6.4 June 27 Bleat

Post date: Jun 27, 2016 2:33:8 AM

Hello Vets,

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Ian Morton


Hi Vets,

Now that I am out of Canberra hospital for few days, I would like to take the opportunity to express my thanks to the club and the Vets members who did come to visit me at the hospital and/or send me good wishes messages ,these were the most welcome in these painful days.

It was one of these accidents which should not happen but does , as some riders cannot help to cut on the inside of a turn! And when there is no room …well riders fall off. But again it was a CCC event, actually Vets would not do that sort of mistake?

Cheers to every one,

Safe riding,



Saturday, 2nd July: Stromlo Forest Park Criterium - Points Race

Where: Stromlo Forest Park

When: 1:30 pm.

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

    • 13:30 AB 50min + 2

    • 14:30 EFG 30 mins + 2

    • 15:10 CD 40 mins + 2

Race Director: Rohan Verco

Contact: Email Rohan.Verco@gmail.com Ph 0419730555

Note: We will also another volunteer at the finish line. If you are injured or haven't volunteered to marshal at least once this year, then this is an ideal chance to give back to the club and put your hand up.


Gunning Handicap – 25th June

With a very cold day threatening and few marshals, Saturday conditions were not too auspicious. Fortunately, even as I drove out to Gunning, club members were still ringing up offering to help. Rosemary gave up her ride to do First Aid and Phill proudly furnished brand new satellite phones, once the sole providence of polar explorers and wealthier Everest mountaineers.

Thirty riders turned up and while we had no one from G grade, the others were well represented. With Rob Langridge sick, we didn't have much of an opportunity to adjust times, but they seemed reasonably close. After B grade had gone, A grade put on a desperate argument convincing the officials to send them off then and there. Britain would still be in the EU had it harnessed the persuasive power of these impassioned advocates.

With Henry away, the officials lacked his uncanny precision to know just when the lead bunch would return. However, the satellite phone from Breadalbane brought a touch of modern technology and soon the lead vehicle pulled in, just in time to alert us to a very fast sprint up the hill by B Grade's Andrew Simpson, pulling away from Paul Welsh. A fast looming pack of C graders powered up the hill and when they came in, four different grades were represented in the top 10, making for an effective handicap.

Marc Vrooman's time of 1:17:44 was the fastest of the day and maybe A grade should have got that little bit closer handicap!

No one DNFd, no accidents and sparse traffic made for a good day of racing.

Thanks to the officials especially Rosemary for First Aid, Elton and Mark for driving and John Paul for the lonely Breadalbane turn. Phill, Bruce and Rosemary had the entire finishing line sorted and results were available as the first coffee was being poured. Again, Graham Hendrie not only raced but ran the signon, timing and setting up and packing away the van.

Bill Frost