z10.1 October 2 Bleat

Post date: Oct 02, 2017 7:33:20 AM

Hello Vets,

In the Bleat this week;

• Race Committee Update

• Racing this Week

• Track Practice Session

• Gunning 2 Day Event

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Ian Morton

Race Committee Update

Gunning 2 day

There has been some discussion over the format of the upcoming Gunning 2 day race. The race format has been the same for the last few years and it was suggested to vary the prologue to be uphill to provide opportunities for lighter riders. Concerns were raised that the resulting greater spread of times would give too much weight to the prologue in determining the overall results. As a compromise, this year will still have the prologue downhill, but shortened in distance. However, to ensure that climbers are not disadvantaged, for the race on day one and two, intermediate sprint primes will be replaced with a ‘top of the climb’ prime near the rail bridge on the easterly legs of the course during both days. Time bonuses will also be applied for the end of road races. The committee will review the race results in determining the format for next years race.

2018 race program

The race program for next year is being drafted with an aim of running more road races than in previous years. In addition to this year’s program, the Club aims to reintroduce a course in Cooma and run the Breadalbane mini-tour.

In addition to obtaining road approvals, it is critical that we have sufficient traffic controllers that are trained and available to assist at road races. The committee has been in discussion with the ACT government to try and streamline the process of accreditation for traffic controllers and to look at improving road signage at race courses. The club has over 350 members but only about 20 accredited traffic controllers. This is placing an unreasonable burden on those few members to marshal at races. There are still places available on the next course on Saturday 11 November, so please consider registering at:


Club flyer

In order to promote the club’s upcoming summer racing to new members, a flyer has been prepared, and can be downloaded from flyer.pdf. Please download, print and distribute this as appropriate, e.g. workplace locker rooms, gyms or local bike shops.

Ian McVay


Tuesday, 3rd October: Stromlo Criterium

Note: The new Race Fee of $10 per event comes into effect.

Where: Stromlo Forest Park

Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.

Race Description:

E/F/G 20m + 2 @ 5:50

A/C 20m + 2 @ 6:15

B/D 20m + 2 @ 6:40

Sunset @ 7:13

Race Director: Kim Malcolm

Contact: Email: d.kimmalcolm@icloud.com Ph 0418643623

Marshal: Sue Duckett

Upcoming Marshall Roster

The nominated marshals for upcoming events are;

- 10/10- Stromlo Crit: Simon Johnston


The track racing season will kick off with a Practice Session starting at 6.00pm on Wednesday 4 October. There will be no racing. All interested riders are invited - particularly new riders and track novices. It is a great opportunity to give track a try!

Please note that Narrabundah Track is a high-banked, oval track suitable only for conventional fixed gear track bikes with a high bottom bracket. We are unable to accommodate road bikes on this track.


+ Narrabundah track is located off Goyder Street in Narrabundah;

+ We welcome riders to try a high-banked track for the first time;

+ New riders can get practical advice on gearing, bunch riding & track etiquette;

+ Interested riders can try out a track bike (bring your own pedals and shoes);

+ Experienced riders can tune up the machinery & motor;

+ All riders can express their preference for events & races;

+ The practice session will be around 1hr 30 mins starting at 6.00pm;

+ There is no formal structure to the practice. We can assist with introductory training, if requested;

+ You can do your own thing, if you prefer.

A few basics on track etiquette for the practice session:

+ Use the designated track positions for cruising, tempo or fast pacing;

(The faster you ride the higher you should be positioned on track. Overtake outside other riders)

+ Hold your line - don't make changes of speed or position unless you are clear of other riders;

+ Be very careful if you are crossing or moving on / off the track.

(It is your responsibility not to impede other riders in this situation);

+ Start from the fence and be aware of riders approaching;

+ It is best to wear clear or light tinted goggles;

(the shaded portions of track have very low visibility with regular sunnies);

+ All riders will need to be cautious, as there will be novice riders at the practice session.

Regular track racing will start on Wednesday 11 October.

Last year was a great season and we had a dedicated bunch, with 37 riders participating over the season. However, why should they have all the fun. If you have thought about it, come a give it a try, as we would like to have at least another ten regulars.

