5.5 May 30 Bleat

Post date: May 29, 2016 2:10:1 PM

Hello Vets,

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Ian Morton

From the Desk of the Handicapper

Aaron Sedgmen B to A

Interstate Events


- 3-5 June

Now in its 8th year, the Battle of the Border cycling festival has grown to a notable multi-stage tour offering challenging racing in juniors, elite, masters and NRS divisions. The festival courses range from 50km to 150km, crossing challenging terrain and highlighting the beautifully unique volcanic caldera environment. Details at http://www.battleontheborder.com.au/.


Saturday, 4th June: Pierce's Creek Graded Scratch

Where: Park and signon at the Cotter Reserve car park. Ride up the hill to the start just beyond the Pierce's Creek hill on the Paddys River Road. Note there is nowhere to park at the start.

When: 1:30 pm.

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description: Pierces Creek hill to Tidbinbilla and back. ABCD two laps 66km; EFG 1 lap 33km

Race Director: Kim Malcolm

Contact: Email d.kimmalcolm@icloud.com Ph 0418643623

We will also need a volunteer to look after the urn, as it will be unattended at the Cotter Reserve.


Stromlo Criterium Points Race – 28th May

Saturday morning was a miserable start of the day I thought not too many riders would come, but as the sky cleared many keen and brave racers did turn up for some action.

The day got started with E/F/G grades. E grade was well contested with Frank O'Sullivan taking the win followed by Alex Sommariva and Graham Hendrie third in a tie with rosemary.

F Grade was very close between Mijo and Ewen Thompson, Ewen got the win by one point every sprint was fought very hard between them.

G Grade with three riders as well was a struggle between Tony Weir and Heather Sommariva( where were you Bernard?), the win went to Tony with Heather fighting to the last lap.

C and D followed:

C grade having only four riders the first few sprints were close, then it was a battle between Claire Aubrey and Seymour Savell-boss and Martin Horwood, Seymour got the overall win but he had a great challenge from Claire who gave him a run for his money with Martin third who could not match the speed of his opponents.

D grade The first few sprint lap were close then the bunch got split in two, from there on it was a three way battle with Brian Chugg taking the win followed closely by David Gunther and Andrew Hislop. We had a bit of a mix up at the bell lap but this did not affect with the final result.

A and B were the last to start:

B grade was interesting as it was the biggest bunch, more tactics/ craft were seen from the side line , the "sprinter" hiding in the bunch before going for the points at the whistle lap.

The first few sprints were so well fought it was difficult to pick the order.

After fifteen minutes in the race Greg Collis put the gas on and dropped the bunch who did not seem too concern to chase , this was getting boring then we had an executive decision on the side line to introduce a sprint lap straight after one, this had the anticipated effect to break the bunch with four riders chasing another four this became more interesting to watch.

Still Greg stayed at front to the end the other riders having to fight for second and third with Jason Parkes second and Damian Copeland who did score enough point early in the race to secure third even if He got dropped before the last sprint.

In A grade we had some action straight on the first lap ,it was fast and furious every sprints were a battle , it was impressive to watch on the side line . Paul Connor and Aaron Thomson were fighting each other with impressive speed and power, Christophe Barberet trying his best to get in the mix as well but could not match his opponents , Paul Scherl and Ben smith just hanging there to finish all together for the final sprint.

A well-deserved win went to Paul Connor, Aaron finished second at one point followed with the valiant Christophe further back.

I would like to point out a few things : Please put the number on the right side of the jersey for the Marshall to record and make sure these number did not go to the wash too many time and are not too worn out to read.

Thanks to all the racers who came ,we, on the side line had a great time as well.

Many thanks to the Marshalls on the day : Nick Bolan, Peter Harding, Bob Kent, Don Desmet and Bruce Jones at the sign in. Special thanks to Graham Hendrie who did come early to open the doors, set up the registration and was the last to leave when all was packed up. Thank you Graham.


Alain Arbaut