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Hello Vets,

In the Bleat this week;

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Ian Morton

Club Members Out and About

Two-time Paralympian, Lindy Hou, and Kerry Knowler claimed Bronze in the All Comers Flying 200 meters on the final day of the Para Track National at Melbourne's DISC Velodrome on Friday.

From the Desk of the Handicapper

The last upgrades for the year;

- Tes McLachlan F to E

- James Tonkin E to C

- John Lowe G to E


Tuesday, 20th December: Stromlo Criterium

Where: Stromlo Forest Park

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

A/C 5:50 A 42m+2, C 38m+2

E/F/G 6:35 28 min + 2

B/D 7:15 B 42m+2, D 38m+2

Race Director:Robert Langridge

Contact: Email langridge@netspeed.com.au Ph: 0450400658

Monday, 26th December: Boxing Day Social Ride

Starting 8:00am in the front of the Jolimont Centre, Civic.

Track Racing

Racing will resume on 4 January.

Road Racing

Racing will resume in February.


Christmas Wheel Race – 13th December

Nearly 120 riders fronted for one of the club’s most prestigious events the Christmas Wheelrace. The first five riders in each graded heat faced the starter in the final. The heats were hard fought affairs with few holding back to save themselves for the finals.

A,B and C grades featured strong attacks though only the top grade breakaways made it stick. Several grades found themselves sprinting around other grades in the race to the line but cool heads and sensible, safe riding ensured clear air in the race to the line.

Excitement built as riders lined up for the final over four laps. Bruce Jones rode valiantly off the limit mark, leading into t he penultimate lap. But the E and D grade packs were in the box seat and in one of the closest finishes in the history of the wheelrace, Troy Cassell edged out Gillian Lugg, with Phillip Anderson taking third. In a credit to the handicapper, the back markers were in the home straight as the winner crossed the line.

It was a great evening’s racing and a demonstration of why the ACT Vets is such a great organisation. Plenty of volunteers, hard but fair racing and, most importantly, plenty of smiles and conviviality afterwards.

Mick Donaldson

Race Referee

The Wheelrace Winners presented their awards by Club President, Dougal Torrance

Phil Anderson (3rd), Gillian Lugg (2nd), Troy Cassell (1st)

Club Person of the Year

In recognition of 10 years service as Club Treasurer and Membership Secretary, Barb Bayliss was awarded Club Person of the Year for 2016.

Winter 2016 Season Winners


Kirsti McVay 68 pts (1st), Mary Lovett/Sue Powell 47 pts (2nd), Linda Stals 45 pts (3rd)


• Mark Stevenson 115 pts (1st), Nick Boylan 105 pts (2nd), Seymour Savil-Boss 99 pts (3rd)

Summer 2015/16 Season Points Winners


Linda Stals 91 pts (1st), Sue Ducket 72 pts (2nd), Sue Frost 64 pts (3rd)


Marc Vroomans 156 pts (1st), Rob Langridge 106 pts (2nd), Peter Lafferty 103 pts(3rd)

Christmas Track Race – 14th December

Session 10 for the track racing season was the final race session before the Christmas break. Traditionally this session hosts the Christmas Wheel Race and a Christmas celebration. On race day, the weather gods could have been kinder, as the day was quite overcast. By the scheduled warm up time, most areas of Canberra had rain. At Narrabundah, the track was partially wet and the prospects for racing looked bleak. However, from a less than promising start, the scheduled race events proceeded and an excellent post race celebration was held without further rain.

Because of the uncertain weather conditions, the Christmas Wheel Race was run immediately following the session warm up. The Wheel Race is a 6-Lap handicap race and an important trophy race for the track season. As numbers were down due to poor weather, the race proceeded without preliminary heats. Thirteen competitors lined up for the start, with both A and B grade riders participating. The handicap spread between limit and scratch riders was 20 seconds.

Paul Robey led out and had a great race, holding the lead until the final turn into the finish straight. Paul’s pace forced the pursuing riders to put it all on the line. The first two laps of the race saw the loose formation of a B grade bunch and trailing A grade bunch. A few riders remained out front or trapped in no-man’s land. The pace was hot. As the race progressed, the B grade bunch seemed likely to hold out, as A grade could not mount an organised pursuit. However, eventually Peta Brill took up the chase and stimulated A grade to close a daunting gap. The collective A & B grade bunch then barrelled around the second place rider in pursuit of Paul Robey, who continued with a handy lead. With riders accelerating into the sprint and jockeying for position, the bunch rocketed past Paul in the final turn. Paul’s son Ben had cleverly manoeuvred into good position and held off all challenges to take the win. Ben Robey was followed by Alec Millett in second place and Peta Brill in a well deserved third place. Overall, it was an exciting and worthy competition for the Wheel Race Trophy. Congratulations to Ben Robey!

A further 8-Lap scratch race was held following the Wheel Race. Normally this event is graded. However, the modest rider numbers allowed A and B grade to compete simultaneously. To even things up, B grade were given a start of more than half a lap. Once the race commenced, B grade settled into a hot pace with lead riders taking turns of half a lap. A generous start and cohesive work by B grade made them unbeatable. The final lap was all B grade with Steve Hirsler taking the win from Tony Beasley and Ross Scutts in that order.

Next up was a pleasant celebration of the track season to date. The club president Dougal Torrance attended both the racing and the celebratory drinks. Dougal may be a convert to track racing after a first taste.

The track season is currently very successful. Forty riders have participated so far, with an average turnout of around 20 riders per session. Next year’s racing resumes on Wednesday 4 January. If anyone is considering track racing, the new year would be a good time to start.

Major place getters were as follows:

6-Lap Christmas Wheel Race: (Handicap): Ben Robey, Alec Millett, Peta Brill.

8-Lap Scratch Race: (A & B Grade): Steve Hirsler, Tony Beasley, Ross Scutts.

Current Points Score Leaders: Steve Jones (166), Michael Langdon (157), Ross Scutts (143), Phil Anderson (141), Alec Millett (130), Kerry Knowler (110), Ben Robey (99), Steve Hirsler (95).

Merry Christmas,

Graeme O'Neill