


Graham Hendrie finished ahead of Paul Robey.


Bruce Jones soloed to victory.

Rob Langridge