7.4 July 27 Bleat

Post date: Jul 27, 2015 11:27:48 AM

Hello Vets,

In the Bleat this week;

• She Rides 8 Week Cycling Program

• Racing this Week

• Race Report

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Ian Morton

She Rides 8 Week Cycling Program - a few spots remaining

If you or someone you know would like to increase their confidence when riding their bike, Cycling Australia’s She Rides program is the place to start.

She Rides is a women’s only riding program conducted over 8 weeks aimed at building skills and confidence in a supportive environment. The She Rides spring program kicks off late August with just a few spots remaining so get your registration in quickly. Program and registration details at www.sherides.com.au

Angie Wren


Saturday, 1st August: Dog Trap Road Cole Family Trophy Handicap

Where: Intersection: Dog Trap Rd and Long Rail Gully Road. Turn off Barton Highway at Long Rail Gully Road, or sealed access from Yass River Road.

When: 1:30 pm.

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description: Cole Family Trophy Handicap

Race Director: Graham Hendrie

Contact: Email hendrie@netspeed.com.au

The nominated marshals for this event are;

• David Gunther

• Michael Langdon

• Jonathan Chowns

2 More volunteers required

The nominated marshals for upcoming events are;

- Aug 08 @ Lookout Hill: Dale Teddy, Des Brown, Kirsti McVay, Rowan McMurray

- Aug 15 @ Old Federal Highway: John Ignatius, Natalie Attenborough, Brian Chugg, Sue Duckett, Matthew Lans

- Aug 22 @ Corin Time Trial: Simon Milnes, David McCook, Ben Davis, David Johnson

- Aug 29 @ Stromlo: Scott Main, Bernie Crowe

The latest Marshal Roster has been uploaded on to the club website at;

VETS 2015 Marshall Roster.xls


Dalton Graded Scratch – 25th July

On a slightly cool afternoon at Dalton, 31 riders braved to forecast to start what in my opinion is one of our great courses to race on, and the rain stayed away all afternoon. There were a few jokes that the marshals outnumbered the riders, but undeterred the groups set off on schedule. Grades A, B, C, and D did a lap out to Gunning and back to the start line, with grades G, E, and F following on the next lap, then through Dalton to the turn, back to Dalton and out on another leg and back through Dalton for an uphill finish with a tail wind. The wind played a significant role as it wasn’t long before there were splits appearing in each of the groups on the road, and with the small numbers of riders there was now here to hide and there weren’t any big bunch sprints.

A grade went from 6 to a select group of 3, where Marc Vroomans stayed motivated and eventually broke free of Peter Marshall and Tom Hartley to have a well deserved win. With only two in B grade they set off to ‘jump in’ with A grade along the road. Dougal Torrance stayed with the A graders as long as he could, and with Mark Langman pulling out was an uncontested win for B grade. And just to make life a little harder, as Dougal returned to Dalton from turn C, there was a combination of cars and other grades all arriving at the same time, not to mention the small dog on the road who liked chasing bikes. Shows how you have to listen to the race briefing, as Dougal riding solo by this stage in the confusion missed the left turn and sprinted all the way up to the finish line, only to find out he still had another segment to do out to turn D. He turned around once we were able to tell him of his mistake and off he set in pursuit of the A graders he had earlier passed.

C grade had the largest field with 8 riders, though they also separated by half way through the race as well. I thought the course would suit the tandem of Barlow and Ermert with its undulating countryside but they were not able to match the firepower of Chris Nolan who took the lead and won from Ian Cutmore followed by Dale Kleeman. Alan Bontijer and Des Brown came over the line together in close formation.

Warwick Wilson pipped Tony Beasley to the line in D grade by a second with Trevor Jacobs just rounding out the top three by another second to Terry Moore. While only small at five riders, D grade ended up with the most contested finishes overall for the day.

However E grade not to be completely outdone was also only split by a second for first and second as Baden White held off Phil Anderson, and Mick Donaldson rolled into third place. And just to keep up the contest, Graham Hendrie also held off Mark Skimmings by only a second in F grade, followed a bit further back by James Meredith in third and then Ian Morton who both did some significant time trialing practice. G grade saw only the two starters, Paul Robey and Polly Templeton, and the combination of rolling hills, cold and wind took their toll on the energy levels once they split up. Paul took the honours from Polly who still finished in good spirits even if looking a little weary. The hot cuppa was a welcome sight for many of the riders, and special thanks must go as always to those who stood out on the road to marshal and direct the turns.

Henry Beaverstock provided the ever reliable timekeeping, Richard Hedley and Richard Gorell looked after the lead and tail cars, while Ross Robinson, Kev Hennessy, Tony Weir and Richard Bourne were there at the turns keeping everyone safe. Alex O’Shea was on the finishing shute, though didn’t have to work too hard as the riders came home in small groups spread out along the road.

Bob Miller