8.2 August 14 Bleat

Post date: Aug 14, 2017 1:50:21 AM

Hello Vets,

In the Bleat this week;

• From the desk of the Handicapper

• Racing this Week

• Race Report

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Ian Morton

From the desk of the Handicapper

The Dog Trap Road race provided some great racing and strong performances worthy of promotion;

    • Seymour Savell-Boss B to A

    • Matt Hinchcliffe B to A

    • Roger Northcote B to A

    • Liz Lowe F to E

This year's National Capital Tour will be held on 23/24 September. If you aren't intending to volunteer, entering is worth considering as it's a chance to ride on a unique course closed to traffic. The two races on the Saturday will involve laps of the old Majura Road with the longer stage finishing on top of Mt Majura. The third race of the tour is a boring old Stromlo crit on the following day, but overall it's a chance to race in the ACT without the usual hills. See link http://www.act.cycling.org.au/Events/Event-Details/national-capital-tour.

Rob Langridge


Saturday, 19th August: Old Federal Highway Graded Scratch

NOTE: This race is still subject to Race Approvals.

Where: Park in the "Gravel Pit", intersection of Federal Highway and Shingle Hill Way.

When: 1:30 pm.

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

ABCD 4 laps - 48km

EFG 3 laps - 36km

Race Director: Ben Davis

Contact: Email: bdavis@internode.on.net Ph 0416014629

Marshals: Ian Mongan, Kevin Wells, Troy Cassell, Matt Dyne, Andrew O'Neil

Upcoming Marshall Roster

The nominated marshals for upcoming events are;

    • 26/8 - Wayne Shippley

    • 2/9 - Troy Cassell, Kevin Wells, Matt Dyne, Andrew O’Neil, Craig Tozer


Lookout Hill Time Trial – 12th August

The race on Saturday (August 12) was the annual Memorial Handicap. Forty-four riders started. This race is one of the AVCC’s major races as it commemorates the life of the members who have passed away, the most recent being our past president Alex O’Shea.

As the race was a secret handicap all riders started together in a controlled rolling start after a “neutral” ride from the marshaling point. Once the start flag dropped there was a frenzied rush to the first turn, 3 kms away. The riders then faced the extremely strong head wind which caused the peleton to disintegrate into small bunches, and later in the race, many single riders time trialing much of the way to the finish. Although the result was determined by handicap it was very much a “race of truth” irrespective of the riders’ grades.

As the riders went past the finish line towards Yass after the first 6kms, 2 riders from A grade (Steve Crispin +1) were well clear of the next bunch of 8 riders. From then on it was a race of attrition with Robert Langridge chasing the lead riders in front of the largest bunch of about 9 riders.

As the riders began the second lap it was clear that Steve Crispin would be hard to beat for “fastest time” and was a major contender for the podium. Others looking good for the handicap were Allan Bontjer, Mark Taylor, Nick Boylan and Elizabeth Lowe.

During the last lap the wind got stronger and the air colder. Steve Crispin was first to cross the finish line over 5 minutes in front of the next pair, Mark Harris and Marc Vroomans. The riders crossed the line in either pairs or as single riders.

When the handicaps were applied to the actual times the winner was Elizabeth Lowe from E grade with nearly a minute to spare over the A grade rider Steve Crispin 2nd. Seymour Savell-Boss and Roger Northcote, took out 3rd and 4th place.

Other notable rides were from Allan Bontjer and Stjepan Hirsler ( both returning after ill health) as well as Ian Morton who finished well in front of the other “front markers” in the race.

The Winners

Steve Crispin (2nd), Elizabeth Lowe (1st), Seymour Savell-Boss (3rd).

and we also had a belated trophy presentation for previous winners;

James Curran (Cole Family Trophy, 20 May), Steve Crispin (F&A Tonelli Trophy, 8 July).

Thanks to Ben Davis, Graham Hendrie, Bruce Jones, Andrew Murrell, Graham Tanton and Peter Young who performed the necessary roles to ensure the race went smoothly and safely.

Paul Robey

ps A set of blue Edge sunnies and a pair of warm winter gloves were found after the race. You can contact Steve Curran, ph 0414974103, if they are yours.