Questions and Answers

ACTVCC Peter McLennan Memorial Gunning Two Day - Questions and Answers

Q. How will grading be done?

A. Grading will be advised at sign on time. Each grade shall consist of a minimum of five riders. If there are less than 5 in a grade, riders from the grade with less than 5 entries will be re-graded into the grade above or below based on ability.

Grading will not necessarily be based on the normal ACTVCC Road grades, since riders from other clubs and interstate may be competing as well.

Q. Will there be a spares car?


Q. Can I enter on the day?

Yes - you can enter on Saturday. Ensure that you arrive to sign on well before the 1-hour closing time.

You cannot just enter for Sunday - this event is a stage race, you must finish stage 1 to race stage 2.

You must finish stage 2 to race stage 3.

Q. What is this about race numbers?

Club members bring along their normal assigned race number.

Q. Can I race just one day?

Yes, the first day (Sat) only. You may not race Sun only. This race is a stage race. You must finish stage 1 to be permitted to ride stage 2. You must finish stage 2 to be permitted to race stage 3

Q. The Time Trial??

The TT starts at the top of the hill and heads east for 4km. Pretty much all downhill, except for the last few hundred metres which is a gentle ascent. So, it's just a matter of ride fast to get the best time you can and help your overall GC time.

Q. Are Time Trial Bikes allowed?

No. With 10 years experience of running this 3-stage event, we have found that if time gaps are too pronounced after the TT, then some riders may feel that they cannot pull back lost time even if they place highly in all road race primes, and thus elect not to contest the 3rd stage on the Sunday. We have set parameters that we believe are in the interest of achieving a good contest through three stages. Note that tri-spoke wheels, covers, 808 section rims or disc wheels and aero-helmets are not allowed.

Q. What if it is hot?

Water bottles will be handed near the start/finish line at half race distance on day two for ABC grades. For these grades, there is a sprint prime at the finish line at half race distance followed approximately 100m further on by a neutral turn. Water bottles will be available just around the neutral turn.

Riders in all other grades and for all other stages should carry sufficient water to provide for adequate hydration.

Q. What are the sprint primes?

For all grades there are sprint primes on a crest of the road approximately 1km east of the highest point of the Cullerin Range. The primes are going both ways. ie. going out and coming back during Stage 2 & Stage 3.

You will get time bonuses of:

* 1st place - 7 seconds

* 2nd place - 5 seconds

* 3rd place - 3 seconds

* 4th place – 1 second

These are are subtracted off your total time for the GC.

There is an extra sprint prime for ABC at half race distance of Stage 3. You will do the sprint prime at the start/finish line and go a further 100-150 meters past the sprint prime to a witches hat where the turn will be neutral to allow riders to pick up a water bottle if they require one – complimentary water bottles will be provided.

Q. Are there finish line time bonuses for both Stage 2 and Stage 3??

No. But there is still an incentive to hold wheels on the protracted drive up the drag to the finish so that you don’t lose too much time on GC. Again, this parameter was set (on the basis of 10 years experience of racing this event) in order to maintain podium chances for much of the field in each grade.

Q. What gap does there have to be at the finish line to result in different times for the riders?

If there is a three bike length gap, then the following rider or bunch will get another time. If the first rider from the second bunch is say 10 seconds behind the first bunch then the whole second bunch gets the same time, that is, 10 seconds down.

Q. What is the water like at Gunning?

Please bring at least two water bottles with you. The bottles we provide will be filled with water carted out from Canberra. Feel free to buy bottled water from the local shops.

Q. What is accommodation like?

There are hotel, motel, B&B and guesthouse options in Gunning. Book now, otherwise you will have to camp at Gunning, or find accommodation at Yass, Dalton, Collector or even to commute from Canberra.

Q. Am I permitted to wear a triathlon top or a sleeveless jersey in the stages?

No not alone. Well you could wear a gillett over your regular race jersey – with your race number appended to the back.

Q. Am I permitted to mount a rear view mirror on my handle bars or helmet?

No. If there are non-standard (in terms of road racing configuration) equipment protrusions fitted to your bike the race director may withdraw you from the event".