z12.4 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the ACT Vets

Post date: Dec 22, 2016 10:6:10 PM

It's been a big year for the Club. According to my count we've put on almost 90 races this year which is a huge effort for a small Club. I'd like to thank each and every volunteer that's assisted with these races and in particular those that volunteer time after time to drive vans, organise handicaps, provide first aid, marshal and direct the races. Well done all of you.

With this level of racing I believe that the ACT Veterans Cycling Club offers very good value for money and the Board and I are focused on retaining very reasonable membership fees. That being said - Don't forget to renew your license before then next race!

This year we have had some struggles (not withstanding the sad loss of the previous President) - in particular with the parent organisation, the AVCC. I would like to thank the Board for it's ongoing management of these problems and the usual running of the Club.

Next year the Club will undertake slightly fewer road races due to lower numbers of participants than expected for our road program and the increasingly onerous requirements placed on the Club in regards to marshaling and traffic control. Whilst we often see 30-40 riders racing, some of the grades are not well represented. Next year, why don't you challenge a friend in the same grade to race you on the road? It's a great way to get rid of the winter "I'm not riding enough" blues!

Early in the new year the club is looking to release a new web site designed to be mobile friendly. This should make it easier to get the latest club information and for members to stay on top of the latest club news. In addition your Board is working closely with other cycling organisations and the ACT Government to improve Stromlo, the Narrabundah Velodrome, and other cycling infrastructure.

Finally, please be safe on the roads during the break and don't make it easy for others to target cyclists by not obeying road rules. I look forward to racing and riding with you all next year. Merry Christmas, and a happy new year. May Bike-Santa fill your stockings with tubes, tyres and chain lube!

Dougal Torrance

Club President

Boxing Day Recovery Ride – 26th December

The Boxing Day Recovery Ride starts at 8.00 am sharp outside the Jolimont Centre on Northbourne Av. This year's ride will follow the successful format of recent years: two nominated sensible riders will lead along Federal and Old Federal highways with slower riders positioned immediately behind the leaders (so they don't get dropped if the bunch is broken up by traffic light changes) and faster riders go to the back.

We all stay together until the top of Washingmachine Hill. There, riders have a choice of going on to Lake George, the gravel pit or where ever. Those who've had too much Christmas cheer can wait in the shade a the top of the hill. Those resting can join one of the bunches on the return leg. All gather at Dobinson's or nominated coffee shop at end of ride. Note that it's much harder to find an empty cafe now that Canberra has Boxing Day shopping.

Please use Google Groups (under Communication & Discussion in the 'About Us' tab) to post details of other rides during January and beyond.

Rob Langridge

Registration Renewal for 2017

2017 membership renewals are due by 31 December 2016. To renew, go to https://memberdesq.sportstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=main&OrgID=10244 or follow the prompts via our website www.actvets.cc. Click on the Login link and enter the username and password from last year. If you have forgotten your login and password , after clicking on ‘login’ - go to the tab at the top right hand side of the screen and click on ‘Username & Password’ - then forward your email address as requested in the box that will appear. SportsTG will then forward you the information.

You need to renew your membership prior to 31 December or prior to your first race in 2017.

It is preferable to renew prior to the end of December if you intend to race in 2017. Before each race, a check has to be done of all those registered to race to ensure they are financial members and covered by insurance. As a courtesy to those committee members who work hard to ensure the club complies with the terms of our insurance cover and also produce the race results, please renew your membership at least 2 days prior to racing. Membership costs are:

    • A full competitive membership for 2017 is $110

    • A full competitive membership for a sight impaired tandem cyclist for 2017 is $95

    • Non competitive membership for 2016 is $5

Please note that membership fees for 2017 have increased in line with a $10 increase in the Australian Veteran Cycling Council’s component of membership fees.

Upon renewal, your 2017 licence will be emailed to you direct from SportsTG. Please print out a copy and it is suggested that you laminate it or place it in plastic for future reference during the year ahead. You will need to show this licence if you enter events run by other Veteran Cycling Clubs or the AVCC.

Please ensure that your personal particulars are always kept up to date, in particular your emergency contact details. For those members with First Aid qualifications please also update the site. It is a member’s responsibility to keep these updated via the SportsTG website.

Kirsti McVay

Membership Secretary


Dairy Rd – 18th December

“A” grade started 14 seconds behind B grade due to low numbers. Jason Parkes ripped the legs of B grade for the first couple of laps until A grade dragged them back. Mark Vroomans took out the sprint with Jason second and Chris Kon third. Stjepan Hirsler (normally rides D grade) did an excellent ride finishing in the B grade sprint.

Alex Sommariva blitzed the E grade crew with Phil Anderson second and John Lowe. Linda Stals managed to finish with bike, walking on two legs due to a mechanical gaining 2 points.

Lindsay Graham and Garry Moffit broke away from the F grade bunch with 3 laps to go and finished in that order with Barbara Bayliss third.

