9.4 Sep 28 Bleat

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Hello Vets,

In the Bleat this week;

• From the desk of the President

• Narrabundah Track Practice Session

• AVCC National Championships

• Canberra Buy Cycle

• Register for Fitz's Challenge in 2015

• Racing this Week

• Race Report

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Ian Morton

From the desk of the President

Farewell Winter - Hello Summer Racing

Last Saturday saw the last of our weekend Winter racing with our Mini-Tour out at Breadalbane. Congratulations to the 23 riders who braved the fairly bleak conditions to compete a time trial and short out-and back road race from the charming 'spot on the old Hume' at Breadalbane.

Well folks, I have to say we will now have a well earned rest for road racing, at least, for the month of October, but wait, October will see the start up of our very popular Tuesday evening criteriums from 13 October and who can forget that our Track season also starts at the 'Bund-dome' on 7 October. Look out for these details in future Bleats.

Road racing will resume with a long criterium at Dairy flat (Sunday mornings for the rest of the summer season) on 1 November followed by Uriaria Homestead on 15 November, then Old Federal Hwy on 22 November. We will basically be running three events per week for most of summer with the Tuesday evening Crits at SFP, track racing on Wednesdays and road racing on Sunday mornings. It will be a case of 'too much cycling will be barely enough'. So it will be up to you, our Vets members, to get out there and enjoy the racing . . . and also to help running these great and safe events. Hope to see you there.


Alex O'Shea


Narrabundah Track Practice Session

The 2015-16 track racing season will again utilise the refurbished Narrabundah Track. Please note that this is a high-banked, oval track suitable only for conventional track bikes with a high bottom bracket. We are unable to accommodate road bikes on this track.

The track racing season will kick off with a Practice Session on Wednesday 7 October. There will be no racing. All interested riders are invited - particularly new riders and track novices. It is a great opportunity to give track a try!


    • Narrabundah track is located off Goyder Street in Narrabundah;

    • Only track bikes are acceptable;

    • We welcome riders to try a high-banked track for the first time;

    • New riders can get practical advice on gearing, bunch riding & track etiquette;

    • Interested riders can try out a track bike (bring your own pedals and shoes);

    • Experienced riders can tune up the machinery & motor;

    • All riders can express their preference for events & races;

    • The practice session will be around 1hr 30 mins;

    • There is no formal structure to the practice. We can assist with introductory training, if requested;

    • You can do your own thing, if you prefer.

A few basics on track etiquette for the practice session:

    • Use the designated track positions for cruising, tempo or fast pacing (The faster you ride the higher you should be positioned on track. Overtake outside other riders);

    • Hold your line - don't make changes of speed or position unless you are clear of other riders;

    • Be very careful if you are crossing or moving on / off the track;

    • Start from the fence and be aware of riders approaching;

    • It is best to wear clear goggles (the shaded portions of track have very low visibility with sunnies);

    • All riders will need to be cautious, as there will be novice riders at the practice session.

Regular track racing will start on Wednesday 14 October.


Graeme O'Neill

AVCC National Championships

Registration and Nominations for Events at the AVCC National Championships in Adelaide close at 7.00 p.m. on Friday 9th October.

Registration at www.samc.org.au.

Enquiries and reports of Registration problems should be directed to secretary@samc.org.au.

Canberra Buy Cycle

CANBERRA BUYCYCLE is an initiative of the Rotary Club of Canberra. It is an exciting new bicycle market, where you can sell and buy pre-loved bicycles for a great price. CANBERRA BUYCYCLE also presents you with the opportunity to sell or donate bikes that are probably cluttering up your garage and to turn those unwanted bikes into cash or even upgrade to another. All you have to do is drop your bike(s) off on the Saturday and it will be up for sale on Sunday 18 October.

Details can be found HERE.

Register for Fitz's Challenge in 2015

Fitz's Challenge - Canberra’s long distance cycling event – will be held on Sunday 25 October 2015 to provide participants the chance to choose their challenge from one of five course distances while also raising much needed funds for The Kids’ Cancer Project.

The five course distances on offer in Fitz’s Challenge are:

• 50 km Tidbinbilla Challenge

• 105 km Tharwa Challenge

• 165 km Fitz's Classic

• 210 km Fitz's Epic

• 255 km Fitz's Extreme

Registrations for the event are now open.


No racing this week


Breadalbane Mini Tour – 26th September

23 riders gathered on a grey wet and windy Breadalbane road race course for the inaugural two stage race. The format was a 20km TT followed by a 28km road race. Officials almost numbered half the race entrants!

After a delayed start due to a mechanical failure with our normally trustworthy van we started setting off our TT riders who were happy to accept the near gale that was blowing from behind them. That is till they turned after 10kms and had to ride back into it!

Riders were competing for the the M&H age standard trophy. There were also time bonuses available for the first three place getters for each grade that attached to the road race to determine the final results. As there were not many riders in each grade except C this caused some interesting results.

Results for the TT were:


    • 1st: Owain Tilley

    • 2nd: Mankewich/Carruthers

    • 3rd: Aaron Sedgmen


    • 1st: Kirsti McKay

    • 2nd: Rosemary Robinson

Full results at; http://www.actvets.cc/results/

The road race was faced similar weather to the TT. So much for the forecast of sunny and dry. As a graded scratch we had some very small groups. However we managed to get most grades with enough riders to make a race. The exception being B with only Owain Tilley so he rode with the big C grade bunch.

Winners for the road race across the line were the tandem of Carruthers/Mankevitch in A. Owain was a worthy if lonely winner in B. Nick Boylan took out C just edging out Al Bontjer. Warwick Wilson took out D. Dave Gunter just edged out Alex Sommariva in E and Bob Miller and Ian Morton fought out F in that order.

In each grade, the rider with the highest placed TT result was given a 12 seconds bonus time, the second highest placed an 8 second bonus and the 3rd highest placed a 6 seconds bonus. This did result in a number of changes in placing;

A Grade

    1. Mankewich / Carruthers

    2. Aaron Sedgmen

    3. Marc Vroomans

B Grade

    1. Owain Tilley

C Grade

    1. James Jordan

    2. Nick Boylan

    3. Allan Bontjer

D Grade

    1. Warwick Wilson

E Grade

    1. Alex Sommariva

    2. David Gunther

    3. Kirsti McVay

F Grade

    1. Bob Miller

    2. Ian Morton

    3. James Meredith

Full results at; http://www.actvets.cc/results/

Thanks to all the officials who turned up as well as many of the riders who volunteered only to be told no, sorry, you will just have to race!

    • Lloyd Bennett

    • Sue Powell

    • Stephan Hirsler

    • Jason Parkes

    • Paul Robey

    • Alex Oshea

    • Henry Beaverstock

    • Ross Robinson

    • Simon Whitehead (SMA)

And if I have missed any officials forgive me but there were a lot of you!

Rob Diamond