3.4 March 23 Bleat

Post date: Mar 31, 2015 12:48:6 AM

Hello Vets,

In this week's Bleat;

• AVCC Insurance Update

• Update from the handicapper

• Blayney accommodation

• Interstate Events

• Racing this Week

• Race Reports

Please send me your contributions at: TheBleat@actvets.cc

Ian Morton

AVCC Insurance Update

The AVCC has posted details of its new insurance arrangements on its website - go to the AVCC home page and select "Insurance / Personal Insurance", or click HERE. There you will find links to various documents, including the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and the policy itself. In order to have a complete picture of the insurance coverage, those documents have to be read in conjunction with a “certificate”, which has been sent to us separately. At this stage, the committee has a few questions for the AVCC to clarify the way in which the PDS / policy and the certificate are linked. Our Secretary, Phill Coulton, will take these questions up with the AVCC after Easter when he returns from holidays. Once the clarifications are sorted out, we anticipate posting the certificate on our website. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the PDS / policy, please send them to the committee and we’ll add them to the list. Note that we can accept questions that are about the insurance itself, but not about whether the insurance is appropriate for your personal circumstances - for that you should obtain your own independent legal advice.

The committee urges all members to familiarise themselves with this insurance and how it relates to any other relevant insurance that members have (eg. see the misplaced second sentence in paragraph (a) of the definition of “Member(s)”). Other examples of the importance of this familiarisation include the exclusion of Sports Injury cover for death, disability or injury that is due to a heart condition, stroke or other cardiovascular condition if the member is over 35 years of age, and the requirement (in the policy certificate) for medical clearance certificates for members between 70 and 80 years of age (which is another one of the questions for the AVCC - what does a medical certificate have to say, and why isn’t it a requirement for members over 80?).

New Rules of Association

The new Rules adopted at the VETS Special General Meeting on 18th February have been approved by the AVCC and will now be lodged with the ACT Registrar-General, whereupon they will come into effect. The committee anticipates posting on the VETS homepage soon after that a complete copy of the club’s constitution, including the new Rules.

Ian Albrey for the Committee

Update from the handicapper

This week's Handicap;

- Luke McGowan

E --> D crit

F --> E road

State of the President

Alex is still in hospital but making a good recovery. All his operations have been completed, the neck brace is off and his spirits have lifted enormously. He'd welcome visitors to pass the time of day. For more information contact Richard Gorrell, email: richard.gorrell@gmail.com Home phone: 62514910

Tidbinbilla race

Sunday's race at Tidbinbilla was a new course designed to limit the number of accredited traffic marshals required to hold a race. The longer race was 62km, while the shorter one was around 45km. Please provide any feedback torace.committee@actvets.cc.

Sunday's race at Old Fed in doubt

The club has yet to receive approval for the graded scratch race scheduled for Sunday 29 March at the Old Federal Highway. On this occasion, we are waiting to get the nod from the Goulburn police. The back-up race will be a points race at Dairy Flat. Yay!

EFG 30 mins + one

AB 50 mins + one

CD 40 mins + one

Keep an eye out for a special Bleat later in the week.

Not enough crits?

Thought the crit season was ending this week? Fear not, the last one will be held on March 31st subject to availability of a race referee, marshals and a first aider. Check next week's Bleat for confirmation. The road season will start with a TT at Lookout Hill on April 11.

Robert Langridge

Blayney accommodation

John Paul De Sousa has asked if there are any Vets looking for accomodation to share in Blayney for the Blayney 2 Bathurst 110km sportivo Sun Apr 12.

He has a spare room booked at the Lumeah Motel, twin share, checkin Sat 11 Apr, checkout Sun 12 Apr. Please contact him (jpdesousa@hrvitals.com.au or 0411 804 658) to take over the booking. If he does not hear from any one by Sat 28th Mar he will cancel the booking.

Interstate Events

• 2015 South Pacific Veterans Cycling Championships

- 3,4,5&6 April

Road Championship & State Title, Straight Line Sprint Championships, Individual Time Trial, Criterium and Road Handicap.

Enquiries to Tom Finning tfinning@ncable.net.au

Online registration www.veterancycling.com.au

• Tolland Open (Wagga Wagga)

- 18, 19 April

Details https://eventdesq.imgstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=main&EventDesqID=11893&OrgID=20999

• Battle on the Border

- Thursday 28 May to Sunday 31 May

In its short seven year history, the Battle on the Border has become one of the highly sought after cycling festivals in Australia and the largest tour on the Eastern Seaboard.

Online registration here

Enquiries to office@battleontheborder.com.au


Tuesday, 24th March: Stromlo Criterium

Where: Stromlo Forest Park

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

G Grade@ 5:45 - 15min + 2 laps; C/D Grade@ 6:04 - 20min + 2 laps; E/F Grade@ 6:30 - 20min + 2 laps; A/B Grade@ 6:58 - 20min + 2 laps

Race Director: Bob Miller

Contact: Email: photo@bobmiller.com.au Ph 0411 271 656

The nominated marshals for this event are;

• Mike Hogan

• Bruce Goodspeed

Please confirm with the Race Director that you are available. If you unable to make the date that you have been rostered please find a replacement.

Sunday, 29th March: Old Federal Highway Graded Scratch

Where: Gravel Pit, intersection Federal Highway and Shingle Hill Way.