Graeme O'Neill

Gunning 2 Day Event

Your chance to race 154km over two days! (or 104km for E, F, G, Tandem) and Lunch – all for a measly $35.

The club’s signature event, the Gunning two day race, is on over the weekend of the 14/15 October. Saturday starts at 10:00 am with a 4km uphill Prologue just to make it interesting!

For those that groaned at an uphill prologue, we’ve decided to make it interesting by throwing in bonus time on Stage 1! Again, for stage 2, time bonuses will be on offer so a good strategy will be key!


Bill Frost has kindly volunteered to be the Race referee for the two days. In order to run the event, he requires the assistance of Marshals, Escort Drivers and General Helpers to assist.

Payment of $30 per day is available to offset petrol costs and other expenses.

If you are willing to help, please contact Bill at: billfrost@bigpond.com


A Portaloo has been booked. We are looking for a volunteer to help with towing duties. If someone is staying in Gunning on Saturday evening and would be able to tow it back to their accommodation overnight, that would save having to tow it back to Canberra.

Please contact Ian McVay imcvay@grapevine.com.au Ph 62317523 if you can assist.


The cost will be $35 for the race and you must be a current member of the club within the AVCC. Please note that we do not have day licences available.

Riders will need to bring their helmet to the registration desk for inspection. Please note that it is an AVCC requirement that all riders must wear a helmet which meets Australian Standards.

Riders must have started the previous stage to compete the next stage. (i.e. if you don’t ride Saturday then you cannot start on Sunday)



To register go to;


Click on;

Click Here To Register

Select either;



Select the $35 entry fee then click;


Enter your username and password and click.


Note that this is the username and password that you received when you first registered for the IMG system. If you cannot find your site login, go to the site login page; https://memberdesq.sportstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=login&OrgID=10244 and click the 'Forgot your Password?' Button. Enter your Email address (the one you used to register) and a new password will be sent to you.

One you have logged in, the system will show your membership details. Click;


Confirm that you are entering as an Individual or Tandem then click;


Click on;

Submit Now & Pay Online

Enter your credit card details and press;


To confirm your payment, click;

Submit Payment

Your transaction will be confirmed and an email sent to your registered email address.

Once you have finished, click;


If you have any problems, contact: Ian Morton

DAY 1: Saturday 14th October 2017


Prologue will start at 10:00am and riders will be sent off at 30 second intervals.

Note if you miss your allocated time you will be sent off at the discretion of the Race Referee.

The following limitation apply to the Prologue

• No Disc Wheels or wheel covers

• No Time Trial specific helmets

• No Time Trial bars either specific or clip on

Tri Spoke or other deep dish wheels are allowed as long as the rim does not exceed 10cm.

Stage 1

Stage 1 will start at 1:30pm and riders will be sent off by grade.

Stage 1 is 50km for all grades.

A revised bonus time will be allocated on both primes for the first three positions (1st – 7 seconds, 4nd – 2 seconds and 3rd 2 seconds) and for the first five positions (1st – 5 seconds, 2nd – 4 seconds, 3rd - 3 seconds, 4th – 2 seconds and 5th – 1 second) at the finish.

DAY 2: Sunday 15th October 2017

Stage 2

The course length will depend on grade:

• A, B, C, D will complete 100km (Note: A Water Bottle will be provided for riders on the Second Lap)

• E, F, G, Tandem will complete 50km

Stage 2 will start at 10:00am for the following grades A, B, C, D with 2 min between grades.

Stage 2 will start at 11:00am for the following grades G, E, F, Tandem with 2 min between grades.

A revised bonus time will be allocated to each grade on both primes for the first three positions (1st – 7 seconds, 2nd – 4 seconds and 3rd 2 seconds) and for the first five positions (1st – 5 seconds, 2nd – 4 seconds, 3rd - 3 seconds, 4th – 2 seconds and 5th – 1 second) at the finish.


Presentations will be held in the Hall in the Showground commencing at 1:45 pm. Lunch will be provided for all riders and officials.