G grade saw the crafty Bernie Crowe out class Bruce Jones to take out the sprint.

Thanks to Chris Nolan, Rob Langridge and Simon Milnes for marshalling duties and Tom Roberts (First Aid).

Nick Boylan

Stromlo – 20th December

A Grade

With the summer solstice just around the corner, the Vets held their own pagan ritual of riding around in circles for more time than any other time in the year. 42 mins in 26 degrees and windy conditions was bound to take its and it did. Bruce Goodspeed, Seymour Savell-Boss and Dom Romano charged off like scalded cats and quickly created a quarter lap break while the rest of A grade were content to chug along and let C grade pass. After about five minutes, Steve Isbel, Nathan Spillane and Tony Bishop bridged across and this combination worked well for at least another 15 minutes but Dom was the first casualty. Back in the bunch they were also dropping off like flies. With 24 minutes to go Nathan was the next to succumb to the wind and relentless pace while Matt Hinchcliffe tried unsuccessfully to solo across. Bruce and Seymour's A grade breakaway triumph dreams where suddenly shattered when the pace went up again, leaving Steve and Tony to battle on for the remaining 20 minutes. Tony carked it with 14 to go and this then opened the door for Steve's team mate Steve Blackburn to bridge across. The rest of the bunch were not going to permit a Steve quinella, allowing Steve I to solo in for a very classy victory in tough conditions. The margin was such that were he a professional there would have been time to kiss his ring (on his finger!), point to the sky, rock a baby and do some other crazy running impersonation before the bunch were even in the straight. I made sure the crowd were aware of this great achievement as he motored up the finishing straight, so there was some rare clapping as he crossed the line. In the bunch sprint Steve B got second over Marc Vroomans.

C Grade

C grade was a much more placid affair--obviously their solstice celebrations were a lot more inclusive. Only two riders were ditched early on, with the usual suspects such as Ian Preston pushing into the wind. Ben Davis thought he was a chance in the sprint so tossed his water bottle in the direction of the club handicapper and the ever loyal sports trainer Tom Roberts with a few laps to go. Unfortunately, reducing his 100kg frame by a few hundred grams did not ultimately help in the dash to the line. Out of the mob came track superstar Peta Brill, who won by a wheel from Andrew McRae followed by Ben in third. Ben then demonstrated his versatility by directing the next one and half races. Thanks Ben.

Rob Langridge

E Grade

Rolling away under strong winds, all riders behaved themselves early on with all attacks being quickly nullified. Things started to heat up when some roos were spotted wandering onto the course at the southern end with the handicapper dispatched to remove them. Back to the racing it was all Christmas cheer with no dasher or prancers off the front. In the end it came down to a bunch sprint with Kirsty Cummn taking the win ahead of Gillian Lugg and Graham Wilson rounding out 3rd place.

F Grade

Most riders must have been thinking forward to their Xmas lunches with all riders riding together as a single bunch. They started to string out in the latter stages with Robert Miller taking home the win ahead of Mike Hayes and Denis Puniard.

G Grade

The usual game of cat and mouse ensued between Bernie and Bruce but I’m not too sure who is the cat and who is the mouse on most occasions. This time around Bruce roared like a cat and beat Bernie to the line. 2017 will see the great battles resume between these two.

B Grade

With 35 mins to go Robin Mules attacked. The usual glance around in the main peloton asking who was going to chase but no one really wanted to take on this task in the strong winds so early on in the race. We’ll let him cook himself out in front and catch him later on, plenty of time up our sleeve right? This proved to be a costly error as Robin looked to be in fine form with a perfectly balanced cadence and building up a very solid lead halfway through the race. Once again the roos decided to get into the action and the Race Referee took off to the Southern end of the course to remind the roos that they weren’t wearing race numbers nor had they paid their race fees therefore there was no chance in hell that they were getting involved. With 13 mins remaining Robin was joined by Tim Minehan but Robin was riding so well that Tim could only hold on for a few laps before re-joining the chasing group. In the end Robin saluted the judges to record a very impressive win just ahead of a mass sprint with Brendan Savage taking 2nd and Michael Foulds ripping home in 3rd.

D Grade

With 31 mins to go Troy Cassell was inspired by the events going on in B grade so decided to give it a crack. But the big D grade chasers were having none of that and reeled him in fairly quickly. The move of the night in D grade came with 10 mins remaining when Tony Beasley rode off the front and with 2 laps to go had a good 200 metre lead. It must be all that track racing this year that has turned Tony into a very formidable rider because on the final 2 laps he buried himself to take the win ahead of Troy Cassell in 2nd and Brian Chugg in 3rd. (See…. track racing makes you a better rider) Once again the roos thought they’d have the last laugh and invaded the course sending riders ducking and weaving with one of them hitting a rider in the final straight. Thankfully the rider remained upright with the roo being a bit stunned but not requiring medical attention from our sports med Tom. The roo was last seen hopping into the sunset muttering something about those “bloody cyclists!”.

Ben Davis