When: Starting at 9:00 am

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description: Old Federal Highway - Shingle Hill Way - Lake George x 2

Race Director: Ian Shaw

Contact: Email ihshaw@gotalk.net.au Ph 0401794987 or 62538661

The nominated marshals for this event are;

• Stephen Blackburn

• Graham Tanton

• Ben Davis

• Brad Wardle

Upcoming Marshall Roster

The nominated marshals for the next events are;

- Apr 11 @ Lookout Hill: Mike McGurgan, Lyndsay Graham, Andrew Chamberlain, Ben McDuff

- Apr 18 @ Old Federal Highway: Jason Parkes, Jon Barnes, Robert Wilson, Johnathan Chowns, Andrew Peel

- Apr 25 @ Dairy Flat: Jing Huang, Duane Toohey, Dennis Puniard

- May 02 @ Tidbinbilla: Tony Weir, Clinton Porteous, Stuart Stabler, Terry Moore, Susan Belton


Narrabundah Track Racing – 18th March

The 2014 –15 final track session on Wednesday 18 March was well attended with around 22 of the season’s riders attending for racing and the celebrations. After a rain scare in the morning, the day brought ideal conditions for racing and the season presentations.

Two race events were held, in order to complete the 4-race Omnium Championship series. Race 3 of the series was a paired sprint event. Most of the sprints were decisive, except for the final sprint between James Meredith and Pat Rooke. James just pipped Pat on the line. Winners in the paired sprints are listed below.

Omnium Race 4 was a 200-metre fly, time trial. This is a popular event that normally brings few surprises. Michael Langdon set the best time at 13.02 seconds, as expected. The surprise was second best time of 13.68 seconds set by Kerry Knowler and Lindy Lou on a tandem. It is hard to get the 200 fly just right and doubly difficult to do it on a tandem. Third best time was set by Steve Dean at 13.86 seconds.

Results for Omnium Races 3 & 4 were as follows: Omnium Race 3 – Paired Sprint Winners: (A & B Grades) Michael Langdon, Kerry Knowler & Lindy Lou, Steve Dean, Steve Hirsler, Bruce Griffin, James Meredith Omnium Race 4 - Flying Start 200m TT (A & B Grades): Michael Langdon (13.02s) Kerry Knowler & Lindy Lou (13.68s), Steve Dean (13.86s).

The track session concluded with the season’s trophy presentations, drinks and nibbles. The general feeling was that this season’s move to Narrabundah Track was a success that can be built on in future seasons. The trophy results for the season were as follows:

Track Championship 2014 – 15 (Season Points Score)

Gold Medal: Michael Langdon

Silver Medal: Steve Jones

Bronze Medal: Phil Anderson

Track Omnium Championship 2014 – 15 (4 Race Series)

Gold Medal: Steve Dean

Silver Medal: Michael Langdon

Bronze Medal: Kerry Knowler & Lind Lou (Tandem)

Most Improved Track Rider 2014 – 15

Trophy: Steve Hirsler

Christmas Track Handicap 2014 - 15

Trophy: Andrew Peel

Congratulations to all the above winners. As track convenor, I would like to thank all 39 riders who participated in this year’s track season. I enjoyed the season, as I love track racing. Better still, I enjoyed that fact that all riders seemed to be having a great time. I would like to thanks the Vets club and its committee for their continuing commitment to Track racing. I would also like to thank those who assisted throughout the season.

At present, overall Track attendance is satisfactory, but a bit below where it could be. It is informal and fun racing and definitely a discipline that can enhance your riding abilities. Keep it in mind for next year. Just one warning, it is addictive!!!

Graeme O'Neill

Tidbinbilla Graded Scratch – 22nd March

53 riders turned up for the Graded Scratch race at Tidbinbilla with good representation in all grades. Conditions were cool and overcast but with no wind and no rain, they were good conditions to tackle the hills around Tidbinbilla. A, B & C completed two laps from the top of the hill beyond the old Geals Creek turn (which we can't use any more because of the new guard rails) to Flints crossing (64k). D, E, F & G did a lap and a half (44k).

After the first leg, D Grade started to break up with a few riders dropping off the back. G Grade had split up with Lyndsay Graham and Polly Templeton taking a strong lead. The other grades had managed to keep together.

By the first full lap, A Grade was down to a group of 4 riders with Dave McCook following behind commenting "Its a very lonely race" as he went past the start/finish line. D Grade had managed to complete the first lap one minute faster than C Grade (leading some to suggest the whole grade should be promoted).

A Grade completed the first lap in 51 minutes, B Grade 52 minutes, C 56 minutes, D 55 minutes, E 1:02, F 1:07 and G 1:17.

At the finish, three D Grade riders were the first to come home with Robert Quilty pulling away in a strong finish from Ian Preston and Tony Beasley. E Grade were the next bunch to arrive with a group of 5 riders battling for the honours. Alex Sommariva won the sprint over Bryan Holloway and Stjepan Hirsler.

By the time A Grade reached the finish line, Peter Marshal and Tom Hartley had established a sizable lead over the rest of the Grade with Peter prevailing over Tom in the sprint. Christoph Barberet, following up, secured 3rd place.

F Grade approached the finish as a bunch when Luke McGowan broke away close to the line and secured first with Mary Lovett and Barb Bayliss securing second and third. Lindsay strengthened his lead and finished G Grade a clear winner with Polly Templeton and visitor Clare finishing well back.

B Grade put on a bunch sprint finish between 5 riders as Marc Vroomans took 1st over Craig Appaneal and Paul Welsh. Another tight finish in the bunch sprint in C Grade saw Alain Arbaut take the points over Chris Nolan and Dale Kleeman.

Thanks to the marshals - Des Brown and Ian Aubrey at the turn points, James Meredith and Reinhard Mauch controlling traffic at the start/finish area, Tom Tokich at the finish line and Liz Lowe in the finishing chute. As always, a special thanks to Henry for his guidance in running the race and Graham for bringing and setting up the van.

Ian Morton